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20 Mar 2013
Life / Are there many crypto-Jews in Poland? [67]

I don`t need any context but the words WE are buying out and the mentioning whole nations doesn`t need any explanation ,thats says it all about them .
20 Mar 2013
Life / Are there many crypto-Jews in Poland? [67]

Look at this man , he is talking "we" when referring to buying out Manhattan , while , you all know that Manhattan is located in NYC owned by Americans , but this man uses "we " reffering to them - Jewish nation . Do they act in favour of you , most probably not . This man is laughing why reffering to buying out the whole countries ..

Is it a secret , some conspiracy theory? No !!!!!! just watch for yourself , it is on you tube , available for the public.

Judeo commune is alive and well in Poland .

He's making a joke. At your expense, really.

Why do you lie ? Nobody is laughing , but him . Why didn`t you comment on his other speach precious pieces like:

" from such a small country like OUR , WE are buying out Manhattan ,Hungary , Romania , Poland . From what I can observe WE don`t have problems with that . Thanks to our talents , OUR CONTACTS and mobility , WE are practically everywhere .
20 Mar 2013
Life / Are there many crypto-Jews in Poland? [67]


Do you think Polish people have right to know who is who in Poland?

It is crucial to know who is who in Polish politics . It is important especially before new elections coming . I have never immagined that there are so many Jewish Poles in politics . I was not interested in this subject , because I thought they follow moral values in their life , but after I found out that the son of Wałęsa ( vel Bolek ) voted few years ago in favour for the Law restututing money for Jews , something clicked in my mind . Is it something that I don`t know , because it was beyond my comprehension that some nation would get more rights than Poles in our own country . That Law was rejected , but I started searching for the subject . Even here on PF , that Jewish fraction is huge here , why ? . Because there are a lot of Jews with Polish background everywhere .

Lets , who is who:

Any questions?
20 Mar 2013
History / For what the Germans owe Poland one trillion U.S. dollars? [299]

Do these calculations on quantum include a percentage increase for loss of opportunity arising from these assets being stolen/destroyed, as well as interest?

In my opinion it was calculated with lost assets , interest , lack of investment opportunities , thats normal when you carry a case to the court , right ? They treated Poland as a slave country , executed people without any reason , women and children . We lost 1/5 of our population . This should be counted as the biggest loss and be compensated , although human life can`t be calculated with money .

Switzerland has kept it's eye on the ball throughout history and looked after itself.

Swiss - the country hidden in the mountains , who wanted them , nobody . Swiss didn`t contemn ( rather their banks ) with stolen gold from Poland , I don`t wonder why they build some roads between mountains earlier than us , for our money .

Up to this day they are mostly rely on mob money , also PZPR money , criminal state , nothing worth to compare with Poland .
19 Mar 2013
History / For what the Germans owe Poland one trillion U.S. dollars? [299]

I demand that Poland pays at least one trillion dollars to Russia, Austria and Germany for all the assets that ended up in its hands after WW1... ;)

Fools are everywhere . If we counted for our exploitation of 123 years the invoice would be several trillions . Go on , make me laugh .
19 Mar 2013
History / For what the Germans owe Poland one trillion U.S. dollars? [299]

And what were you doing, dear lady?

My granparents and my mum suffered from that . They lost an appartment house on Zlota street in the heart of Warsaw . How can you ask that . I was a victim of that system through my grandparents loses. From 1939 there was a wehrmacht general living in our building with some minor subordinates having his appartment and the office there . My grandparents and my mother were cramped into one room and than the building was burned down with flamethrowers carried by German special comando with orders to burn down Warsaw to the ground.

Now that is very simply a bare-faced lie.

Where were you and other people ?
19 Mar 2013
History / For what the Germans owe Poland one trillion U.S. dollars? [299]

Germans owe us nothing.

You know I don`t want their money , that thread was an answer to the Jewish claims backed up by USA congressmen to pay them money . If they keep doing that we will write an invoice for 1 trillion of US $ to the Germans and others who participated by selling off our country without our concent and then we will pay Jews for some rubbles or ruined enterprises .

