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13 Feb 2012
Life / Russian Language - is it offensive if I speak it to Polish people? [69]

I am curious... I am American learning to speak Russian. If I traveled to Poland, would I offend anyone if I spoke Russian to them? Am I better of with just speaking English?

most Poles over 35 yrs should be able to understand it quite fluently.

my dad, who's in his mid 50's, learned it up until high school, and even though he claims to not have spoken it 'fluently' since then, he speaks very well in russian today! my mother's first language was russian, then polish, but my parents usually converse in polish.

I was able to speak russian when I was a young child, since my mother spoke to us primarily in russian back then. unfortunately upon moving to canada, she for some reason decided to speak only polish, and I alas forgot most ot it. :(

Only in recent years how I gained a very strong interest in wanting to learn to speak russian fluently again.

It's quite easy for me, actually. :)
11 Feb 2012
News / Does Poland support the idea of Slavic unity? [83]

I am a strong supporter of one Slavic nation with modern day Slavic countries as states within one Slavic nation whose unique languages and culture/ religion are protected. In the end we are all are the same people.

slavic paganism, especially traditional folk music, plays a huge role in uniting us slavs.

being a polish pagan myself, I hold a strong bond with my fellow russian and ukrainian pagans here in Toronto, unfortunately no Poles...yet.

We've been trying to recruit more slavs in and around Toronto for a few months now, mostly through online ads.

alexmac, I fully support your belief, as do MANY slavs in Europe and abroad.

Please don't waste your time on these forums... they are filled with way to many non-Poles/Slavs!!

PM me some time. :)


26 Jan 2012
Food / Kaszanka and haggis? [34]

I eat both regularly here... both are money WELL SPENT! :)
26 Jan 2012
Love / Is it acceptable for a Polish male to have a German girlfriend? [58]

Mixed race kids look good, there is no doubt.

ahhh....sir, ARE U BLIND???!

their kids are BLACK!

my family would disown me for committing such an act.

I don't care if the mother of MY kids will be german, dutch, russian, polish, uki.. whatev... as long as they will have green/blue eyes, nice pale white complexion like my own, and dirty blond hair <3

but as the ol' sayin here goes, whatever floats your boat. :D
26 Jan 2012
History / Cult Poland PRL TV Ads and Cars [12]

The old adverts painted on the side of apartment buildings in Warsaw are now protected:, that commercial is SOOO awesome!!! :D
26 Jan 2012
Love / Is it acceptable for a Polish male to have a German girlfriend? [58]

I mean, like c'mon now... I grew up with more black friends than white, and even up to this day, I seem to get along far better with my black co-workers than white, yet I ain't goin around callin myself a white nigga ~

26 Jan 2012
Life / Are Poles mentally more Eastern European or Western European? [171]

Just tell me how to stop making you type.

as I stated before - believe me, I know what I'm talkin about. :)

and milky..

if that's what u think, then u should pull them out of their sockets ASAP!

thanx u ~ <3
26 Jan 2012
Love / Is it acceptable for a Polish male to have a German girlfriend? [58]

You scare the ever-lovin' crap outta me, man.

buddy, lemme tell u sumtin okey...

in my office workplace alone, there are two beautiful ladies of german-descent. BOTH of them married black men and have 2 babies each. Not only do their offspring NOT look the least bit german, but the poor kids will be entirely confused about having a white mother when they get older. It's a real pity.

I'm all against interracial marriages, and I let it BE KNOWN, son! :D
26 Jan 2012
Life / Are Poles mentally more Eastern European or Western European? [171]

First explain characteristics of eastern and western mentality and then I will answer your question slavia

simple, north-eastern europeans are mostly slavic.

being polish-jewish from my dad's side, and belarusian/polish/russian from my mothers, I can safely tell u how similar our overall way of thinking really is.

We share a far stronger bond in the east, especially because we share the same slavic culture.

Where I specifically live in Toronto, there are many more russians and ukrainians, and even serbians, than Poles, and I interact with them almost every day.. believe me, I know what I'm talkin about. :)

btw, many posters on here are really full of horse sh**.... "you're canadian, what do u know?.... you don't pay taxes in Poland, you have no right to talk about this and that... blah blah blah..."

LMAO!! stop making me laugh... xD
26 Jan 2012
Love / Is it acceptable for a Polish male to have a German girlfriend? [58]

why would it matter?

over here, you can't even tell a German apart from a Pole (appearance-wise).

Their children will look beautiful regardless!

That's the most imporant thing about these relationships - the future offspring. <3
26 Jan 2012
UK, Ireland / Are Polish people importing a new wave of ancient racism into the UK? [402]

If I move to Bangladesh, have a child with me Irish partner, can that child claim to be Bangladeshi and claim it as his or her own nation?

most probably, they would instantly kill you in doing so.

Whites are not welcome in muslim-majority asian/middle eastern countries - they threaten us to the bone.

Yet we welcome them with open arms into our own countries.

Pathetic, are we?
25 Jan 2012
Love / Any Polish Muslim girls living in Poland? [103]

You're embarrassing yourself, man.

funny thing is that I've just realised that she (or he) isn't even a Pole to begin with.

but yes, Poles who convert to the religion of their enemies is a bloody traitor!!!

I'm soo happy the Russians have a hugely progressive nationalist movement going on right now in their country.

I can only hope the same for Poland.

one day soon....
22 Jan 2012
History / Life in Poland before the fall of communism [30]


I didn't even bother to scroll down and read whatever BS you wrote.

