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Poland Mobile broadband. I have a 3g dongle are there any pay as you go options open?

PhilOldham 1 | 2
14 Sep 2010 #1

I'll be coming over to Poland in early November to photography Lech Poznan v Man City, and I'll be needing a wireless broadband dongle to send images live (assuming the stadium doesn't provide wifi!).

I do already have a 3g dongle which runs on O2 here in the UK so I'm hoping I could just get a Sim card over there. Are there any pay as you go options open to me?

polishmeknob 5 | 155
14 Sep 2010 #2
Your modem 'dongle' should work here, but there might be roaming charges. My 3G modem (Orange) from Poland worked in the States.
You can call ahead and ask about WiFi or an Internet connection at the stadium. I'm sure somebody there will know.
skibum 8 | 62
14 Sep 2010 #3
Anyone know what is the best deal available for mobile broadband in Poland, not a great deal of MB or Gig required but a fast connection would be good, don't mind contract but PAYG may be better for me.
MichaelG - | 9
15 Sep 2010 #4
You can buy pay as you go at any operator's retail shop. I recommend you "Blueconnect Starter" from Era. 2GB data / 30 days costs 50 PLN. Speed is limited to max 7,2Mbit. Just go to any Era retail store and ask for "BC Starter". You'll need to recharge your account for 50PLN to get 2GB data package. Every recharge for 50 PLN gives you 2GB bandwith valid for 30 days. You can also recharge for 25PLN to get 500MB data.

To recharge - go to any retail store or buy voucher at any kiosk. Note that you have 99% chances to use english in retail point of sale but it's almost impossible at kiosks (not every person at each kiosk talk english)

Plus offers only 1GB/50PLN and it's more complicated to use for foreigneer who don't know Polish (you have to activate it by using special codes)

Orange have data compression which is really anoying. Do not buy orange. This network have worse 3G coverage than Era and Plus.
Be aware of buying Play. This network have pretty low speed and limited coverage (works only in big and medium sized cities)

There is one condition. You need non-simlocked dongle. If your dongle works only with O2 - you will need to unlock your dongle or buy a new one.

My advice is: choose Era. It's good offer. If your dongle is simlocked to O2 you can buy Era dongle for approx 250 PLN or so. You don't have to sign contract or register it. Just buy and insert sim card to your dongle.
OP PhilOldham 1 | 2
15 Sep 2010 #5
Thanks for the advice everyone! My O2 dongle isn't simlocked as far as I am aware - but I will call in to a shop here and double check with them. I can't use the sim already in it as it too is pay as you go.. so won't be able to top it up from anything except O2.

The Era BC Starter with a 25PLN top up sounds just the ticket! :)
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
3 May 2012 #6
Merged: Mobile broadband and dongle in Poland?

Anyone recommend an internet service provider who has a dongle and pay as you go package that is good value? I want to use my laptop on my travels around Poland and prefer not to use wi-fi hotspots.

jon357 69 | 18,445
3 May 2012 #7
Play online are quite good.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
3 May 2012 #8
I'll look into that one, thank you :-)

Home / Travel / Poland Mobile broadband. I have a 3g dongle are there any pay as you go options open?
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