I only wish that Germans would return stolen arts and libraries with priceless works carefully collected by our fathers for centuries . I would also not reject the gold robbed from the Polish Central Bank for which the whole highway system could be constructed by that stolen asset without a penny from EU .
19 Mar 2013
History / For what the Germans owe Poland one trillion U.S. dollars? [299]

I am no fan of Germany but...Poland was offered the Marshall Plan after the war.

I wish you had to rebuiilt your country if it was ruined by the war and soviets afterwards I would tell you advices and encourage you to work harder ,after seeing lousy effects . Wake up and get some life .

Meathead - where did you learn your history from ? What kind of freedom did people have in 1945 in choosing the future of our economy ? If Churchil was a Stalin`s puppet , what option do you think Polish people had after the war ? Poland`s fate was in hands of 3 powers who decided about Poland`s future in Jalta . They could have invited for the talks Polish government on exile , but they didn`t have any intention to do it . Instead of this Soviets installed PKWN and temporary communist government .

"In a memorandum submitted before the conference to the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States, the Polish government in exile has expressed the belief that they will not participate in any decisions concerning Polish state without consultation and consent of the Polish government. At the Conference of the Three there were prepared decisions and taken into action without the participation of not only the Polish government and authority, but without iss knowledge (...) The Polish Government stated that the decisions of the Conference of the Polish Three can not be recognized by the Polish government and may not apply to Polish people . "

Why are you misleading other posters by stating that Poland refused Marschall`s Plan . Who did that , maybe you should have said that Soviets did that by the hands of communists taken in from USRR,

I wonder for instance if Poland really wants to estimate the property of 9 mio people (houses, appartments, garden, furnishings, clothes etc.) in todays prices... this could get ugly.

Go and complain to Russians and Germans , they ruined or and robbed it in the war , lookeg. at Wrocław what was left from the city , wiseguy !

Blaming someone else's dead grandparents for your current lack of Mercedes is infantile beyond belief.

Poland has got only few years of normal ecomomy . Before that time : there was war , devastation , robbery by Soviets and Germans , genocide , and you are saying we can forget it . If you come from UK , I can only tell stay where you are but not give us any advices , we know what to do . Poland has completed by itself the rebuilding of our country in just 10 years without billions of $ from USA like Germans did it . And then if Poland was left by itself we would encompass your country very fast . Instead of that the transfer ruble was introduced by Soviets ( 1 ruble =1US $_ and that was a grave for Poland . It was in the early 50 -ties .
18 Mar 2013
History / For what the Germans owe Poland one trillion U.S. dollars? [299]

For those who can read in Polish -

another source in a short version :

google translation of the above link contents :

Loss of national wealth - 38% of the pre-1939 (the damage done in the industrial centers and urban centers).
Material damage of immovable property - residential buildings (162 190), rural farms (353 876), factories and factory complexes (14, 000), shops, private and public (199 751), workshops (84 436), 968 223 households [3 ].
The destruction of urban centers and cities -

Warsaw War Losses-
85% of a city of Warsaw ,
90% of Warsaw industry,
72% of Warsaw housing,
90% of Warsaw national treasures and monuments,
700 000 deaths of inhabitants of Warsaw just one city (representing a total loss of the war in the people of Great Britain and the United States counted together ).

The total destruction and theft of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943, 95% of the losses. ,
The city of Jasło destructed in totall(96%),
and the destruction of the port of Gdynia.

Plunder of cultural property - a total of 43%.
Destroyed 25 museums,
35 theaters,
665 cinemas,

Losses due to the irreversible destruction of museum collections, archives and library - impossible to accurately estimate the losses alone amounted
library about 66%.

Irreversibly destroyed 22 million books total,
the German Nazis in occupied Poland made the robbery about 516 000 [4] of individual works of art, worth an estimated $ 11.14 billion (at the rate of 2001)

[5]. As a result of the post-war restitution managed to recover only a small percentage of lost historical collections, works of art and exhibits. [6]

Losses in the Polish school - destroyed 17 universities, 271 schools, 4,880 primary schools, and 768 other schools.

In addition, the destruction of research institutes, scientific societies, and foundations of different types.

Loss of health care (hospital property, infrastructure, buildings) - 55% of the state before 1939.

