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8 May 2014
Life / English speakers community in Kraków? [17]

[] - Language Exchange Club Krakow Group on Facebook

Various meetings throughout the week, including French every Thursday at Les Couleurs 7.30pm
3 Jan 2014
Language / Does this paragraph make sense? I am learning Polish [11]

I suggest that you write what you want to say in English, then wait for a native speaker's help
FYI, For females

Chciałam = I wanted (past tense)
Chciałabym = I would like to
14 Oct 2013
Life / How can I change 100 PLN bank notes for smaller currency? [17]

How to break your 100 PLN notes without problems/rip-off

MacDonald's always take my hundred zloty notes without even blinking
Another good thing to do is if you are paying at a supermarket and want to pay with a large note give them a handful of coins so they only give you notes in change then at least you won't deplete their till too badly

I now try to pay for most things by credit card to avoid the problem
9 Aug 2013
Language / When to use biernik? When to use dopełniacz... Narzędnik? [4]

Here is a brief rundown of the usage for each one (this is my website, which I haven't touched for ages, if native speakers would let me know if there are any errors please) - Accusative Case - Biernik - Genitive Case - Dopełniacz - Instrumental Case - Narzędnik
5 Aug 2013
Law / Which Polish cell phone (+ Internet) operator is the best? [18]

Most of people move to Play, so I guess that this company has the most fair prices

I am fairly certain that these SIMs can only be used for data (and possibly text messaging), so they might not necessarily be the best choice for a smartphone (unless you are happy to forego the phone part of the equation)
14 Mar 2013
Travel / Live Music in Krakow or Warsaw [15]

Thanks Smurf, I already had that one...
I've managed to search out quite a few websites and facebook groups
Las Krakow is particularly good
9 Mar 2013
Travel / Live Music in Krakow or Warsaw [15]

Merged: Krakow Music Scene - Share your link

I recently moved to Krakow. I love going to concerts and small gigs. If anyone has any links to "listings" websites, facebook groups and the like please share them here.
29 Aug 2012
Travel / Photos from Poland [191]
A few Polish ones on that page. The one from Katowice looks fake to me, anyone seen it?
22 Aug 2012
Work / Companies within Poznan (positions available for native English speakers) [18]

To get private clients this site is worth creating an advert on (and paying the 10zl a month for it to be shown near the top)

Results will probably depend on your area.
There are quite a few people who just want to practice speaking. If your area has a lot of foreigners, then they might be able to get that for free.
14 Jun 2012
Work / Native Speaker Translation Charge (Polish<>English) [12]

You might want to join a forum for translators, I believe some members show their rates. The site also contains useful glossaries and help on various difficult to translate phrases.
5 Jun 2012
Travel / Sim Cards for International calls Poland [17]

Yes, you can get a Play Fresh SIM, top it up, then type in a special code
Play fresh internet "packet"

If you want data only (without the facility to make calls) you can get a different SIM and it works out slightly cheaper 50 zloty for 5GB
26 Mar 2012
Travel / Poland in photo riddles [3134]

I didn't know when I posted the photo, but I think we can quite safely say it's a root cellar
26 Mar 2012
Travel / Poland in photo riddles [3134]

Thanks for your answers, it's facing south-east (I think)

Btw, I'm curious. Where was this taken?

Just outside of Kielce
13 Sep 2011
Work / Salary for Teaching EFL in Krakow [120]

teflcat How can you be so sure that sarcasm was intented?



Hmmm, a British gent with American spelling...
11 Jun 2011
Language / Mixed English Grammar Thread [165]

Isn't the police one group

one defunct pop group (if we're talking pop groups I believe the is/are depends on whether you're using British/American English, but I'm not sure which way round)
25 Apr 2011
Language / Dreamglade-lipro Polish language-learning blog [8]

look forward to seeing it, keep me posted

I would PM you the address, but I haven't made enough posts yet

In KFC I tried to order two of something that I didn't know how to use correct case with

Yes, I had a similar experience, in McDonalds when you order a meal you can't just upgrade your soft drinks to a milkshake like you can in the UK.

It's so embarrassing when they have to get a supervisor who speaks English! Oh well...