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5 Dec 2019
Real Estate / Property Searching by Name in Skrzypne Poland [2]

Hi do you have any documents regarding this family or have any othe details about their place of leaving. Normally there shoudn't be the problem to find the address but you have to search a lot and probably check the archives. If you need any hepl in this matter you can contact with my on priv. I will check can I help you?
24 Oct 2018
Law / Opening a Polish Bank Account by a foreigner in Poland. Recommendations. [299]

I have a lot of experiance with the banks and in my opinion the simplest way is to open a bank account in Millenium Bank S.A. It can seem like advertisament but we provide legal services for expats and have the best experiance with this bank. In last two weeks we open 3 private bank account for the citizens of Iran and have't any problems. All of the live and studied in Poland.
10 Jul 2018
Law / Sign PDF file with EPUAP profile to create XADES file ? [8]

It's nice to hear that everything end well. Please keep in mind that shareholders have to accept financial report and management report till 30 June each ear. Than you have 14 days to send aproved docs to KRS and 10 days to send docs to Urząd Skarbowy (polish inland revenue). Then the deadline is 14 July each year. If you have similar problem in the future let me know. I will try to help you.
10 Jul 2018
Law / Sign PDF file with EPUAP profile to create XADES file ? [8]

If you have still problem how to open your document please send it to me on the address I will change .xades to normal pdf and send you back. You can do it yourself but you have to download proper softwer for example Szafir.2.0. You can find it below:
9 Jul 2018
Work / Job Relocation to Lodz from Mexico [4]

Hi, It's nice to hear you. I live in Lodz and it's average salary here. Please keep in mind that 6 400 gross, is 4 500 net (that is how much you earn each month, rest of it are the taxes and contributions to national insurance company called ZUS). Most people in PL earn around 5 000 PLN. If you and your wife will work both and earn around 5 000 PLN per month each, it will be quite good for you and you can live on a good level. But if you will be only earn it could be not enough for you both.

I think that Lodz is quite good place to start. The prices here are smaller than in Warsaw (our capital) and you can find apartment in reasonable price. From the other hand if the money want satisfied you, you can looking for a job in Warsaw or some other city in PL. Lodz is also poorer that the Warsaw.

If you have any further question or need any assistance in Lodz you can contact with me at

For example:
- rent of 2 beds studio in city center (40-60 square meter) cost around 2 000 - 3 000 PLN;
- rent a room in Tricity area Gdańsk - Gdynia - Sopot (on the seaside) - 150-300 PLN per night;
- simple dinner for one person 20-35 PLN;
- dinner in fancy restaurant 40-80 PLN;
- medium pizza (40cm) - 20-30 PLN;
- bottle of coke 2 l - 5-6 PLN;
- beer in restaurant - 8-12 PLN;
- beer in the shop 3-6 PLN;
- monthly ticket for local transport (busues, tramp) - 148 PLN;
- sim card with unlimited talks and 10 GB internet - 50 PLN.

Best regards
5 Apr 2018
Real Estate / Buying real estate in Poland advice [18]

Hi, please let me know what are you looking for? We can help you with almost all kind of property starting from single apartment to land for the serious investment as plant or mall. We run law office but we also find and secure real estate investment for our clients. We cooperate with real estate agent who is Irish and many years live in PL.
2 Oct 2017
Law / Do I need Polish company to employ someone? I have UK registered business. [4]

In EU we have open market which means that company registered in one EU country may run its business in another country. The same regulation apply in PL. As Vivaobama1111 wrote, the foreign company may open their branch office in Poland. It's one of the cheapest and quickest why to start business activity in PL. Very briefly:

1. Name of branch - Name of the foreign company/enterpreneur with their legal form and description Oddział w Polsce (Branch in Poland) f.e. Diamond Oak Investment Ltd. Oddział w Polsce,

2. Procedure:
- Branch have to get it's polish address and person authorize to run their business,
- it requires registration in KRS (National Court Register) and in Urząd Skarbowy (Tax Office) for tax purposes,
- it doesn't have legal entity in Poland. The foreign company has unlimited liability,
- branch has to pay VAT in Poland and income tax but only from the incomes from Polish activity,
- there is no minimum capital requirements,
- the founder of the branch is foreign company,
- registration takes 3-4 weekse.

3. Yes of course, your UK company can found a branch in Poland and run it's business here on the mentioned rules.

If you have any further question please let me know or contact by PM.
19 Feb 2017
Law / Closing an inactive company in Poland (limited liability company) [13]

Dear Daniel,
as a solely shareholder you have to adopt formal resolution and start liquidation proceeding. Then you have do delete the LLC from national court register and get decision of the court. If company doesn't have any assets probably you don't pay any taxes.

If you need any help in this matter please send me your contact details at priv. I will conatct with you and send all details.
24 Sep 2015
Real Estate / Documents requested from foreigners to rent a flat long term in Poland? Invoicing / Contract. [16]

Hi, if you are still looking, check this link:
You will find here the apartment in Lodz with the photo, location and price. I can also ask my friend is their flat free, because the have very moce flat in centre of Lodz, at Tylna street. To sign a contract you will need passport/ID or other document with photo and most lessor want to deposit in equality to 1-2 montg rent.

If you need any further assistance let me know on priv.
29 Mar 2015
Law / How to register a new business in Poland [129]

Dear sinaattaee,
if you have question or need help with set up a company in Poland, please contact with me at kancelaria.synal@gmail. I run law office in central Poland and I can help you with any legal matter.

