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Fastest way to get from Warsaw Airport to Lodz central on Monday at noon.

plk123 8 | 4,148
8 Sep 2010 #2
another flight or a taxi... but that wouldn't be cheap.. train, of course, is another option but wouldn't be as quick.
Zed - | 195
8 Sep 2010 #3
Trains to £ódź actually are quite fast these days.... after they renovated the tracks it takes about 1,5h to get there. There are no flights from warsaw to £, however. So, taxi from airport to PKP station will take about 10 min off traffic time or 25 in traffic. Then board the train (check PKP website in advance) and Bob's your uncle :-)
OP heywood100 5 | 5
9 Sep 2010 #4
Zed and plk123 thanks much for the reply.

so possible to make the trip in 3 hours by train if train schedule is accommodating
convex 20 | 3,973
9 Sep 2010 #5 - can get you there in 30 minutes for €300 with their 172 (3 pax). Might make sense if you need to get there with multiple people.
Zed - | 195
9 Sep 2010 #6
I wasn't aware of Skypoland services, thanks Convex. Interesting indeed.
9 Sep 2010 #7
so possible to make the trip in 3 hours by train if train schedule is accommodating

in 1h30min

trains in poland check here:
Seanus 15 | 19,704
9 Sep 2010 #8
Is this Butterbean coming in from America for his fight on the 18th? ;) ;)

I'm sure a bus would do that route. £ódź is a major city so you won't be stuck for options. Train would be faster :)
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
14 Sep 2010 #10
in 1h30min

+ 30 min to Warsaw Central station.

And probably some waiting for the train.

So let's say 2.0-2.5 hours.
17 Dec 2011 #11
Merged: how to go from warsaw airport to uni of lodz ? i know nothing about polish..

how to go from warsaw airport to uni of lodz ? i know nothing about polish..
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
17 Dec 2011 #12
A bus (175) from right outside the Arrivals Hall of the airport. Buy a ticket from the machine (in English) and don't forget to cancel it.

Get off at Warszawa Centralna (the central station opposite the huge Marriot Hotel).

Buy a ticket to Lodz Fabryczna (make sure you ask for that station). Your uni should have provided directions from there. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how cheap train travel is here.
30 Jan 2012 #13
Merged: How to get from Warsaw airport to Lodz?

I have heard there is a bus going directly from the airport to Lodz but can anybody confirm it?Thanks.
gumishu 13 | 6,144
30 Jan 2012 #14 - I have no idea if there are more of them - just found this one

OK I found another: kod_prz_=15140075

there is also a late one (goes through £ódz but does not finish there so you have to be careful -
9 Feb 2012 #15
- I have no idea if there are more of them - just found this one

OK I found two other

The first one was cancelled. The third goes only from 1st May to 30th September ("KURSUJE OD 1.V DO 30.IX"). You can use only the second one or this one which doesnt finish in £ódź.

The £ódź Fabryczna railway station is in renovation and trains does not get there. Trains from Warsaw stops on stations: £ódź Widzew, £ódź Chojny and £ódź Kaliska. Some long-distance buses are moved to £ódź Kaliska station too (from Warsaw airport - this one which does not finish in £ódź). If you want to get to University of £ódź, set off the train on £ódź Widzew station and catch bus 85 or tram 9 (tram stop is on Rokicińska street, about 500 meters from the station - there are signs how to get there, bus stop is in front of the station).
Sammyro 4 | 9
8 Aug 2012 #16
Merged: Flights from Warsaw to Lodz


Are there any flights operating from Warsaw to Lodz? I checked with LOT Polish Airlines, they don't seem to have any flights between these 2 cities. Is train the only medium to travel?

Plz. suggest

8 Aug 2012 #17
Without knowing if there is any flight connections, I can tell you that there is 137 KM between these 2 cities so I think it might only be private aviators who offers flight connection.

Train will probably be faster anyways, considering all the check in, security etc.
john123 1 | 20
8 Aug 2012 #18
Dear Sammyro

Get on the train. It takes around 2 hours. Looking at flights, even if they do exist, is rather comical.

11 Aug 2012 #19
Afaik there is no flights from Warsaw to £ódź.
Erik01 1 | 3
19 Aug 2012 #20
Merged: My flight arrives in Warsaw at 21:15 ... Is there a fast train or bus to Lodz then?

