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14 Dec 2010
Travel / Mobile Internet in Poland (traveling for a couple of months) [17]

Try Plus. In this momment Plus have the best offer.

Go to any Plus reatail store (ex. in the shopping mall) and ask for "iPlus na karte" which means "iPlus Pre-paid"

Look at this page:

The good deal is top up for 100 PLN which gives you more than 6GB of traffic valid for 4320 hours (180 days). You can make internet connections during whole 180 days period. If the limit run out, top up in any kiosk, mall or by the internet.

IMPORTANT: Express code *136*11*01# must be entered before first use to activate bonuses. You can ask shop assistant in Plus for activating bonuses (mostly, they can speak english quite fluent).
6 Oct 2010
Travel / Where can I find a map of the Warsaw / Central station and other points of interests [7]

Warszawa Centralna train station is very easy. You don't need a map of the station because there are only 4 platforms and main hall ;)

Some Tips.

Go to and search for: 52.228343,21.003649 (it is 175 bus stop waiting area)
Then make a big satellite zoom of place marked by green arrow and study the map.
Every bus stop have unique name. You need to catch the 175 bus from the DW. CENTRALNY 02. Look for the big black letters on the white background with "DW. CENTRALNY 02"

Note that the name of the bus stop is DW. CENTRALNY 02 - NOT 03 or 04. Must be 02!

Buy ticket in ticket machine. Exiting the train station you will pass some ticket machines. There is one machine on this bus stop as well as in every 175 bus inside the car.

You'll need ticket for 2,80 PLN. You can use this machine in english language. Remember about validating the ticket in validator right you enter the bus. It's one way adult fare without time limits.

Just follow the directions posted on signs or leave at any exit and find "Mariot Hotel" which is 140m tall tower in front of the train station but on the oposite side of the bus stop. The bus stop you need is by the side of train station NOT Mariot Hotel!

Related: Map of Warsaw with photos

Type in the address or just the street name and see the photo of the building and its location on the city map. Not all buildings show photos but there are 70,000 of them.

Just the name and number: Krucza 7

Check out this one too.

Good one. It also covers Kraków, Poznań, and Wrocław.
30 Sep 2010
Life / Internet connections: fixed line (12 month contract) or mobile in Poland? [3]

It make no sence to Pay 500zł when you want use this internet for 6 weeks a year only. Buy Prepaid internet from Era. I've just checked on the coverage map and you should recive HSDPA signal. Buy USB stick if you don't have one for 250zł and pay 25zł (500MB data/month) or 50zł for 2GB/month. That's more affordable.
30 Sep 2010
Life / Gypies/Indian-looking women with kids beg for money in Poland [143]

Romania should never join schengen. There should be a visa requirement for romanian citizens. Of course people who want legaly visit or work in Poland shouldn't have problems at all and have visa for free but those who want just beg for money and steal our credit cards should be removed from the country and never be permitted to re-entry.

I do like romanian people but romanian gypses really driving me nuts. There are organized groups of gypses who stealing ang begging for money in the city center and surroundings.
20 Sep 2010
Travel / Why won't internet work from the network provider on my Android phone -htc magic vodafone? [20]

You're right. I paid 600 PLN to get non branded 3G 21Mb/s dongle because my 2 modems (one from era and the second from Orange) doesn't works with my mac computer.

If we talking about branded cellphones - Era and Play don't simlock theirs phones. I've bought my iPhone from Era and it works with Plus as well with all features. Orange and Plus sells simlocked phones so you can use them only in native network.

How much do you pay for the mobile internet in your phone. Maybe it's worth to activate data package?
19 Sep 2010
Travel / Why won't internet work from the network provider on my Android phone -htc magic vodafone? [20]

Try to setup network settings like APN, username and password. Note, that Play have limited internet coverage (Era, Orange and Plus works everywhere).

As far as I know, Play works with this settings:
APN: internet
Username and Password leave blank.

Play internet works only with Play's native 3G network. Make sure that you are in area where 3G is available.

For Era:
APN: erainternet (erainternettt - for "Tak Tak" prepaid users)
Username: erainternet
Password: erainternet

Note that prepaid users have different APN. All users (post paid and pre paid) have same username and password. This settings does not apply for Heyah (Era network).

Tip: Look for the data packages if you want to use mobile internet often.
15 Sep 2010
Travel / How available is internet/wifi in Poland? [24]

Go to Era retail store. Buy sim card with or without 3G USB modem. No contracts required. 50PLN recharge gives you 2GB, 25PLN recharge - 500MB (both options is valid for 30 days).

You have 50/50 chances to recive 3G signal. Porajow is marked as EDGE coverage but you may recive 3G signal from Bogatynia.

Ask for "Blueconnect Starter" - prepaid internet. Starter with sim card costs 25PLN. New 3G usb modem costs between 200-300PLN or from 1PLN if you sign the contract.
15 Sep 2010
Travel / Poland Mobile broadband. I have a 3g dongle are there any pay as you go options open? [8]

You can buy pay as you go at any operator's retail shop. I recommend you "Blueconnect Starter" from Era. 2GB data / 30 days costs 50 PLN. Speed is limited to max 7,2Mbit. Just go to any Era retail store and ask for "BC Starter". You'll need to recharge your account for 50PLN to get 2GB data package. Every recharge for 50 PLN gives you 2GB bandwith valid for 30 days. You can also recharge for 25PLN to get 500MB data.

To recharge - go to any retail store or buy voucher at any kiosk. Note that you have 99% chances to use english in retail point of sale but it's almost impossible at kiosks (not every person at each kiosk talk english)

Plus offers only 1GB/50PLN and it's more complicated to use for foreigneer who don't know Polish (you have to activate it by using special codes)

Orange have data compression which is really anoying. Do not buy orange. This network have worse 3G coverage than Era and Plus.
Be aware of buying Play. This network have pretty low speed and limited coverage (works only in big and medium sized cities)

There is one condition. You need non-simlocked dongle. If your dongle works only with O2 - you will need to unlock your dongle or buy a new one.

My advice is: choose Era. It's good offer. If your dongle is simlocked to O2 you can buy Era dongle for approx 250 PLN or so. You don't have to sign contract or register it. Just buy and insert sim card to your dongle.