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18 Nov 2010
Language / Polish - individual classes or course? [15]

Hello Anne, I advise going for a Polish course in Poland. I've been in Poland for almost a month in August, the course was quite intensive, but I also aquired a lot of words from my Polish family where I stayed. I learnt from the book "Polish Krok po Kroku" (Polish Step by Step) on my course.
29 Nov 2010
Language / Polish - individual classes or course? [15]

Yes, I definitely recommend this course. The teachers are well-educated and the book they use is really good (Polski Krok po Kroku).
Besides, Krakow is amazing. I've seen quite a lot during my stay thanks to the guide hired by the school. And the unforgettable pub evenings with our teachers :-)

I hope you take my advise and go to Poland to learn the language. Best regards!
29 Nov 2010
Language / I want to learn Polish. Where to start? [180]

Dzien dobry :-)

I've started to learn Polish about 5 years ago thanks to my friend from Poland. At first it was TERRIBLE! It was so hard to pronounce all those sz, cz, rz... I recommend going to Poland for a little while. In August I took up a Polish course in Cracow,and it definitely helped me to correct my pronounciation. I also met a lot of Poles and acquired some slang words too... :)
3 Dec 2010
Work / Polish classes - Does it work for students learning Polish language? [6]

I took up a Polish course in Cracow, although before that I tried many ways of learning Polish (lessons via skype, private lessons). I've found the course the most helpful and I would recommend that kind of learning, but if you really want to teach foreigners, first of all you should choose a good book. I've tried many materials, books, tv and radio programmes; a good book plus a passionate, experienced teacher is fundamental. I used Polski Krok po Kroku book, you can find some extracts on the Internet.

Good luck with your teaching!
5 Dec 2010
Work / Pros and Cons of studying for a Semester in Krakow [8]

I spent the whole August in Cracow and it was amazing. Not only Cracow is easy to navigate on your own, but also people are very friendly for foreigners. Poles speak quite good English, you won't have problems with communication or asking for a direction.

I definitely recommend going in spring or summer. I have contact with Poles I've met during my stay and they say that now is freezing!
13 Dec 2010
Study / Opinions about '2 weeks intensive Polish course' [26]

I participated in such a course this summer and I recommend it. Of course you have to study quite a lot, but if you want to know the language you should :-)

I was in Glossa School in Krakow and we used "Polski Krok po Kroku" book, written by the teachers from that school. If you want to check out the book, here are some extracts:

For me very helpful was being with Poles for a while, pub evenings organised by the school and staying with Polish family.
Have fun with Polish!
16 Dec 2010
Language / Differences in Polish and English idioms [58]

I remember a few idioms from my Polish course. Our teacher devoted the whole workshop for this very difficult, but quite funny topic.

The same are e.g. Break a leg - Polamania nóg ; To have butterflies in your stomach - Mieć motyle w brzuchu.

My favourite are:

What has that to do with anything? - Co ma piernik do wiatraka? (which in English is: What has gingerbread to do with a windmill? :-))

To pass with flying colours - Zdac spiewajaco.
30 Dec 2010
Travel / Why do you visit Poland? [193]

I visited Poland in August to participate in a Polish course, but since I've met many people during my stay, I'm going to visit them in spring. I recommend Cracow - friendly people, nice historical places and many clubs to visit :-)
6 Jan 2011
Life / Favourite Polish movies? [107]

Two films I cannot forget: "Plac Zbawiciela" and "Dom Zły".

We watched these films during the workshop on my Polish course in Cracow.

6 Jan 2011
Study / Opinions about '2 weeks intensive Polish course' [26]

You will need much more than a 2 week course.

I definitely agree. I would say that the 2-week course can be a good introduction to your learning process.
I stayed in Poland for a month - 2 weeks on a course in Cracow, and 2 weeks travelling around Poland, which also helped me to acquire a lot of vocabulary.
12 Jan 2011
Language / Differences in Polish and English idioms [58]

Is there a book which presents certain idioms

I used "Polski Krok po Kroku" book during my Polish course, and I rememeber that there was a list of idioms for beginners. You can check some extracts from this book on

I hope you'll find sth for yourself.