My first post here, I'll arrive in Warsaw at 21:15, it's a little bit of late, is the bus or train still available? TKS
jon357 72 | 21,173
19 Aug 2012 #21
Google the PKP Timetable. It's online and in English.
kpc21 1 | 763
19 Aug 2012 #22
The last train from Warsaw to £ódź is at 21:41 on Warszawa Centralna station, 21:46 on Warszawa Zachodnia (Warsaw West) station: d=c&seqnr=14&ident=h2.029207190.1345380057&date=20.08.12&station_evaId =5100067&station_type=dep&journeyStartIdx=2&journeyEndIdx=6&backLink=t p&

If your flight arrives to Okęcie (Chopin) airport - you would have to catch a train from airport at 21:20: ld=c&seqnr=4&ident=jx.02266190.1345380470&date=20.08.12&station_evaId= 5103819&station_type=dep&journeyStartIdx=0&journeyEndIdx=7&backLink=tp &

and change it on Warszawa Zachodnia. Rather not possible. Maybe if you take a taxi (about 20 minutes). But I am not sure that you will be on time.

From Modlin airport - not possible to catch this train. It's too far away.

So the next connection to £ódź is bus at 23:00. To Poznań through £ódź. You have to book tickets on the net. PolskiBus goes from Metro Wilanowska (Wilanowska underground station). You will find city public transport connections at website (avaliable in English). But, according to JakDojade, from Modlin airport you won't be on time too.

The next bus - from Białystok to Zielona Góra. Timetable: 3%F3d%BC
WARSZAWA DW.CENTRALNY - Warszawa Centralna train station
WARSZAWA DW.ZACH.PKS - Warszawa Zachodnia train/bus station
You can buy a ticket in the bus.

All buses from Warsaw to £ódź:
But during a day train is better. It's faster and goes often.
Erik01 1 | 3
25 Aug 2012 #23
Thank you so much for sharing several options here,kpc21,
I've booked another flight, which will arrive in the day time, I may have enough time to take a train.
and your information is still very useful for my travelling , Thank you!
jon357 72 | 21,173
25 Aug 2012 #24
If you arrive in the daytime there are plenty of trains. Enjoy your visit to Lodz.
CaroDef - | 3
25 Oct 2012 #25
Merged: Train Timetable, Warsaw Modlin airport to Lodz


I need some informations:

Our flight arrives at 09:55 A.M. (Tuesday) in Warsaw Modlin airport.
We would like go to Lodz with train, but I have a bit of trouble finding it.

Concerning the return, our flight is at 9:55 am (Saturday) at Modlin, is it possible to leave Lozd the morning and arrive on time to the aiport?

Can you please help me?

Many Thanks!
25 Oct 2012 #26
Hi Caroline,

Here is what you require

It is best to take the bus from Modlin to Warsaw Central station, then take the train to Lodz, your return journey can easily be done it will just be an early start.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
25 Oct 2012 #27
Completely true. Modlinbus is a reliable company.
In any case do not accept the "services" of any of the taxi gits hovering in and around the terminal.
CaroDef - | 3
25 Oct 2012 #28
Many Thanks for your help!! :-)
kpc21 1 | 763
25 Oct 2012 #29

Switch into English version and type from Modlin to £ódź.

Here is a timetable of buses from the airport to station in Modlin (and trains from Modlin to Warsaw, but they are also on the website mentioned above).

Concerning the return...
If you want to be at the airport at 8 AM, you have to catch the train 6:33 from Warszawa Zachodnia. The first train from £ódź is on Warszawa Zachodnia at 6:25. You have 8 minutes for changing a train. If you miss a 6:33 from Warszawa Zachodnia to Modlin, you have the next one at 7:14. But it is quite risky - you will be at the airport at 8:35. A safer option might be this bus which goes through Warsaw and £ódź (6:05 - Warszawa Zachodnia, 6:10 - Warszawa Centralna).

When I was writing this post I hadn't read the previous ones, but with ModlinBus you have similiar problem. Going by the first train from £ódź you will be late for the bus to the airport. With the next one you will be a bit too late on the airport. The only difference is that with ModlinBus you have direct connection from Warsaw to the airport, you don't have to change a mean of transport in Modlin.
25 Oct 2012 #30
Many Thanks for your help!! :-)

Just remember Lodz is spelt £odz in Polish the planners are case sensitive so you will need ' £ '

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