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Mobile Internet in Poland (traveling for a couple of months)

mattski 1 | 1
17 Jul 2008 #1
Hi All,
I'm going to Poland for 2 months and taking my laptop and I would like to know of any affordable mobile internet deals. There are fairly cheap ones that have a 24 month contract but the non-contract deals cost something like 300 zl per gigabyte which is ridiculous. I'll be staying mostly in suburban Warsaw for 2 months (mid Aug - Mid Oct).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
18 Jul 2008 #2
I know that ERA will give you a free trial for one month on their mobile internet. Maybe if you can find a couple of Polish friends to sign up for a free trial it maybe an option.
davidpeake 14 | 451
18 Jul 2008 #3
The ERA one is for a 2 year contract, you can disconnect in the first month only, and pay a fee of 200zl. Other than that I think you have no choice.
18 Jul 2008 #4
Sorry but that is wrong, maybe it is a regional thing because I tried it in February for a month and didn't pay no money.
davidpeake 14 | 451
18 Jul 2008 #5
May have been like that in February, but when we cancelled last week before the month was up, it cost us 200zl, but that was via a business so it could be different rules.
18 Jul 2008 #6
Mine was through my business, and maybe you are right the rules may have changed.
Seems a lot for a month though, didn't you know that before you took the contract out?
davidpeake 14 | 451
18 Jul 2008 #7
yep, did know that, the wife had an exam and could use the internet for it via the laptop, was the easiest and cheapest way we could find. It wasnt that expensive per month if you took out the contract.
18 Jul 2008 #8
18 Jul 2008 #9

(remove _ in the link above)

The link didn't work so here it is:
Krzysztof 2 | 973
18 Jul 2008 #10
are you sure it's OK just for 1-2 months?

I found other offer from Plus:
OP mattski 1 | 1
18 Jul 2008 #11
Would this work: Getting a prepaid simcard and just using my phone as a GPRS modem? Or even global roaming?
abotew - | 1
29 Apr 2009 #12
Dear and cai I buy it online before coming into the country? I do not have a legal registration in the country and I am not sure if I can get the internet.

Please help!
CashCache 4 | 12
26 May 2009 #13

Did you ever find a solution? I'm in the same boat and would like to use my iPhone as a modem with my laptop. I just don't know what carrier or plan to go with.

Please let me know what you found out.

23 Jun 2009 #14
I use the ERA Blue Connect Sim card in my phone and use it as a modem to connect with the laptop. Its 3G, so speed is quite good. Will cost you around 25 Zl to start with. the download rates are quite cheap - i don't remember the exact amounts though. You can check it on Era Poland website.
Florin 2 | 40
3 Jan 2010 #15
What about Heyah? 2gr/100kb
almer 1 | 9
6 Dec 2010 #16
Merged thread:
the best prepaid usb internet!

Hi everbody.

i have been thinking that i ll buy prepaid usb internet and not sure which one is the best? What do u suggest which one is the best?
MichaelG - | 9
14 Dec 2010 #17
Try Plus. In this momment Plus have the best offer.

Go to any Plus reatail store (ex. in the shopping mall) and ask for "iPlus na karte" which means "iPlus Pre-paid"

Look at this page:

The good deal is top up for 100 PLN which gives you more than 6GB of traffic valid for 4320 hours (180 days). You can make internet connections during whole 180 days period. If the limit run out, top up in any kiosk, mall or by the internet.

IMPORTANT: Express code *136*11*01# must be entered before first use to activate bonuses. You can ask shop assistant in Plus for activating bonuses (mostly, they can speak english quite fluent).

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