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What is the cheapest way to get from Modlin airport to Warsaw?

jumpy 1 | 10
27 Aug 2012 #1
Hello all, this is my first time on here. my wife and i are flying into Modlin airport on 17th October 2012 at 10:05 hrs.and will arrive on a Ryanair flight. what is the cheapest way to get to Warsaw, So far i have been given a price of 40e ( £32 ) is this a fair price for a taxi.

27 Aug 2012 #2
That's pretty crap to be honest. I seem to remember that one of the companies were offering a fixed rate of 100zl (about £18). Let me check which one.

[edit] It's Glob. [] 99zl fixed rate from Modlin. I'd suggest firing them an email ( Just write it in English and then email both the English text and the version you get by running that text through google translate. Post back here if they ignore you and I'm sure that somebody can help you with booking the taxi.
jon357 74 | 22,011
28 Aug 2012 #4
A quick question sort of in line with the thread. I have to arrive at Modlin (yuk) because I'm travelling from an airport that doesn't have flights to Okecie. What's the quickest (not neccessarily the cheapest) way to get into town? A taxi would do, a bus would not. What about the station at Nowy Dwor? is there a shuttle to it?
db1874 7 | 227
28 Aug 2012 #5
The cheapest way is the Modlin bus as suggested above - 33zl / £7
jon357 74 | 22,011
28 Aug 2012 #6
If a bloody bus is 33pln and a taxi is only 100pln it makes sense to get a cab
db1874 7 | 227
28 Aug 2012 #7
Only the Ele and Sawa taxi companies have official aggreements to use Modlin - article here. Other taxi companies have to drop/pickup further away from the terminal I guess.
28 Aug 2012 #8
Jon, it'll depend on time of day (and the day).

db, those are the only companies which can ply for trade at the airport; all companies can pick up booked passengers and drop off passengers as normal.
OP jumpy 1 | 10
28 Aug 2012 #9
Thanks for the information. will get in touch with them and let you know.
28 Aug 2012 #10
I believe you can actually get bus 175 from the airport to the warsay Central station. Im not sure how much it costs re Pl but I believe from a youtube blog it costs about a pound. Heres the link
28 Aug 2012 #11
I believe you can actually get bus 175 from the airport to the warsay Central station.

Wrong airport.

And I don't think the 175 runs anymore either (not now the train link to Warsaw Chopin airport has finally been built).
kpc21 1 | 763
28 Aug 2012 #12
They say that they are cheaper than taxi - Poland Modlin Transportation.

There are also service buses from airport to Modlin train station. From the station you have direct trains to Warsaw. But you may wait for a train because trains schedule isn't synchronised with flights. There is one price for train and service bus together - 12 PLN.

Trains schedule -

"Stacja PKP" - train station
"Port Lotniczy" - airport
OP jumpy 1 | 10
29 Aug 2012 #13
Thank You Harry, I E-Mailed them last night and have had a reply within hours. the price is 109PLN from Modlin airport to the hotel in Warsaw.
29 Aug 2012 #14
Thank You Harry

Happy to have been able to help.
OP jumpy 1 | 10
30 Aug 2012 #15
Harry, I have just had a e-mail from the taxi company saying that you can't order a taxi by e-mail you must telephone. Seems strange to me. what do you all think,or is it just a matter of telephoning?

30 Aug 2012 #16
I'd say give them a call (in the daytime they usually have somebody who speaks English) and book one. From where you are the number will be 00 48 22 19668. But I'd be surprised if they will take a booking that far in the future, so call a day or two in advance. If you have no luck getting an English speaker, head back here and post asking for a member to make the call for you.
OP jumpy 1 | 10
30 Aug 2012 #17
Harry. Once again thanks. I will do as you suggest. Jumpy.

Now that I have, through your help, sorted my travel problem. I have another question to ask, Do any company run trips to Treblinka, or will I have to find my own way, If I have to ,what is the best way?

Thanks JUMPY.
31 Aug 2012 #18
Hi Jumpy, yes some places do, but they ain't cheap. Getting there by public transport will be a challenge. You might be best off hiring a car.