352 hospitals were destroyed,
29 tuberculosis sanatoriums,
24 medicinal plants wafer,
47 social insurance company facilities,
778 health centers and clinics,
1,450 surgeries and dental [3].

The losses in the industry (both intentional destruction and looting of machinery and equipment) -
64.5% of the chemical industry,
printing 64.3%,
59.7% electrical,
clothing 55.4%,
53.1% food,
48% metal.

The losses in forestry as a result of over-exploitation of the economy - cut 75 million cubic meters of merchantable timber, which corresponds to 400 000 hectares of forest.

Losses in agriculture and livestock - 1908 thousand. horses, 3,905 thousand. cattle, 4,988 thousand. pigs, 755 thousand. sheep [3].

The destruction of more than 50% of the railway infrastructure, road, air and maritime transport, telecommunications infrastructure
(destroyed 13 stations broadcasting
Radiotelegraphy 7 stations, seized radio 867 000 [3]).

Stolen or destroyed 2,465 locomotives,

83 636 wagons,

25 seagoing vessels and 39 vessels off the port.

Destroyed 5948 km railway track,
47 767 meters of railway bridges and viaducts,
14 900 km of hard-surface roads,
15 500 meters of road bridges [3]

No blanket statements.

Can`t you read the contents of those links I gave you ?

These are expertises done by many committee established after the war . There was a Compensation Office for War Reparations established . Their works were carried out by many years . There are also recent expertises prepared for the government after 1989 and after 2000 too.

That`s just an example of losses in the cities which were destroyed the most . In reality there was no Polish city which did not suffer war damges . Maybe only small or remote villages were left undestroyed .

one German bombing raid over Warsaw . This is a smoke from burning buildings not clouds :

And prewar Warsaw

City that came back from the dead

Calling Germans (whole nation- really?) or any other nation biggest thieves (or other negative thing) won't be something I will accept.

What do Germans say about Poles - the whole nation I also will not accept , my dear .

In colour pictures :

2.13 the Warsaw castle square
4.01 Nowy Świat street
18 Mar 2013
History / For what the Germans owe Poland one trillion U.S. dollars? [299]

Here you are

Poles would have given us a bill for destroyed cities , ruined factories, stolen works of art and civilization backwardness as a consequence of war , we would be indebted forever " - warned Günter Grass , the German writer and Nobel Prize laureate . - If you Erika Steinbach and her ilk will demand any compensation for lost property to the east , we can bill them , you will not be able to repay several generations of Germans - said prof . Bartoszewski , former Minister of Foreign Affairs . counted as Poland, Germany would have to pay if we demanded war reparations . Including compensation would amount to at least billions.

Are you a Pole of German descent , btw? Are you shocked by that ? What a pity that in schools they don`t teach us the real historical facts only what is politically correct . In this case the myth created by Germans about Poles stealing German cars sounds like a trick of a devil to fool the world about reality : Germans are the world`s biggest thieves .
18 Mar 2013
History / For what the Germans owe Poland one trillion U.S. dollars? [299]

For what the Germans owe us one trillion U.S. dollars????

It is very simple to explain .

At the end of the 30s Poland was compared with Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Japan with its GDP .
As calculated by Zbigniew Landau and Jerzy Tomaszewski, the authors who published the "Second Republic. Economy - society - a place in the world", in 1929, annual production was 610 zł for a Pole, the Spaniard - 750 zł, and the Italian - 880 zł. After the war, Poland was separated by a huge gap from those countries .

To the Germans we owe the fact that we lost 38 percent of the national wealth. For comparison, France lost 1.5 percent. property, and the United Kingdom - 0.8 percent.

At the end of the 40's Polish GDP amounted to 8 billion zł (at the pre-war), while in 1939 reached 18 billion zł. Losses incurred during the war last up for today. When we regained independence in 1989, the economic differences between Poland and the countries were huge.

Polish national income was $ 1,400, the Spaniard - 8.7 thousand. dollars, the Italian - 14.5 thousand. dollars. Established after the war, the War Reparations Office of the Council of Ministers prepared a balance of material losses .