Kind Regards,

Dear MOD,
I think it's such a big problem to do this but everything depends what kind of company do you want to set up? Trading as sole trader is the cheapest way and you need only to register your own company in register of entrepreneurs "CEIDG", then you need to fill some papers to US - polish Inland Revenue and ZUS - our Social Insurance Institution, get the bank account and you can run your own company. Registration in CEIDG is free of charge and you can do it with the assist od someone else via internet. Of course if you want to register the company such ltd or partnership then you need to pay some money. In the case of ltd the minimum share capital is 5.000 PLN, and you need to pay additionally for registration in the KRS 500 PLN. To advice you something more I need more information. Please write me on priv or mail me.
13 Mar 2014
Real Estate / Polish law on inheritance and real estate [42]

Of course Bren. Please contact me at gslegaladviser@gmail.
I'm trainee soliciotor in law office in Lodz, central Poland. You can also find some info about our law office by the web on

Currently our web is under construction, but you will find there basic information.

Your wife needs to decide if she is interesting in what is going on or in inheriting. If she wants only to know what is going on, you only need a translator, not a (more expensive) lawyer.

Don't worry if you need only advice it's for free ;).
9 Mar 2014
Law / Poland's Citizenship - My sister was born in Poland, I wasn't and need help with records [2]

I have probably good news for you ;). If your parents didn't renounce their and yours Polish citizenship, you already have it. In Polish law there is a rule according to which if even one of the parents have Polish citizenship, theire children gets Polish citizenship. It's automaticly and in Polish law it's called "ius sanguinis" - right of blood. Even if your parents return their passports they did't lose their citizenship. Unless their applied for renonced their citizenship.

In this situation you need to applied for polish passport and others documents. More information you get in polish embassy and on this site polish-citizenship.

Remember first of all you must get all documents and then applied to the polish Consul.
8 Mar 2014
Real Estate / Polish law on inheritance and real estate [42]

Yes, I think the best way for you is to get attorney who will see the files and tell you what to do next. In my opinion your wife have a chance for concept. If you need help in this matter or have any question I can help you I'm a professional lawyer too.

Kind Regards
7 Mar 2014
Real Estate / Tax Advice - selling property in Poland- contact for account in Gdynia? [2]

Dear Caroline,
yes you must paid CGT and there are more duties. If you need help, please conatct with us at the mail You can tell that you are from the command of Gregory and speak with Noemi.

We are from Lodz in central Poland, but works in whole country. We can help you in such transaction, and have tax adviser who can help you carried out this transaction in most convinient way.

If you have any questions please let me know.
7 Mar 2014
Real Estate / Polish law on inheritance and real estate [42]

Dear Bren,
it's difficult to advice something wright in this matter, without viewing a documents. The point is according to the polish civil code, children and the spouse of the testator have the equal right to the inheritance. If testator wants to exclude someone from the inheritance he must prepare the will and disinheritence him. When testator left, disinheritance may also require others heir. To take such action the testator or other heirs must have some basics. In polish law the basics for this will be for exemple situation when one the the heir left the testator, broke touch with him, caused him harm and so on. This basics must be real and cann't be false. If the testator leave his first family probably it wasn't be a good basics to disinheritance his children. However everything depends from the circumstances and your actions.

In my opinion your father in law disinherited your wife under pressure the family to make her off from the assetss. I can tell you more about it whole case, but to do this I need see the docs.

If you have any additional question please let me know.

I didn't mention that if you you take a legal action against disinheritance of your wife and get positive judgement, your wife will be entitled to the concept. The concept is a part of the inheritance after her father. According to article 991 polish civil code The heir who get the inheritance under the will is obliged to paid it for entitled person.

Art. 991. Concept
§ 1. The deceased's descendants, spouse and parents who would be named to inherit under the law are entitled, if permanently without the capacity to work or if the entitled descendant is a minor, to two-thirds of the value of the share in the estate which would fall to him in the case of statutory (intestate) succession, and in other cases, to one-half of the value of that share (legitim).

§ 2. If an entitled person has not received the legitim due to him in the form of a donation made by the deceased, or by being named to inherit, or in the form of a legacy, he is entitled to a claim against the heir for payment of the sum of money needed to cover or supplement the legitim.
6 Mar 2014
Law / NIP REGON database - business start date is shown - but is that a good idea? [7]

you can check your business partners also here:

It is the public base of the individual enterpreneurs/sole traders.

and here:

It is the site of polish KRS - National Registry Court - equivalent of british companies house. You can check there polish commercial companies such f.e. spółka partnerska (partnership), sp. z o.o. (ltd).

I understand your point of view but for me it is very important to check your partners, especially now when a lot of companies have a financial problems.
6 Mar 2014
Law / Questions regarding a proxy viewing files for me in a Polish court [5]

what kind of files are they and in which precisely court? Are you the partie in this case? Basically, you can give the POA, but according to the polish civil procedure the POA you can give only your nearest relatives or solicitor/attorney. In effect only they can see the files. Sometimes the court agree to available the case files to the other person but it's exceptions.

If the files are in the KRS - register of enterpreneurs (some like polish companies hous) and concern one of the company the register are public and everyone can see them.

If you need some help please let me know, I work in law office in Lodz and have some co-workers in Krakow. I can contact with them, and they check the files for you.
15 Jul 2012

Did someone heard about problems of Polish Investments & Acquisition sp. z o.o. who also sell apartments in "U Scheiblera" in Lodz? We run legal proceedings against them but they all the time transfer and hiding money. They are also frauds but in this case probably we can collect the advance payment. I'm curious how many people they cheated.