I'm away from Warsaw for the weekend, when I'm back I'll check out some options for you. OK?
4 Sep 2012 #19
Take a green shuttle bus from the airport to the Modlin train station. While on board of the bus, get a ticket for 12 PLN (the ticket fee covers both bus and a train). The tickets are sold by a guy inside the bus, but there might be a stand inside the treminal. Look for Koleje Mazowieckie sign. At the Modlin train station, take any green train to Warsaw. When you stand in frony of the tracks and have the station building behind you, the direction to Warsaw is on your left side. You might end up at Warszawa Gdanska train station or Warszawa Centralna. From Gdanska take a metro (separate ticket) to Centrum. When you arrive at Centralna, you are already in downtown. Trains to Gdanska run more frequently than to Centralna. City transport directory has an English vesrion.
Zibi - | 336
4 Sep 2012 #20
And I don't think the 175 runs anymore

The 175 bus to Okęcie (Chopin) airport is operating normally.
limo32 1 | 3
4 Sep 2012 #21
Sorry for interrupted but thanks Harry because I have a plan to go there in Poland and this is a very useful information for me. I'm there in the mid of October and want to spend a week there.
jon357 74 | 22,011
4 Sep 2012 #22
I'm travelling at the moment from Modlin to Warsaw (via the 'shuttle' and train). I would get a taxi if I use this place again.Very worth booking in advance, some of the taxi drivers hustling outside the airport doors look dodgy to say the least and were hassling passengers even to the extent of following one poor couple onto the shuttle bus.

Also the 'shuttle' timetable doesn't relate to flights or trains, nor do they bother to keep a float of change. A funny (and entirely Polish) moment was when the girl selling tickets told a slightly irate lady that there was no change for her 10zl note but she should have gone to the bank machine in the airport. Anyone who lives here knows that the girl didn't really think that bank machines give coins but just plucked the statement out of her head to a. avoid apologising and b. make it look like it was the lady's fault.
matt777 2 | 12
17 Sep 2012 #23
Merged: Warsaw modlin to warsaw centralna

Hello everyone, can anyone tell me which is the faster way to go from modlin airrport to warsaw centrum? Better warsaw centralna railways station
Thank you everyone
speedbird001 - | 2
18 Sep 2012 #24
I'm a British citizen in WAW and can meet and take any UK visitor from Modlin to Warsaw (any district) I have own car and will charge less than any Taxi. PM me for details.

i can also make a deal for a return journey.
agata17 - | 2
18 Sep 2012 #25
40€ for a taxi from Modlin is a lot! I use a door to door shared transfer offered by You can book them on-line. They send confirmation and wait for you at the airport. It is a serious company and I use them often. The price is also reasonable: 40PLN/transfer/person.
23 Sep 2012 #26
train to/from Warsaw Centalin Station to Modlin station, cost PLN 12, airport free shuttle bus operating 3 times in an hour, is waiting at Modlin airport/train station to pick up passangers to/from the airport, journey takes 10 mins. This is the most economy of airport transportation. Alternatively, there is an aitportbus service to and for Warsaw city, cost PLN 33.
jon357 74 | 22,011
23 Sep 2012 #27
Unfortunately the buses aren't co-ordinated with train times. I got the shuttle bus and was sitting on a stationery train for over an hour. the train timetable displayed in Modlin Station is also ficticious. The bus conductress also does not keep a float of change and doesn't even seem to understand the concept of a float or that airport cash dispensers give notes rather than coins!

I suppose if you're lucky on the offchance it might be convenient, otherwise a bus or taxi into town is the best bet.
MoOli 9 | 480
23 Sep 2012 #28
Jesus!Are you really those confused brits...dont Polish/Warsaw laws exist for transportation?Dont you know one can be charged for driving with improper license(taxi license).improper registration of car(Taxi reg),invalid insurance to transport passengers?I dont know the laws Dear brit ...but I think its heavy fines for sure.
jon357 74 | 22,011
23 Sep 2012 #29
Have you never heard of informal minicabbing, MoOli? Plenty of your fellow Indians around the world certainly don't worry about rules and regulations.
MoOli 9 | 480
23 Sep 2012 #30
Do they? and never get caught?Then again smart Brits finally learnt from them and are doing in Poland!Polish authorities will soon realise.

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