Railway lost 84 percent of wealth,
power - 65 percent.,
post and telecommunications - 62 percent.,
education - 60 percent.,
mining - 42 percent.
Of the 30 thousand. only 10 thousand plants survived., however, from that surviving , more than half of the buildings were destroyed.
More than 30 percent of forrests were destroyed.

The Germans took more than 200 million tons of coal, one million tons of potassium, 500 thousand. tons of iron ore, 100 thousand. tons of phosphate rock.

The total economic losses amounted to 259 billion zlotys pre-war, prewar or 49 billion dollars.

Taking into account the fact that the then gold and the dollar were based on the gold standard, when converted at today's exchange rate, Germany is blamed for the destruction of the Polish economy in around of 590 billion dollars

Then there are the losses incurred by individual citizens. In 1990 prof. Alfons Klafkowski, the late international law expert, has calculated that in this respect the victims and their heirs (war losses were suffered by more than 13 million people) would be 285 billion dollars in compensation.


tthere are incalculable losses of life and FINALLY as a result from that there was the collapse of civilization of Poland which was attached to the Soviet bloc, which is also a result of the war caused by the Germans.

We lost
39 percent. physicians,
33 percent. teachers in vocational schools, secondary and primary,
30 percent. scientists and university professors,
28 percent. priests,
26 percent. lawyers.
According to various surveys, Germany should have to pay from $ 100 billion to 300 billion dollars in only compensation for lost material assets .

Germany should have to pay at least one trillion dollars of total compensation material and immaterial for all losses of war to Poland,.
12 Feb 2013
History / POLAND: EASTERN or CENTRAL European country? [1071]

offence Monia, but you're talking rubbish

Sorry , but you are one frustrated lady who can`t understand anything and my efforts to explain you some facts came to an end . Goodnight .
12 Feb 2013
History / POLAND: EASTERN or CENTRAL European country? [1071]

Crochet - east- west does not exist any more . Such differentiation finished more than 20 years ago . So only backard people use this term . I love Poland and I know the value of Polish people , I appreciate our past , our history , our heritage . I am very proud of being a Polish lady , lol. So you don`t need to explain to me anything .

From the same site which TheOther cited we can read -

Contemporary developments

The fall of the Iron Curtain brought the end of the East-West division in Europe,[21] but this geopolitical concept is sometimes still used for quick reference by the media.[22]
12 Feb 2013
History / POLAND: EASTERN or CENTRAL European country? [1071]

It is too bad that you didn`t cite their explanation . They clearly inform you what it means and where it comes from - the name "eastern" . So they give many definitions but they also say that name eastern Europe is volatile .

Eastern Europe is the eastern part of the European continent. The term has widely disparate geopolitical, geographical, cultural and socioeconomic readings, which makes it highly context-dependent and even volatile, and there are "almost as many definitions of Eastern Europe as there are scholars of the region".[1] A related United Nations paper adds that "every assessment of spatial identities is essentially a social and cultural construct".[2]

The one who created this site forgot that there is central Europe too . So it is outdated and irrelevant to today`s Europe .
12 Feb 2013
History / POLAND: EASTERN or CENTRAL European country? [1071]

it doesn't. Why do you think the word eastern is derogatory? By saying something like that you are showing disrespect for all the great cultures and nations from Ukraine to Japan. It is just a name and it's neutral. I don't understand what's the problem with Poland being a part of Eastern Europe, it actually is, it's not Western Europe for sure, and I'm fine with that, why can't you be?

You don`t understand a bit of what I`ve said . I suppose most of people here understood my explanation. I suppose that you are not Polish so you can`t feel the undertones of such naming .

I will say it clearer- it doesn`t matter where Poland is located if someone , 20 years after the fall of the iron curtain , still uses this east- west differentiation which was strictly political , it means for me that this individual uses such language for his agenda mainly to stigmatize Poles as backward nation coming from a country located behind the iron curtain - I don`t need to dwell on this subject any further .

Europe UN

Where have you found it , in your closet ? Without any link this map could be 50 years old , so don`t bother .
11 Feb 2013
History / POLAND: EASTERN or CENTRAL European country? [1071]

CIA`s look at Central Europe

Poland is located not in the west or east but in the very heart of Europe. Classification of Poland as Eastern sounds always derogatory as it brings always cold war era naming to my mind.

