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23 Oct 2011
USA, Canada / Polish people / stores / restaurants in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Florida? [14]

Hi f stop...

Where are you in Orlando? How long have you lived here? I just moved here from Atlanta a few months ago for work, and am having withdrawls from my heritage, that even the gorgeous Florida beaches can't cure ;-)

Is there a large Polish population here?


24 Oct 2011
USA, Canada / Are there any Polish people in Florida? [302]


I'm 100% Polish and just moved to Orlando area. Trying to meet some Polish friends in Florida, who aren't snowbirds from the North who only stay for a few days ;-)

I'm 30/M, feel free to PM me.

Pozdrawiam serdecznie!
22 Nov 2011
Life / Polish and Czechs [190]

I would have to say that there is a pretty good relationship between Poles and Czechs.

In fact, in my family we always speak of how beautiful Prague is, and how the Czechs have a cool, laid back nature, and their language is strangely funny to us, as we can understand bits and pieces.

Additionally, they are quite similar to us in culture, and really are our Slavic sisters/brothers.

From the industrial side, there has always been an admiration for Czechs having their own automobile company - Skoda. Which, while not a high end brand, is vastly popular in Poland and Europe as well.

My personal experience - I have some Czech friends, and we have always gotten along great - we have much in common.

We couldn't have asked for a better Southern neighbor, then our friends the Czechs.
26 Nov 2011
Law / I am starting a new business life in Poland (coming from Sydney) [84]


Very inspiring story.

I'm Polish and have been living in the US for about 20 years now, but have been lately thinking about doing the same thing as you - going back to Poland. Especially, since the US, is no longer the "land of opportunity" as it once was.

Keep us updated on your story, I wish you the best of luck.

4 Dec 2011
Language / Word for 'deadline'? [14]

The reason why the apostrophe is there is because this is quite common when we use an English word in a Polish sentence, we give it the Polish grammatical format which makes it look this way - a little awkward.

Another example would be:

"Przed weekend'em muszę, zrobić pranie"

"Przed lunch'em spotykam się z Piotrem"

You will notice that both weekend and lunch are English words, that have been "given" the Polish gramatical format.

Same thing that your author was trying to accomplish with the word "deadline".

I do agree though with Seanus and Marynka...that's the best true Polish translation for "deadline"