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Polish people / stores / restaurants in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Florida?

6 Mar 2011 #1
Hi! I'm looking for Polish people that live in the Orlando area. I'd like to have potluck dinners and share Poland stories and upbringing. Plus, holiday events, too.
f stop 24 | 2,496
6 Mar 2011 #2
I'm not far from Orlando. PM me.
pawelg325 - | 6
23 Oct 2011 #3
Hi f stop...

Where are you in Orlando? How long have you lived here? I just moved here from Atlanta a few months ago for work, and am having withdrawls from my heritage, that even the gorgeous Florida beaches can't cure ;-)

Is there a large Polish population here?


23 Oct 2011 #4
I used to live in Orlando - start by going to the Polish mass at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on Alafaya Trail, usually people meet afterward and talk. There is also a Polish market around the corner near 50 and alafaya. I noticed a trend among especially younger Polish people in Orlando of migrating back to Poland. Florida's economy is quite awful while many opportunities are opening up in Poland. Exactly reverse of how it used to be 10yrs ago.
Kasia14 - | 2
28 May 2012 #5
Me and my husband just moved to Orlando we are in our late 20s. kasia1414 at
6 Jun 2012 #6
Hey, I live in Orlando, and I am Polish. As a guy I do a lot of BBQ so I am always happy to invite people over! I am 27 and it is just me and my dad. My contact info is Jastro407 at gmail dot com.
12 Sep 2015 #7
Merged: Moving from NJ to Orlando area. Any polish stores , peoples .... ?

Hi There,
I'm moving by the end of October to Orlando,FL. Would love to know if there any polish store somewhere close or any polish community.

in NJ I'm not living close to the polish community but sometimes I'm driving North to Polish store for big shopping... .
Any suggestion how it will be living in FL please let me know. I'm moving with my son alone.
Let me know
Mr Boston
16 Sep 2015 #8
Merged: Moving to Florida - looking for some recommendations, restaurants, etc.

Hello everyone I am from MA and my family and I are thinking about moving down to Fl we have our choices of Jacksonville, Tampa or the Orlando area. My wife and I are straight of the plane, not the boat. We would like a are that has a good polish church and a community. We are looking for a are can keep speak polish to other people not just us we want them to keep there ethnicity. A nice deli and a restaurant would be a major plus as well. I am hoping to get some input from people that live in FL and some recommendations about the ares we are looking to move to. Thank you
17 Sep 2015 #9
polish plate .com
10 Oct 2015 #10
There is several polish deli in Orlando area ;-) I think that if you would like to be close to polish community I would recommend Clearwater! There is a great Polish restaurant and store (in my opinion the best in Fl), there is even Polish school :-)
Dania 72
27 Aug 2016 #11
Any polish groups in north central Florida?? Ocala, Gainesville, Hernando, Crystal River, Inverness?
16 Dec 2016 #12
We are in Inverness, moved in march from Baltimore, 65 and 68 . We don't knoe any polish people and we looking to have any contact with people speaking polish , contact bobrebski@gmail
7 Mar 2017 #13

Polskie sklepy in Central Orlando?

Czy tu jest Polska polonia w centralnej Floridzie?

Use English on this forum please
16 Nov 2017 #14
We are looking for nice polish speaking couple 68-70 old .Tampa-Orlando Lakeland area,to spend nice time, play cards ....contakt

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