Well-read person will always know that we are central European country.

11 Feb 2013
Life / Poles in Videogames, movies, serials etc. from abroad .. [10]

Klaus Kinsky was born in Poland, in Gdansk, his parents are Bruno Nakszynski and Susanne Nakszynski, who came to Berlin in 1930 ... do you want to say, Germany make people into rapists?? Isnt this racism??

Do you think that being born in Poland makes his actions less deplorable ?

Klaus Kinski was born to German parents in Zoppot in the Free City of Danzig (Sopot, Poland). His father, Bruno Nakszynski, a German of Polish descent,[4] was a failed opera singer turned pharmacist; his mother, Susanne (née Lutze), was a nurse and the daughter of a local pastor.

I just want to collect Polish things in foreign movies, no matter if positive or negative.

You brought nothing to your thread so far .
11 Feb 2013
Life / Poles in Videogames, movies, serials etc. from abroad .. [10]

Why did you bring into this thread such SWAT like rubish ? This is Polish forum not German , APF , you know that , go to your own people and share your insular views with other Germans . For us Poles it is not funny to watch strange movies without any meaningful plot made by some freaks from Hollywood .

Maybe Hollywood should learn something from British producers to make deep moving stories about Poles like this one for example .

Share with us APF , the latest movie news from your own playground about German actor Kinsky who has been raping his own daughter for years , or some news from your southern franernal Austria having so cultured people like Fritzl ( movie to be soon released ) belonging to your own western culture, so superior to our Polish - according to you .

Will you laugh with us ?

"I kept quiet for years because he forbade me from talking about it," Pola Kinski, now 60, told Stern magazine. "The terrible thing is that he once told me that it was completely natural, that fathers all over the world did that with their daughters."

10 Feb 2013
News / Poland is the source of horsemeat in burgers? [169]

Europe is flooded with corruption within food processing plants and poisonous food . Blaming Poland as a source country in the latest meat scandal is unfair and is just buncombe . In months ahead we will find out that it is just a tip of an iceberg what`s going on in this sector .

When the Munich entrepreneur George Bruner learned about the control of his company , he went down to the basement of his villa, threw the tow rope over the pipe mounted on the ceiling and tightened noose around his neck. In his fridge the police found 120 tons of rotten meat and 43 tons of rotten vegetables. All this was to hit the German and foreign tables (including, perhaps, Polish). Bruner was the supplier for the 2550 customers across Europe.

"There is no reason to panic. Though the meat was spoiled, but not so as to cause bodily injury" - reassured Horst Seehofer, Federal Minister for nutrition, agriculture and consumer protection. But in Germany, no one believes him anymore.

Meat reusable
Repackaging expired meat is a daily practice of many processing plants in Europe. Most of the staff is silent for fear of losing their jobs. Eighteen months ago, thanks to the information given by a worker of one of the German companies there were disclosed dealings of processing and trading of poultry rotten meat . Police searched more than 20 companies, including in Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin, Bremen and Karlsruhe. In the company in Lastrup, holder of the EU certificates, the officers came upon past chickens and turkeys thawed on the film spread on the floor. Frozen food was to be delivered to the stores as fresh meat.

At the end of last year in Germany the scandal erupted in addition to meat products from slaughter waste, unfit for human consumption. These discards are indicated by K3, can be used only for canning for dogs, cats and fertilizer and biogas. In one of companies discovered 500 tonnes of waste K3 waiting to alteration. Producers brought in leftovers from the slaughter of such from Switzerland as food for dogs, and then processed and sold in the country, as well as for export under a different form, such as the pizzas.for German, French, Italian and Hungarian consumers who ate 2.6 thousand. tons of K3. No wonder that - according to research carried out in May this year - the British are eager to convert with their pets on plates, because the dogs were served food (food that is often prepared at home) they consider to be more valuable than those that they eat.
10 Feb 2013
News / Poland is the source of horsemeat in burgers? [169]

even though you aren't, but she doesn't understand)