Good luck with Polish ;)
30 Jan 2011
Language / Free Polish Lessons On-line, looking for websites? [14]

I know this website from my Polish course - it was recommended to us by our teachers.
I was learning Polish in Cracow, this city is a very good choice for someone who is interested not only in the language, but also Polish culture, history and tradition.
30 Jan 2011
Study / Polish language courses....Suggestions wanted. [12]

Hey, I participated in Polish course in Cracow in Glossa School.

You can also check fees for 2011 [glossa/polish/glossa_fees2011.pdf]

I recommend this course: very professional book written by teachers from this school, an interesting social plan (pub evenings, workshops, trips for free around Cracow).

Good luck with your Polish! Powodzenia :-)
5 Feb 2011
Language / Free Polish Lessons On-line, looking for websites? [14]

Hi, sorry for the delay :-)

I participated in Polish course in Glossa School in Cracow. Here's their web page if you want: glossa
I had a great time during my stay in Cracow, not only because the lessons were interesting, but also because the social plan was very entertaining. A lot of workshops, pub evenings and trips.

If you want to know more about this school, you can send me a personal message, I'll answer all your doubts and questions :-)
6 Feb 2011
Language / Cheap way to learn polish [9]

Hey, I participated in a Polish course in Cracow, and my teachers adviced me to sign up for more materials and Polish lessons for free on this website: e

You can use couple of lessons for free. There are lots of materials and you can also talk to Polish teachers or students on a special forum.

I hope it will be useful.

Have fun with Polish :-)
13 Feb 2011
Language / How hard is it to learn Polish? [178]

1. For me it has been quite hard to learn Polish, especially ortography, it's just too complicated! Why do they use two "u"s? :-) I've started to learn Polish about 5 years ago, but I'm not at a course all the time. I have had many breaks in my education, but last year's intensive course in Cracow and travelling around Poland helped me to improve my Polish.

2. At first, I used the Internet, but I wasn't motivated enough, and the tutoring via skype was hopeless - too many people pretended to be teachers of Polish, but in fact they were teenagers who wanted my money...

I participated in a Polish course in Glossa School in Cracow, you can check their offer here; we used a very good book, written by Glossa's teachers "Polski Krok Po Kroku", I still continue to learn from this book and I still have contact with many people from Cracow, including Glossa's teachers or interns.

Good luck with Polish! Try not to be discouraged by grammar or ortography :-)
26 Feb 2011
Work / Advice on Polish courses in Krakow [8]

I can recommend Glossa School in Krakow. I participated in their course last summer, they have a very good Polish book (Polski Krok Po Kroku), experienced teachers and a very rich social plan (including pub evenings with teachers, many trips, Cracow walks etc). Here is their website:

You can also check their Facebook page (Glossa - School of Foreign Languages).

Best regards!
13 Mar 2011
Language / Polish Language classes - what do your lessons look like? [21]

Hello, last year I participated in an intensive Polish course in Cracow. It was a great experience, I met wonderful people and had a lot of fun.

However, I would like to share my experience with others and ask for your opinion about the course of lessons. My question is aimed at the ones who took part in Polish courses in Poland or to the teachers of Polish as a foreign language: what did/do your lessons look like? What about the social programs or extra lessons/classes? Was/is it just a boring word drilling and grammar learning?

During my stay in Poland I was amazed by the variety of ideas my teachers had while teaching us. The lessons were not only interesting, but also the materials so diverse. What's more, the extra classes had lots of cultural references. We danced, read Polish poems, ate Polish traditional dishes, we even had Christmas in August ;-)

I wonder, if your classes looked alike?
Thanks in advance for the answer,
14 Mar 2011
Language / Polish Language classes - what do your lessons look like? [21]

Thank you for your answer. My course was in Glossa School, but I was renting a room in a private flat in the center of Cracow, so I had great conditions to learn. Besides, I could talk to the family in Polish, so I practised all the time.

It's a pity that because of the noise in your dorm you weren't able to participate in extra activities. But intensive courses are quite tiring, so you need to be rested in order to acquire as much as you want.