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7 Oct 2010
Genealogy / "Code" and "Name" in the Polish Baptismal Certificate? [3]

As some point, my father acquired an original certificate of baptism for one of his uncles that was born in Poland. At a later point, he showed that certificate to an "expert" in Polish genealogy who told my father that, because of the way the baptismal certificate was worded, he could tell that our family was a member of the gentry.

Has anyone else ever heard of this?

I have looked at that certificate and another certificate of a great uncle from that family (and therefore, may have been written in the same parish). Both those certificates were slightly different but used a variation of the phrase "filius legitum" which I believe is Latin for "legitimate child". Also, both those certificates named both parents.

I compared those certificates to another I had from Poland about the same time period. The other certificate did not say "legitimate" child. It just said "filius" and it named only the father. Also, it described the father as a "laborer". (Neither of the first two certificates gave any indication as to the occupation of the parents.)

Was there an actual convention that baptismal certificates for the gentry were worded differently from the working class? Or are the above differences just a difference in wording between parishes?
5 Oct 2010
Genealogy / Location of Berkynek in Poland (where my Kicki ancestors came from) [14]

Here's the latest development. I found a document in which one of my second great uncles listed his birth place as "Strasburg, Pr." That means my great grandfather was born in "Berkynek" (in one document) and "Posen" (in another) and his brother was born in Strasburg, and by that I assume he means Brodnica.

Therefore, either the brothers were born in different locations, or Berkynek is actually Brodnica (but that doesn't explain the reference to Posen.)

What a headache!
1 Oct 2010
Genealogy / Location of Berkynek in Poland (where my Kicki ancestors came from) [14]

Thanks for all your help!

I'm getting "Berkynek" off the LDS new beta search engine. As such, I'm not looking at the actual record, but a transcription. Therefore, it could be that whoever transcribed it simply misread it. "Berlinek" seams like a real possibility because the "l" could very easily have been misread for a "k"

Maybe if I see the original record, I'd be able to figure it out.
30 Sep 2010
Genealogy / Location of Berkynek in Poland (where my Kicki ancestors came from) [14]

I have been trying for years to determine from where in Poland my Kicki ancestors came. Until today, the only references that I have found have been to "German Poland" or Poznan (and I think the district of Poznan was meant, not the city.) Anyway, today I found a reference that my great grandfather was born in "Berkynek." However, I can not find that anywhere. Does anyone know to which location that refers?

Thanks in advance.
29 Sep 2010
Genealogy / Easy way to find out which Polish coat of arm/Clan you belong to. [95]

This was very interesting. Unfortunately, I don't know Polish, otherwise, I'm sure I would've gotten a lot more out of it.

My results were a mixed bag. Some names did not show up at all. Some names, like Markowski, showed up, some even in multiple clans.

Some names did not show up as I spell them, but did show up in slightly different variations. For example, my great grandmother's name of Domachowska did not show up, but Dmachowski did. Are they two different names, or just a variation in spelling? I have no idea. Anyone else have an opinion?

Of course, the most interesting one was Kicki which came up as:

"Herb szlachecki. Rodziny należące do herbu: Kicki, Kiczki lub Kiczka, Plużewski"

I saw above what the translation of that is, but it just leaves me with a lot more questions. I don't think my great-grandfather was a member of the nobility, but I guess he could've been descended from a member of the nobility. Are there any records on-line that I could search for this?
27 Sep 2010
Genealogy / connecting w/ gramza and kobza [6]

Would you be related to Gordon Gramza and Esther Kobza? Esther Kobza is a distant cousin of mine. As far as I know, the Kobzas always considered themselves Polish.
10 Sep 2010

The last names of my great grandparents are:

Kitzke (or Kitzki or Kicki)
Rosploch (or Rozploch)

I believe Jagodzinski has something to do with coming from an area of berries, but I haven't a clue on the others. I would be interested in hearing any thoughts. Even if you could just pick the most interesting one and comment on it, that would be helpful to me.

BTW, if it makes any difference, Ruszkiewicz and Poliwoda were from near Strzelno. Jagodzinski was from near Kosztowo. Domachowski was from Pinczyn. At least, that is where they lived before they came to America. The others I don't know, but I assume they came from the western side of Poland.