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25 Dec 2019
Genealogy / Family History - Pankoski/Pankowski in Wągrowiec [6]


John Deborski was an older brother of my grandfather, Costek. Joseph Pankoski was my great grand uncle. I have a lot of information about that side of my family and am very willing to share it with you. In 2015 my wife and I went to Poland and visited the villages where my ancestors lived and the churches they attended. I have many pictures of those related to the Pankoski family. If you are willing to share your email, I can send that all to you. My email is As an alternative, I could put it on a CD and mail it to you.

Gary Deborski
28 Mar 2016
Genealogy / Need to find out the birth date of my Grandfather Konstanty Klimowski [5]

Hi Trillis,

Katarzyna Klimowska, Konstanty's sister, is my great grandmother. We are cousins. I have a good deal of information about our common ancestors. You can contact me through this forum. Konstanty Klimowski was born in Szczutowo on 16 Aug 1863. Julia Cymanska was born in Brodniczka on 09 Jul 1861.

Gary Deborski
9 Jun 2012

I recently came across some records from the parish of Grylewo, near Poznan. In one the bride is listed as Barbara Kurzawianka. I later found her birth/christening record and it appears her parents are listed with the surname Kurzawa. I had not seen the -ianka ending on a surname before. What is the significance of this ending? The records are from circa 1815, some are in Latin and others in Polish.
2 May 2012
Genealogy / Paprocki: I am trying to figure out my Polish roots. [19]

There were Paprocki families in Boulder County, Colorado as well. The 1900 census has a John and Anna Paprocki. They might have been related to my family through marriage.
17 Apr 2012
Genealogy / Family History - Deborski family - Brodnica and Rypin Area [9]


Here is what I have learned from the Świedziebnia parish records:

Jan Klimowski, born ~1832, wife Agnieszka Krajiński, born ~1835 their children were -

Katarzyna, born June 1859
Jan, born May 1862
Konstanty, born August 1863
Franciszek, born April 1866
Maryanna, born April 1868

All of them were born in Szczutowo

Katarzyna Klimowska was my great grandmother. She was married to Frank Deborski and they had 5 children (that I am aware of) before leaving Poland for the USA. Frank came first (I have not yet found a record of his passage). Katarzyna came across in late 1898 with the children:

Helena, born ~1884
Jan, born ~1888
Constanty, born ~1893
Maryanna, born ~1894
Leokadya, born ~1895

This is how they were listed on the ship manifest and are listed with the surname Tuburska. Constanty was my grandfather. We knew him as Gus or Costek.

I have not found any parish records for this part of the family. I hoped to find a record of marriage for Katarzyna and Frank, but nothing so far.

I do not know of any contact between my family in the US and any relatives in Poland. Family stories say that Frank had some brothers and sisters. One version is that they all remained in Poland, but another says that Frank had a brother in the Chicago area. I have not found anything certain for either version.

There are no records of a Tomasz, but he may be a cousin? It will be interesting the see if any of the folks you know have knowledge of these people.

Best regards,
Gary Deborski
16 Apr 2012
Genealogy / Family History - Deborski family - Brodnica and Rypin Area [9]


Thank you for your thoughts. Since my last post, I have found the record of my great grandmother's birth and christening in the parish of Świedziebnia and it lists Szczutowo as the place of residence of her parents. Her name is Katarzyna Klimowska, parents Jan Klimowski and Agieszka Krajiński. I have also found records of her brothers and sisters in the same parish, all also from Szczutowo.

Your thinking about the possibility of the great grandfather's surname being something like Temborski is also close to what I think it may have originally been. I have found the passenger list for the immigration of Katarzyna and her 5 oldest children into the port of Galveston in1898. Her surname is listed as Tuburski. I think Tyburski, Tiborski, etc. etc. are all possibllities as Deborski seems to be an exceedingly rare name in Poland. I think the name Deborski may have come from how the Polish pronunciation of the original sounded phonetically to "American ears".

Katarzyna's brother Konstanty Klimowski married Julianna Cymański.

I have not yet found any records that lists my great grandfather, Frank. I had hoped to find a record of their marriage in the Świedziebnia parish records, bu no luck so far!

I am very excited to hear from someone who knows the area around Świedziebnia, Rypin, etc.

Do any of these surnames sound familiar to you?

Thanks you again,

Gary Deborski
21 Dec 2011

Just found my gg grandmother and her children on a ship manifest. Lists her family name as Tuburska - is that a proper polish name. Also lists the place of last residence as Szantoro, Szantovo, or possibly Szantowo - anyone know of a town with a name like this?

Among her children is Leokadya - any English equivalent for this?
20 Dec 2011
Genealogy / Family History - Deborski family - Brodnica and Rypin Area [9]

I think what you've found is the 1920 census record with the birth ~1867. In all the other census record, his birth is ~1860. The 1859 date comes from what was put on his tombstone. I have found the families in the 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 census records - the information can vary all over the place as can what the census taker wrote down for the family names!

I have seen the record of a Frank coming in through Canada, but discounted it because of the ages of his children. If born in 1877, he would have been only ~6 when his oldest son was born.