Thank you Peter for explaining , but my intention was pointing out to Jason that Polish meat production facilities have got strict procedures and our food is safe . It is very rare that we can hear about meat scandals and our food is healthy ( so far ) . He ( Jason ) directly and openly without any subtleties says that Polish meat production facilities have substandard requirements . I think he knows nothing about them but still he is debating about something wrong with Polish procedures . It all seems that we deal with international food fraud where Poland is just a country pasively mixed up in a fraud and our role is none , at least so far the investigation says that .
9 Feb 2013
News / Poland is the source of horsemeat in burgers? [169]

Is it really a story about lax or sub-standard requirements at Polish meat-processing facilities

Where did you find out about it ?
Instead of digging into Polish , better start checking American substandard requirements and food frauds , as an American you are directly affected by such not us .
7 Feb 2013
News / Amb. W. Sobków's response to G. Coren's "Today I am make first column in Polski" [59]

I don`t know ,tell me ! Maybe it is retaliation for our extraordinary treatement of Jews for ages in our country . They retaliate because we did not allow them to establish Jewish state within Polish borders - after 1918 , or let them have their own parliament and the Jewish judicial system where only Jewish judges could give judgements for Jews . Funny that they dared to request that from The League of Nations in the Treaty of Versailles1919 .
7 Feb 2013
News / Amb. W. Sobków's response to G. Coren's "Today I am make first column in Polski" [59]

That today's Poles abroad have the freedom to return to Poland, while his own grandfather, ousted in the '40s, did not.

This applies to many Poles too , they could not return to Poland either . He knows and is well informed by his father that the majority of millions of Polish Jews didn`t speak Polish although they were born in Poland ( with Polish as a native language ) not like the majority of Poles who reside now in England who were born in Poland for whom it is a second language .

In Poland English is not videly known to middle aged people who were taught Russian not English . Younger generation could learn French or German instead of English , so it is very unwise for him to mock his fatherland where Jews lived the same lifes as Poles . Why is there so much of retaliation from Jews ?
7 Feb 2013
Study / Bachelor's in aerospace in Poland - how high is the level? [23]

My advice is that you should consider study at WUT. I'm only worried about your score in mathematics. WUT math is very difficult, but you can take in some tutoring assistance from a WUT assistant . If you are good in physics you can learn mathematics on the required level , you just need someone to help you to catch up. The question is only this: what is the level of these exams you`ve taken , in Poland there are two levels: basic and extended. If your exams are related to the degree of extended, it is fine and you just need to take a math tutor, but do it in Poland before starting studies and during the studies . Polish assistant will teach you cheaper and better. Poland is famous for good mathematicians.

The requirements for students at the English division are much reduced, approx. by 75% of what is required from Polish students but don`t worry the subjects are the same, but the criteria understated a little .Good luck .
7 Feb 2013
Study / Bachelor's in aerospace in Poland - how high is the level? [23]

This is the vebsite of that faculty :

You read a lot of crap here on this forum by forum clowns and simple trolls . Why won`t you just check for yourself . There is a lot of hard studying involved with this faculty , but for foreigners the level is dropped because they pay for the education . So you will not have to study as hard as the Poles , but it is worth .
7 Feb 2013
News / Poland is the source of horsemeat in burgers? [169]

I could call it a lie, but maybe you have no idea how utterly wrong that is.

You are right Peter, he ( Jon 357 lies and he does it for purpose . His main task here is to ridicule Poles , disparage them , humiliate and degrade our nation .

This guy Jon 357 distorts facts and he finds a great peasure in it . His hatred for Poland is the same as that of infamous Harry, at last banned for good . I can`t understand why others are not banned , they put off other people from this forum . Many people don`t post here because of tremendous bad immage they give to this forum for new posters . They should be banned for constant lying and misleading people .I `ve stopped too for half a year because of them .

What does this guy contribute for this forum , nothing just invectives and lies.

Poland is a corrupt mess of a nation.

You are very wrong hudsonhicks . Sometimes it happens but on the same scale like in UK .

You see no measure can be taken to assess the level of corruption only a proxy , which is nothing but probability . If someone thinks he can bribe a policemen or a doctor in Poland , do it and you will be charged of bribery . Our prosecutors are very serious about it . What was our infamous past no longer exists .