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8 Apr 2012
Study / Elementary Schools in Krakow. Foreign children acceptance. [16]

For 3,5 years old child you sholud find a babysiter or kindergarten. There is a lot of private kindergartens in Kraków. They are from 400 zl ( about 100 eur) up to 1000 zl (about 250eur). You should look for one in area where are you mooving to.

Mostly kindergarten are monolanguage. I didn't find any with english as the basic language.

But please consider if you really need english kindergarten. In my expirence children in this age learn foregin language very fast, and your home-englis will be probably enough to keep and develop his language skills. I know a american family whose kid attending polish kindergarten and didn't loost his english. Is just bilingual. He is a 5 years old polish -english translator to his parents:)

I'm a mother from Krakow too. I'm Pole.

If you need any further informations contact me via email.

Take care, and don't be affraid. You will like Krakow.
15 Apr 2012
Study / Information about Polish Public Schools (Warsaw) and Zerówka [8]

I dont't know how it is with foriners childs, but I can tell something about howi it is with polish children:

Polish childrens are obligate to go to scholl when are 6. Either to zerówka or to scholl. Zerówka is either by scholl ( I mean in the scholl bilding) or by przedszkole( by kindergarten building, mostly it is the last age group in kindergarten).

Kindergarten where you live, to be precesise in region where you are booked in, is obligated to take your child when he or she is 5 years old. Becouse there is a big campanion in Poland right now to force the parents to sent 6 years old children to school, i would rather expect they would make you to put your doughter in the zerówka in school, rather to let her go to the zerówka in kindergarten.It means the region is important for which school/kindergarten you want to sent your doughter.

About the costs: If you decide to put your child in the public kindergarten, also zerówka which is in you must pay for it. Its not more than 300 zl including meals.

If you decide to put your child in zerówka which is in public school, it is pay free eccept you must pay for meels. It is about 5-8 zł a day if the scholl has own canteen. If ther is catering, it is more expensive.

My douther is attending public kindergarten and now she is in zerówka. The program is basicly the same as in zeróbka by the schools, She knows alphabet and starts to read, and writhe with capital letters.

I would be suprissed if she would know more if she would have attend zerówka by public school.
7000 zł???I suppose it could costs international school, but for sure not public school.

You must choose a region and be ligally booked in it, to haver full right to get free education. ( hope that with forigner children it is the same). Enrolment for KIndergartens Zerowka and By school zerówka has been just finished in march. You must go directly to kindergarten to sign your child in. Be stuborn and don't let them brass you off. As I know your child has all right to atten zerówka in the region you are booked in. I think you should look for the school already. After summer vacations it will be more difficult, and during vacations schools are mostly closed.

This all is based on Kraków's expirences, I suppose in Warszawa is more or less the same.

Wishing succes:)
18 Apr 2012
Language / Business Polish -need to learn fast! [4]

If you need I can check your notes or any bussiness correspondence.
I'm personal assistent since 10 yerars. Belive me, I have wirtten a lot of bussines letters.

If you need write me aneta.aki(at)gmail