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16 Mar 2013
History / Poland's Tragic History [12]

Learn about "danzig corridor massacre" and you'll find out Poland was basically asking to be invaded.
18 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / Benefit cuts for Poles in The UK? [143]

How many Single Polish mummies do you think this country is supporting right this minute? Hmm probably thousands.. and Lithuanians and Estonians etc..

Here's just one story.

[quote]A MIGRANT mum thanked the UK yesterday for letting her claim £14,500 a year in benefits.
Natalija Belova, 33, told The Sun how she spurns full-time work - yet can afford foreign holidays and buys designer clothes.
The Lithuanian said: "British benefits give me and my daughter a good life."
She has milked soft-touch Britain for £50,000 in benefits and yesterday said: "I simply take what is given to me."

Reading Polish forums like
reveals that information for Single Mummies is quite popular!

Tip of the iceberg.
14 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / Benefit cuts for Poles in The UK? [143]

The Poles have been raping this country for years now in terms of benefits.
They even have numerous websites and forums filled with a wealth of information about UK "Benefity"

Even the "hard working" Poles are scrounging Tax Credits and Housing Benefits to top up their income, thus negating any income tax they give to this country.

We're a donor EU nation, basically giving BILLIONS to Poland to sort itself out AND half their population come here and parasite off us.

You couldn't make it up.. really.

If you can't afford to sustain yourself without state aid, you don't belong here.. simple as.
11 Feb 2013
History / POLAND: EASTERN or CENTRAL European country? [1039]

This is a funny topic.

The one sure way to get a rise out of a Pole is mention "Eastern Europe" and Poland in the same sentence.
They're desperately trying to disassociate themselves with the *slightly* poorer Eastern Europe.
In 10 years time you'll be hearing "Polska is a Western European coutnry!!!"

I'm sorry Poland, but you'll always be Eastern Europeans.
The huge political, cultural and economical gulf between East and West is too pronounced.
9 Feb 2013
Language / How do You Pronounce, "Polaczkow"? [10]

Unfortunately most Poles in the UK are "Polaczkow".
Losers, beggars, scroungers and criminals.
6 Feb 2013
News / Poland is the source of horsemeat in burgers? [170]

Didn't surprise me one bit when i read about it.

Poland is a corrupt mess of a nation. Their people are opportunists and will stop at nothing to make a dollar.
They're over here (UK) fccking each other on a daily basis for cash.
26 Dec 2012
Love / Polish mother, possible UK father - child law Poland. [35]

First of i'm surpised to learn this woman went back to Poland and is staying there.

There's hordes of women from Poland in the UK that came over here purely to "make a better life for my baby".. ie - Scounring benefits.

Yes thousands of Polish single mummies are living of UK tax payer money as we speak.
The lady in question must be from a unusually well off family. If not - expect her to be in the United Kingdom living on housing benefit within the next few years.

Actually she's probably in Poland at the minute because she feels safe, and is there to let things settle down.
23 Dec 2012
Life / Why are Poles obsessed with shame? [19]

Shopping exclusively at "polski sklep"
asking advice on "benefity w uk" on Polski websites.
Moaning about British people, and our country in general - Soapy Food, Bad Health Service, Fake smiles on people
Being obsessed with ethnicity/race

attractive women?? The poor ol' Poles think they're Sweden or Norway with this. I've never understood it.
I've seen some pretty Polish women, some absolute STINKERS and average looking ones. Same as most places really.
23 Dec 2012
Life / Why are Poles obsessed with shame? [19]

From an outsiders point of view . Polish culture is:

POLSAT satellites outside homes
Polish Flags flying from windows
Loud aggressive drunkenness
Drinking tins of Lech in the street
VW Passats from 10 years ago
Old style tracksuits from the 80s style. Lonsdale, Umbro
Greasy hair
23 Dec 2012
Life / Why are Poles obsessed with shame? [19]

Never ceases to surprise me reading Polski forums and their news websites the amount of references to their national Wstyd / Shame.

It's usually the Shame of their compatriots in Exile. As a resident of the United Kingdom i can understand that. The way in which a sizable minority of Poles over here conduct themselves is quite shameful.

It goes beyond that. Poles will use any excuse to label themselves as a nation as shameful.

