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18 Jun 2011
Life / Homosexuality in Polish Culture [231]

Hasn't it been proven that homosexuality is a mental disorder?

Yep. Gay used to be considered a mental disorder until they got their sympathetic Lib friends in the Psychology industry to change its classification, not based on any science. The Left doesn't have much use for science when it interferes with their agenda.

Generally nobody gives damn.

This is prolly the most real advice here.
15 Jun 2011
History / The Greatest King of Poland? [117]

The Greatest King of Poland?

The first one...

Mieszko I of Poland
14 Jun 2011
News / How long will it take for the first 9/11 to occur in Poland? [55]

It already happened..... 9/1/39 ... those blitzkrieg assaults...

Yep. Same crap different century.
If Islamies had the armies and the hardware they'd be marching on Europe to.

the stupid red necks will gladly turn their weapons in as it will be for their protection.

Lol. Not likely.
14 Jun 2011
News / How long will it take for the first 9/11 to occur in Poland? [55]

So anyway, that new giant statue of Jesus in Poland would likely make an inviting target for the terrorist Islamies.
Cue the Jesus-hating cowards to call for its removal so it doesn't upset their terrorist friends... :s
14 Jun 2011
News / How long will it take for the first 9/11 to occur in Poland? [55]

delusional too.not to mention naive in the extreme.

Indeed. It shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the problem.

But the real kicker is the absolute level of utter cowardice such a statement displays...
'Oh dear, so long as we are nice to them and appease them and we show them how multicultural tolerant we are maybe they won't hurt us. Boo-hoo-hoo...' [tremble]

What must such a person teach their own children about standing up to bullies? :s

Once cowardly simps start thinking like that the terrorists have already won. Because then the cowards vote for terrorist-appeasing Leftists as leaders which they are sure won't do anything to anger the enemy. Which brings us back to their failure to understand...

Let's get this clear right now: The Muslim scumbag terrorists hate and will kill Lib cowards just as much as they do others. There is no appeasing them, unless a country is willing to completely surrender to Allah and institute Sharia Law. Period.

Idiots shouldn't be allowed to vote.
12 Jun 2011
Life / Theft of a Golden Mug in Poland [24]

A dozen of the biggest and ugliest of them came with me to talk to the bandits , they got the crap beaten out of them , problem solved...

Good. As the system favors criminals, sometimes justice demands that we take matters into our own hands.
11 Jun 2011
Travel / THE VIKINGS ARE COMING...what to do and see in Poland....? [30]

they will camp at my farm , and no doubt a few Polish beers and Kielbasa will be slaughtered by the invaders....

Sounds like a good time.

you can,t ignore the fact that the Angels and a rival club in Sweden were shooting each other with guns and rocket grenades over a drugs turf war....

The difference between a biker gang and a riding club.

most of the Hells Angels are ok , if you don,t bother them , they won,t bother you

Mostly true. Sometimes not.

not sure my home made outdoor cooking rig will hold up to that , but we can adapt something

Ever try roasting a pig in the ground?

p.s.: in no way do I condone drinking and driving

Yes you did!

wearing those helmets with the horns on

That would be cool!

wear the vest

Over here many bars have a 'no wearing colors' policy, to avoid fights.
9 Jun 2011
News / Polish robots in race for Mars [24]

Remember for in the 80s they were saying that by this time we'd be living on Mars, what a crock of ****.

Lol! Yeah, and where the hell is my flying car?!
5 Jun 2011
Life / Mental health problem or one of the grieving stages? Death and denial in Poland. [93]

Oh boy. That's pretty bad. Think of all the thought, planning and effort it took to execute this little exercise. That's a whole lot more than just some denial. And certainly her condition is not an act if she's going to this extent.

I've been thinking about this in regards to this poor girl...
Lets assume for the moment that indeed people have inside of them some mechanism of denial which is automatically switched on in order to preserve us from severe psychological harm; we go into denial so as to prevent ourselves further damage of complete breakdown. Ok? Now, for this girl's mind to trigger such a reaction and go into that -what we'll call "brain safety mode"- over the death of an old and ill father, this would seem to me to indicate that she likely had some sort of serious issues even before her father died and these recent events. I mean, sure, a loved one's death can be traumatic -devastating even- but for her to go off the deep end over it certainly seems extreme in the extreme, an overreaction to the expected event. I think this shows that the death of her father may be immaterial here and in reality may have had little to do with her present condition; if not his death then something else was likely going to set her off anyway. (Much as NoNonsense didn't need any particular traumatic event to set her off into loopy mode.) Does this make sense? There was nothing else in this girl's prior life that would indicate that she was, um, a little 'off'? No other instances when you thought she was maybe not normal or completely balanced?

This is as intriguing as a movie case. If I were you I'd consider contacting a psychiatrist on your own and buying an hour with them and telling them this girl's story. Maybe you could introduce this person to the girl as a friend and just get them talking?...
1 Jun 2011
Life / Mental health problem or one of the grieving stages? Death and denial in Poland. [93]

I too think that the drugs can be bad and are over prescribed these days. But also they can and do help some people. For some the drugs are their only hope for a normal life. And the more extreme the case the more likely meds might be necessary, imo. A professinal should decide.

I would answer if I were her: From a logical point of view I can prove you he is still alive, when I will be ready to realise he died, I will inform you.

See, but you're looking at it from a normal person perspective as to what a normal person might think and do. This girl is clearly not normal at present.
30 May 2011
Life / Mental health problem or one of the grieving stages? Death and denial in Poland. [93]

imagine false realities like she is and make up delusions to comfort herself. She knows deep down inside that her father is dead, but she's just separating herself from reality with the delusions. This is common in people of certain personalities, its just the way they cope with extreme stress when they break down.

I suspect this is bang on but due to the amount of time she's nursed this delusion there may be more at play. This is a pretty severe case no matter how you look at it.
28 May 2011
Love / I met a Polish guy but wonder what his intention is.. [35]

"You're not my guy and Im not your girl and you never say anything about it and then you want to kiss me!"

Excellent! Good for you! More girls should stand up for themselves and make such demands from men.

Im sure you have some doubts about me and Im not expecting that you will accept at this moment, but I made up my mind, I dont want just to be your friend, I want to be your guy.

So sweet. Sounds like you landed a good one!

What a lovely story, SB. Thanks for sharing it. Good luck into the future.

You better use that lips first to say what's the real score

Lol. I love this. :)
27 May 2011
Genealogy / How Polish am I? What is the correct formula? [58]

While today it's more about them embracing/ asserting their blackness against whitey, what you guys are referring to is what was/is known as the One Drop Rule. One drop of black blood and you are black.

1/8 Polish means there are eight parts and only one part is Polish. That's like having a dash of salt or sugar.

It's more than a dash. Any recipe that calls for 1/8 of the ingredients to be salt or sugar would be either very very salty or very very sweet!
27 May 2011
Love / I met a Polish guy but wonder what his intention is.. [35]

Just want to update this thread.Everything went well for us and now, we're married!!!

Holy crap! We often get such stories here but rarely get to hear what resulted.
So sometimes it does work out...
Good for you, SB. ;)