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Mateusz_A Ty   
30 Apr 2011
History / Civilian life in Poland (Krakow) during the WW2. [30]

It was hell.. I know my great grandfather told me.. People couldn't speak out truth..Communist tv news.. Poles sent out their own channels, cars drove around intercepting them.. Ghettos..Hell is all I can say.
Mateusz_A Ty   
30 Apr 2011
Love / What's the way to seduce a Polish girl ? [64]

I hate when people make threads like this.. Polish girls are like any other girls in the world. Entertain them, do sweet things. Hang out? Or get a slut.
Mateusz_A Ty   
30 Apr 2011
News / John Paul II's Beatification [134]

Portugese is right, even though I haven't seen him much because i'm 19, everytime I saw him praying, it's like God's here.. I think he deserves it and I don't care what the first post says. It's not marketing. Karol Wojtyla to zasurzyl. :D