People in this country behave embarrassingly quite a lot but the BBC doesn't get into a frenzy with "National Shame" headlines.
We just don't really care to be honest.

It would be more thoughtful of you, if you were to provide a link in English. It would also fit in with the Forum Rules. Thank you .
22 Dec 2012
Life / Why do people think that Poles are culturally isolated? [126]

Being a Brit, I'll eat anything that tastes nice regardless what country is comes from.
I'm not a fiercely nationalistic Pole that must eat Polski products and feels the need to build Skleps everywhere in a foreign country.
22 Dec 2012
Life / Why do people think that Poles are culturally isolated? [126]

Poles in the UK & Ireland behave very much like the Indians/Pakistanis and other Turd-Worlders as opposed to other Europeans

Building lots Polski Sklep in every town.

Sticking to their own, rather than endeavor to make British friends.

Aversion to learning our language

Superiority complexes - British doctors and NHS are crap. English people are "lazy", our food tastes like soap etc.

Abrupt in their mannerisms, impolite, faces like bulldogs chewing wasps.

Racist and Tribal - Polska Number 1 as always, but they're only too happy to embrace their European identity because they're scrounging of another European country (UK). They use this as leverage to moan and complain about "Negroes" and other nationalities in the UK.

I've met loads of Germans and French in the UK with fantastic English kills, and general upbeat nice personalities, not much different to British people.

The Poles are very very foreign.
10 Dec 2012
Life / Is Poland a poor country? [578]

You seriously think people want to be homeless, especially in Winter? A freezing cold pavement and a bit of cardboard is preferable to a nice comfy bed somewhere warm?
You really are clueless HH.

Yeah really clueless seen as i volunteered at a hostel for a few months in my earlier days.

They are usually on the streets because they've been kicked out of accommodation for alcoholism/drugs.
I'm not 100% sure about the situation these days in the UK we've been absolutely swamped with people from Eurorope since 2004.
Even our big issue sellers now are half Romanian.
10 Dec 2012
Food / How natural is food in Poland? [25]

That maybe so, and being British i love to try new things.

The average Brit cooks food from all parts of the world 7 days of the week.
The average Pole is fiercly nationalistic about anything Polish to the extreme that they build Sleps on every street corner, and a lot of Poles shop exclusively at these little stores in the UK.
10 Dec 2012
Food / How natural is food in Poland? [25]

No it's nice spicy exotic cuisine.

Beats pickled cabbage and tinned fish paste from the Polski Sklep any day :P
10 Dec 2012
Food / How natural is food in Poland? [25]

I have tried some Polish food, and other food from E.Europe. It is nice however quite bland & uninspiring just like British food.
I much prefer some Italian, Indian or a Chinese any day of the week.
10 Dec 2012
Polonia / How do Poles feel about Romanians and Bulgarians? [26]

Labour Market Restrictions on Romania and Bulgaria will be lifted on the 31st December 2013.
So it's fairly certain we're gonna get a tsunami of these people coming to the UK just like the A8 Nations in 2004.

When i say Labour Market this basically means Benefits + Jobs (If they're lucky).
No doubt the whole self-employment for 3 months making NI contributions will open up the entire UK Welfare state up for life.

These people will flock to the cheapest immigrant friendly areas possible ie - where the Poles are at.

It's the first time in nearly 10 years that we're going to be invaded by so many people in such a short space of time.

How will Poles feel when Polski Skelp is getting replaced by the Romanian Skleps?
Perhaps there will be animosity in the workplace. Poles being kicked out and replaced with Romanians.
7 Dec 2012
Life / Is Poland a poor country? [578]

My views on mass immigration in my country from the EU is completely unrelated to how i judge people as individuals.

Tommy doesn't realise that. He's too infatuated with Poland and everything Polish it's gone to his head. Anything he believes is even mildly critical of his new found country he goes berserk and starts hating on his own country and calling British people every name under the sun.
7 Dec 2012
UK, Ireland / How long will Poles use communism and ww2 as an excuse to move to the UK? [55]

Haha expressing discontent with the TSUNAMI of immigrants from the EU swamping this country, and their exploitation of our benefits and public services is a jailable offense?

The ironic thing i've not had many disagreements with REAL Polish people on this board. Most of the arse-holes are Brit Wannabes.