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23 May 2013
Law / Where to obtain license plate in Poland? How long it takes? [24]

I'm getting ready to return home from Poland and I have a family member who collects license plates that is hoping I can bring one back with me.

Any suggestions where to legally obtain a random license plate?
6 May 2013
USA, Canada / Sea freight to US from Poland [7]

Thanks for the recommendation. I called Polonez and they said they only handle shipping from the US to Poland, not the reverse. They told me to contact IC Shipping, but IC shipping won't do anything smaller than a full container. I've only got a pallet or so and a container is way more than I need.

Any other recommendations?
6 May 2013
USA, Canada / Sea freight to US from Poland [7]

I am moving back to the United States soon and I have a lot of stuff I need to ship back. Probably about one pallet's worth, packed in boxes. I used Polamer's sea cargo service to get the stuff here, and I was satisfied with that, but they only do air freight to the US for some reason. I don't really want to use the postal service here. Any recommendations? I don't mind if it is slow as long as my stuff will actually get there eventually, and I need something inexpensive.
2 Jun 2012
Language / What is the best way to say comfortable? [7]

What is the best way to say comfortable, in the context of a social situation or a location?

I am comfortable with these people, or I am comfortable in this house (not physically but socially)? I'm inclined to use Jestem spokojny w ten domu but I don't think that's right.
16 Apr 2012
Language / Polish case question (Mężczyzna jest zimno? or Dziewczyna jest zimno?) [70]

Wow- leave a thread alone for a few days and watch it grow to astronomical proportions!

Thanks for the discussion. I think this pretty well answered my question:

Dziewczyna jest zimna. (Note that the ending of the Adj. must be in agreement with the gender of the noun).

It turns out I didn't recognize it because dative is not one of the cases I have studied so far. Now I know. Thank you.
14 Apr 2012
Language / Polish case question (Mężczyzna jest zimno? or Dziewczyna jest zimno?) [70]

I'm using Rosetta Stone and there are two examples I don't understand:

Mężczyźnie jest zimno.
Dziewczynce jest zimno.

Why not Mężczyzna jest zimno? or Dziewczyna jest zimno? What case are they using here, and why not use the nominative if the noun is the subject of the sentence?
12 Mar 2012
Travel / Krakow during Easter - good or bad idea? [19]

I've heard from some people that traveling in Poland during the Easter holidays is a bad idea because everything is way more crowded.

Any general thoughts? any thoughts specifically about the feasibility of visiting Krakow during the Easter holidays?
10 Mar 2012
Study / Polish preschools in Warsaw? [4]

What Polish preschool options are available for the children of foreigners in Warsaw? I'm not interested in preschools for foreigners- I'm considering putting my child into a polish preschool to help him learn Polish and make more local friends. Are there public preschools? How much would this cost?
8 Mar 2012
Travel / Cheap flights from Warsaw to other European countries? [11]

I'd like to take my family out to see some more of Europe during the Easter holidays. We're on a fairly tight budget, and we'd like to find a way to search for flights by price instead of destination (we're very flexible on that). Any suggestions? any destination or airline that is consistently cheaper from Warsaw?

I know LOT has a page that does that but I can't seem to narrow the search down from all of 2012 and a great deal in November isn't very useful to me...
11 Jan 2012
Language / Polish post office vocabulary [7]

Thanks for your help.

One more additional question:

I need to ship a small parcel to a local address in a way that can be tracked. Does the polish post office offer this service? If so, how do I ask for tracking?
11 Jan 2012
Study / Learning Polish in Warsaw - good school recommendation? [47]

I am taking classes at Polonicum at the University of Warsaw. My instructor has been very good but the class is too big (fifteen or so). My wife and I also took private lessons from

I was extremely pleased with Anna Wojtasiak as a teacher. She tailored our course to our needs, came to us and taught in our apartment, and it was not as expensive as I had expected.
28 Dec 2011
Language / Polish post office vocabulary [7]

I live in Warsaw and I am going to the post office today. I need to mail a letter to someone in Poland, and I'd also like to get some stamps both for domestic and international mail so next time I don't have to go in to the post office. What stamps do I need? Can you give me phrases to use to ask for these?

Thanks a bundle.
27 Dec 2011
Language / Use of swoj [23]

Thanks a lot. I understand it now.
Polish has proved a lot more difficult than I had expected, which just makes me that much more determined to master it.
26 Dec 2011
Language / Use of swoj [23]

Merged: moj vs swoj

I'm using Rosetta stone to try to improve my vocabulary. I think I understand how moja and twój are used, but I see swój and swoja used in first, second and third person. What is the rationale behind this usage?

Example- Kocham swoją matkę. I thought swoja was his/her, not my.