I'll take a look at the Klimowski/Dembinski manifest.
7 Dec 2011
Genealogy / Polish Surnames Anglicized? [48]

Interesting discussion. My surname is Deborski. At work, when I talked to someone on the phone who was going to send me something, I always spelled out my last name. Even with that, I had a collection of about 30 variations that came back to me in the mail - people seem to have a need to switch the r and the o to get Debroski, or add a w to get Debrowski. Dombrowski was a quite common one. The most amusing ones were those that looked French - De Boursky, de Borske, etc.

In my family history searches, I've learned to look for some very strange variations. In US census records, etc., I've found my ancestors as Debrski, Debursky, Deburski. These don't even take into account the variations that arise because someone (e.g., for read an original hand written record and had to decide what it said. The original was written down by a census taker who had to listen and write what was they thought they heard. I make good use of the wild card and "sounds like" options when they exist.

I think some names were changed over time as a soft sound was just left out. In my family tree, I have both Klimowski and Klimoski, Pankoski and Pankowski.
30 Nov 2011
Genealogy / Looking for any and all information on Dabrowski/Dombrowski from Poland [85]

I am a Deborski and have run into the same sorts of problems. I have a lot of information on the Deborski clan after they came to the US, but little to nothing before that. I am almost certain that the current name is not the name used in Poland. When I do a Soundex search in databases like the Social Security Death Index for Deborski, a whole bunch of names show up, including Dabrowski, Dombrowski, Taborsky, etc. This often happens with names that have "ow" - some of my relatives are Klimoski and some are Klimowski, others are Pankoski or Pankowski. The apparent changes that resulted in Deborski seem to be more radical.

Most of my Polish ancestors settled in Colorado around 1900 and became coal miners with a few farmers and shop keepers in the mix.

Gary Deborski
Michigan, USA
29 Nov 2011
Genealogy / Family History - Pankoski/Pankowski in Wągrowiec [6]

Does anyone have any information about the Pankoski/Pankowski family from Wągorwiec?

I know of 2 brothers, Joseph Pankoski, born ~ 1865, and Peter Pankoski, born about May 1866. Both eventually settled in the state of Colorado, USA.

Joseph marred Valentine/Vaentina Nowak, unsure whether in the US or Poland. Their children were: Frank, born 1893; Stanley, born in 1896; Ladislawa, born about 1898; Helen, born about 1900; Clara, born about 1902; Carl, born 1904; Anna, born about 1911; Verna, born about 1914; Hilda, born about 1917; Violet, born about 1926. All were born in Colorado.

Peter married Agnes Koranko (may be Kouranko or something else entirely) in Poland. Their children were: Mary, born about 1895; John, born about 1898; Catherine Agnes, born about 1901; Frank, born 1907; Agnes,born 1910; Peter P., born about 1912. Peter, Agnes and 5 children arrived in the USA on May 5, 1907 aboard the ship Cassel from Bremen. According to obituaries for Catherine Agnes, she was born in Wągrowiec.

Any information or connections would be most welcome, please contact me with any information or contacts.
29 Nov 2011
Genealogy / Family History - Deborski family - Brodnica and Rypin Area [9]

I am trying to find links to my Polish ancestors without much success. My gg father was Frank Klimowski, born about 1843. I know nothing about his wife. His children were: Katherine, born 1859; Kostanty, born 1863; Frank, born about 1866; Joseph, born about 1870. From family stories, they were all born in Brodnica.

Katherine married Frank Deborski, he was born about 1859. Their children were: John, born 1883 in Poland; Helen, born abt 1884 in Poland; Costek, born 1888 in Poland; Mary, born 1889 in Poland; Alice, born 1890 in Poland; Sophie, born 1899 in Colorado, USA; Frank, born 1901 in Colorado, USA. Costek is my grandfather. On a WWI draft registration form for Costek, his plce of birth is listed as Stutora, Poland - I have found nothing close to this on any maps of Poland.

Kostanty Klimowski married Julia Cymanski in Poland. Their children were: Lenora, born 1884 in Poland, Burnard, born 1888 in Poland; Wacie, born 1890 in Rypin, Poland; 6 more children were born after they moved to the USA. Some of these use the name Klimoski, without the soft w.

From this, I am assuming that both families came from the Brodnica/Rypin area. I also assume that the Deborski name was changed somehow from its Polish original. All the Deborski's I have found in the USA are directly related to Frank Sr. above. I think the original name may have sounded (in English) like Deborski - perhaps Taborski, or Diborski, etc., but this is just speculation. At one point, an "expert" in Polish surnames indicated that the original name might have been Dęborski, which might have been said as Demborski in English. One family tale says the name was something like Tyburski.

I would very much like to hear thoughts from people in Poland about the possible name variations and anyone knowledgeable about Brodnica and/or Rypin.

Please send me a message with any information or thoughts.

Is there a place called Stutora in Poland? Or anything even close? That appears as the place of birth of my grandfather on his WWI draft registration (US). It is very difficult to read and he was somewhat difficult to understand when he spoke, which wasn't often. Other close relatives seem to have come from Brodnica, or perhaps Brodniczka, Rypin and Śweidziebnia - all pretty close together in Kujawsko-Pomorskie.