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27 Mar 2013
Language / Slavic accent correction [110]

I basically speak without an accent.

Ha ha - really? Sorry, but to make a comment like that you are either very naive or very arrogant or deaf.

Also, if I focus I can fake more or less the British and American accents.

As if to prove my point...

What is a"British accent" ?? There are dozens of distinct accents in Britain.
28 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / What does English sound like to the Poles? [30]

I can imagine English sounding "flat" to non-native speakers.

Polish sentences have a funny "curve" to me though - very often sentences seem to slowly rise in tone, peak on the second last syllable and then fall abruptly back down to below the starting tone on the last syllable.

Funny that a pole above mentioned the whining aspect of English as the Polish version I describe sounds very like a whining child pleading with its mother!

: )
22 Feb 2013
Life / The Best Things About Poland [23]

Polish society is not infested with the political correctness disease

- 3rd world immigrants are few and far between

Oh right.

Since you don't have any, you can call them what you like then.

That must be handy for you.
21 Feb 2013
Food / "Poland - it's the new Provence of food" [56]

OK, but is that not the same more or less everywhere?

Plenty of cities renowned for their quality of restaurants - doesn't mean the average inhabitant doesn't eat garbage a lot of the time.

Plenty of Parisians I've encountered seem to live off fast & processed food for example.
21 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / Benefit cuts for Poles in The UK? [143]

Britain is now more or less a classless society.


and Poles now more or less don't eat cabbage.

I've heard the pope isn't a catholic either : )
21 Feb 2013
Food / "Poland - it's the new Provence of food" [56]

Although I must admit that having American cuisine ranked #10 does cast a doubt on the credibility of the study!!

Why? The US has some of the best food in the world, top class restaurants everywhere. Truly excellent diners, cafés, ethnic food etc. Dozens of michelin starred restaurants.

It's not all McDonalds and donuts.
2 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / English/British rudeness - what do Polish people think about it? [98]

The English are not rude particulalrly. Nor are the French. Or the Germans.

Depends on the perspective, culture, expectation etc.

The English tend to not stand for "bad form" and unsportsmanlike behaviour for want of a better phrase.

Certainly staring, boasting, feigned indifference, would all be frowned upon - so it's no wonder if Poles find them rude.
2 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / What does English sound like to the Poles? [30]

Yet another pointless and ill considered PF thread.

How mellifluous ANY language sounds depend COMPLETELY on the speaker.

Musical sounding Italian or French is just a cliché. I've heard plenty of rough sounding French speakers.

I'd wager the average Pole speaks a better version of their language than the average Brit does anyway.
21 Dec 2012
Life / Why do people think that Poles are culturally isolated? [126]

...lots of Polish people act very superior to the "natives" once they go abroad.

The way some Poles go down on anything not Polish might support such views.

This is precisely the problem.
13 Nov 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [678]

Good grief - this is still going on...

Jews and muslims circumcise.

Apart from that who does as the norm?


That's right.

No other nation considers this the norm - except Americans.

Yet, what a surprise, Americans think it's simply the right way and everyone else is wrong.

Well congratulations Amercians, you share your beliefs with primitive, conservative dogmatice ridiculousness.
30 May 2012
News / Poland's Economy Is Booming! The EU's Success Story? [711]

GDP increasing as opposed to shrinking. A "success story" compared to the most of Europe. It's all relative - hardly booming for fukksake.

People still leaving for a better life.
4 May 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [678]

And it should be declining since there are no medical benefits to having it done, it's the opposite really.

...and that's not even the whole story.

As mentioned, apart from religious reasons the rate is less than 20% in the vast majority of countries in the world - not just Europe.
In many countries it's less than 5%, including a lot of Europe.

Rather than accept that just because it's the American way doesn't make it right, Fuzzywickets would rather cite SATC as an example of how really, circumcision is better
3 May 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [678]

But they can go on the internet and see what it looks like, even see how it works mechanically, watch prn, etc. and see it for themselves. They all have done that at one time or another and the vast majority prefer it clipped.

I mean what they know as in have experienced, what they are used to, what they are therefore comfortable with,

which is EXACTLY what you just suggested.

Its not. i gave it as an example as to why most women couldn't possibly relate to the show cos they're not all wealthy wasps. They may enjoy it immensely but do you really think it somes down to relating to the women? Aspire to, envy or admire or a few things but hardly relate. I think thats a very odd angle.
3 May 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [678]

I'm not saying it's not popular. Of course it is. Doesn't mean it's some kind of universal mirror for women though. Just like a rural farming soap on al jazeera says nothing to the average agri worker in Scotland.
3 May 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [678]

Eh its an American show, made for American women featuring the concerns and hang ups of upwardly mobile manhattan WASPS.

American women don't like an unclipped schwantz...
Now go ahead and provide all your reasons for this class.....but this fact will remain unchanged.

You say it like it means something.

Its very simple. They don't know any different. Nothing any deeper or more mysterious than that.

I'll warrant Japanese, Spanish, Danish...etc women prefer uncut.

So what?
3 May 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [678]

Alright further to my post above I'll admit there are a few countries - but almost without exception they are anomalies in an otherwise foreskin dominated zone e.g. Korea - V unusual for (non islam) Asian country to have a high incidence of circumcision, but it is a cultural trend introduced by the US military. Prior to that circumcision was rare so korea doesn't count.
3 May 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [678]

Created by a Gay Jewish man


Seriously, whats the next thread?

"Why can't I get gatorade in Laos?"


"Why don't they take US$ on saturn?"
3 May 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [678]

Is this thread a friggin troll or are there really Americans this inward looking and naive?? I though it was a lazy stereotype.

Get this: aside from religious reasons (islam & judaism) there is NO COUNTRY where circumcision is routine as it is in the US. NOT ONE.

YOU LOT are the unusual ones you tiny minded fools! Why can't Amercians understand?

Only Australia comes close in the prevalence of circumcision and even there its about 50/50. Canada next probably but as for EVERYWHERE ELSE? apart from jews and muslims? Circmcision is not, I repreat not[b][/b] the norm. Not even close to the norm. Not anywhere.

Some countries are close to zero rates - those Scandinavains well known for healthy clean living etc? Doesn't represesnt a hygiene issue for them obviously as hardly any of them have been circumcised.

As for American girls preferring or whatever? it's what they know, that's all. That and a tiny narrow mind obviously.