Also what is the difference between swojego and jego/jej?
26 Oct 2011
Life / The best English newspapers about Poland? [22]

I need to follow Polish news as part of one of my classes, but I am not ready to try to do that in Polish. What are the best news sources about Polish politics written in English? When answering, please give me an idea of what their ideological position is (is it a left-wing or right-wing newspaper, for example).
9 Oct 2011
Travel / Area's of Warsaw worth a visit? (including outdoor camping) [9]

Merged: Boy scout camping/hiking in Warsaw area question

I am a youth leader at my church in Warsaw. We are starting a varsity scout team through the Boy Scouts of America so that our American boys can continue in the Scouting program. Does anyone have any recommendations of great places to hike or camp fairly close to Warsaw? Any other outdoors activities you'd recommend for this area?
27 Sep 2011
Law / Foreigner needs recommendation for a bank in Warsaw, Poland [3]

I need to open a local PLN account to facilitate paying bills while I am here in Warsaw. I'm here for two years and I don't want to have to do everything at the post office. I speak very little Polish. What bank would you recommend? I am hoping for a basic free checking account, if they have those here, and I need English-speaking staff. I had planned to use HSBC but when I went into the branch here they said they are leaving Poland by the end of October.
13 Sep 2011
Law / how much should a babysitter in warsaw cost? [6]

We have someone coming over to babysit our son tomorrow. She's not expecting to get paid, she's just planning on helping us out with it, but we would like to pay her. What is a reasonable rate for babysitting in Warsaw for about 8 hours? We're new to Poland and not familiar with such things yet.
26 Aug 2011
USA, Canada / Gift idea for something uniquely American that is difficult to find in Poland? [67]

I'm not sure what section to post this in so here it is.

We have a friend in Poland that has really gone the extra mile to help us with our move to Warsaw from the United States, and we would like to try to get him an inexpensive gift as a way of saying thank you. Does anyone here know of something uniquely American that is difficult to find in Poland that wouldn't break a student budget? I have no idea what is available there so I'm kind of at a loss.
23 Aug 2011
USA, Canada / Bringing a smartphone from the US. Would it work in Poland? [4]

I am thinking of purchasing a smartphone in the US to bring with me to Poland because I think it might cost less, but I've heard that the data frequencies are different between Europe and the US. Anybody know what would work? I know I would need a GSM phone but it is important that the data functions work too. I was thinking of getting an HTC phone but I want to know it will work in Europe too.
23 Aug 2011
Life / Anything like netflix in Poland? [27]

I love netflix instant viewing and I'd like to find a similar streaming service I can use in Poland. I understand how I could still access netflix from Poland but if there is a comparable European service I'd rather use that and get more exposure to non-American cinema. Are there any that work in Poland without a VPN?
9 Aug 2011
Life / Cable TV connectors / Digital TV plug in Poland [9]

I am planning on buying a video capture card/tuner for my computer, and I'd like to be able to use it in both the US and Poland. I assume I will need to get some kind of adapter. I assume that cable tv in Poland gets run over coax cable terminated with the Belling-Lee connector AKA IEC 169-2 connector, more simply known as TV aerial plug or PAL connector. Am I correct?

There is a picture of this connector at

Thanks in advance.
24 Jul 2011
Study / Quality of Polish classes for foreigners [7]

Does anyone here know how the quality of the polish classes for foreigners taught at the University of Warsaw compare to the private language schools?
13 Jul 2011
Language / plural forms (cztery kubki / czternascie kubkow) [23]

Quite confusing. I'm glad I will be able to take a class once I get there. Polish will be my fourth language but the grammar is so different from English or the romance languages I have already learned. I think I'm gonna put away Rosetta stone for a while and concentrate on my grammar book. Rosetta is great for helping me with listening and pronunciation I think but it hasn't helped much with grammar at all.
13 Jul 2011
Language / plural forms (cztery kubki / czternascie kubkow) [23]

I am trying to learn some Polish before I move to Warsaw. I've been using Rosetta Stone. One thing that really leaves me confused is the plural forms.

cztery kubki- 4 cups
czternaście kubków - 14 cups

What makes the form of cup different when there are four versus fourteen? I don't get it.
24 Jun 2011
Life / Cost of delivering a child in Poland [30]

So your wife/fiance/girlfriend will be having the baby in Warsaw?

My wife will be having our second child in Warsaw around February.

She (or he) will be a Polish citizen and you would have to get her a US citizenship if you plan on it.

Since neither I nor my wife are Polish, my understanding is that our child will be born an American citizen by blood and we will just have to register his or her birth with the US Embassy. In our situation our child would only be born Polish if he or she would otherwise be stateless, which doesn't apply here. We will need to get a passport.

If anybody wants a copy of that, let me know: I can certainly scan and email it (I can probably supply a text-only version if needed).

I would love to see that article. I'll PM you my email address.

As far as insurance, at this point medicover looks like our best bet. I'm not dead set against using state hospitals but I can't get a visa for my family without proof of health insurance, and medicover would cost less than half what insurance from one of the foreign companies that caters to expatriates would charge. Medicover has English-speaking staff which helps too since my Polish isn't very good yet. I don't think there is a way for non-EU citizens to use the state system (If I'm wrong please let me know, I'd like to know all my options- the main concern is the visa thing).