It's not worth acknowledging to the slightest extent.

You, sir, should do us all a big favour and throw yourself off a bridge.

Thanks! :)
22 Jan 2012
Life / Poles close to grandparents [32]

I'm glad my babcie i dziadki aren't alive today to see the mass westernization, followed by corruption, taking place in their beautiful old slavic country. And worst yet, how the young Poles today are completely endursing it.
22 Jan 2012
History / Life in Poland before the fall of communism [30]

Is there any one who can tell me what communist Poland was like,and how much better it is now?

it is MUCH worse now.

God, how I wish I could've been born immediately following the war.

and considering the amount of NON-POLES on these forums, most of the opinions expressed will mean absolute s**t pulled right from the ass.

that is all. :)
20 Jan 2012
News / Some say modern Poland is split into A and B; The "Old", and the "New". [14]

Says the emigrant Pole...

you say that as if I HAD A F***IN CHOICE!

I was 4½ yrs old... my mother, along with my 2 brothers and I immigrated out of Poland in 1990, assumingly shortly after the drop of the iron curtain... I always ask her to this day why she did it - why she moved me away from my beautiful homeland and into this disgusting hell hole Toronto. She always gives me that same bs answer, "for a better future for you and your brothers".. blah blah...if I could've decided back then to stay, I would have without a doubt. At times, she also feels remorseful.

We are the only ones living in canada, some family in US, and majority still live back home.

and another thing, Poles living in canada, particularly in missisauaga and toronto tend to be very patriotic about their homeland, considering that majority of us were born there and immigrated here at a young age.

Seems like we care more about the state and wellbeing of Poland than most Poles back home do. Tsk..
20 Jan 2012
News / Some say modern Poland is split into A and B; The "Old", and the "New". [14]

I guess Poland A would refer to the eastern and western borders, particularly north-east Poland. Most of my family originates and lives in and around the Podlaskie/mazurskie/pomorskie regions, and they are all generally poor, lack basic english skills, and are very devout catholics and orthodox.

Quite frankly, I value those residing in Poland A because they are the backbone of the country. They highly retain our beautiful culture there!

I can`t stand those from Poland B at all! Way too westernized!! It`s disgusting. Especially those wishing to bombard beautiful homogeneous Polska with that western-influenced multiculturalism BS!

For the love of God people - IT DOESN`T F'in WORK!!

We Poles living in Canada see really just how stubburn Poles back home are.

Electing a transsexual and Black MP?! WTF?

What are they trying to prove to us westerners? That they've supposedly 'got with the times' ?!

As don't see Canada with any tranny MPs.

Sadly, I have a feeling that most of the Poles on here, if not all, are all probably from or for Poland B.

Bash all u want - I'm a proud Pole living abroad and one day I wish to go back home and rasie my children there. I will not watch my homeland be destroyed by immigration!! :@
20 Jan 2012
Language / Polish language would look better written in Cyrillic Script? [212]

my cyrillic is based on present-day russian... excact same spelling rules except they pronounce their soft C's, D's, S's, and Z's quite differently than the polish do. Also, they don't have RZ sound like Polish does. So their word for rzeka would be spelt река, but pronounced like 'rika'. Also, no modern cyrillic alphabets use the Yus symbols any more, considering they no longer contain nasal sounds in their words. Since polish still does, we would have to bring them back from the dead. :D ... the use of ą and ę in cyrillic just doesn't look right.

and the hard signs at the end of words does look nice but it went out of use after 1917...

realistically, modern day Belarussian writing resembles almost exactly what polish would look like written in cyrillic, except for their letter 'ў'....

another thing is that Nikolay I's example is based on old russian cyrillic with the used of letters ць and дзь to resemble ć and dź - which is what Belarusian uses today, as what as Polish in latin... but ć is softened form of T, which dź is softened form of D... so using ть and дь is tecnically more accurate. Czech and slovak used the proper forms of these two in the forms of Ď and «.

Same reason why serbian/croatian use ć and ћ in cyrillic,,, their ћ is just like russian ть.

hence serbian браћa is just like russian братья (pronounced like bratja), and polish bracia.

i'm not good at explaning this stuff.. :P
19 Jan 2012
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [451]

although the scandinavian countries technically house the highest percentage of light hair/eye citizens, I think Poland ranks #1, or even Russia for that matter - that is, if you take their much larger populations into account..
19 Jan 2012
Language / Polish language would look better written in Cyrillic Script? [212]

being half russian and having been taught the cyrillic script by my mother, I use it quite often to write polish, especially to my polish cousins living in russia.

I find that the cyrillic script suits Polish perfectly... and makes it look a tad bit more 'exotic'..

Я власне волѩ писать по польску уживаѭц альфабэт цырылицки, бо выглѭда интэрэсуѭцо. :D
19 Jan 2012
News / Don't let Poland become like my country, France. [630]

Multiculturalism and diversity is targeted at white countries only.

except Israel. ;)

go figure..

Most of the 27 EU member states did not have colonies.

What a lame excuse for mass immigration.

true say, bro!

Poland needs a slap across the head to wake itself up, and now couldn't have been a better time.
19 Jan 2012
Food / Black pudding & kaszanka [30]

Are black pudding, Polish kaszanka and Gerrman Blutwurst more or less the same?


in fact polish and german cuisine is almost exactly the same.

same meats, breads, cheeses - different names.

that's all.