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5 Nov 2013
Life / Where to buy a clothes dryer in Poland? [16]


i can give you an advice. and that is to buy a combo dryer/washer, don't buy the cheap ones they are crap.

Buy Miele or AEG. they are like 6-9000 PLN.

there is no point of having these American beasts of machines :)
4 Aug 2013
Life / Street names in Polish towns/cities [22]

Here is: Aleja Elvisa Presleya, Kraków, Poland

they have a statue of the king as well on that street.,+Krak%C3%B3w,+Polen&hl=no&ie=UTF8&sll=50.019404,19.860964&sspn=0.011016,0.033023&oq=krakow+elvi&t=h&hnear=Aleja+Elvisa+Presleya,+30-321+Krak%C3%B3w,+Wojew%C3%B3dztwo+ma%C5%82opolskie,+Polen&z =16
13 Jul 2013
Real Estate / Buying a flat in Krakow; prices are still falling? [200]

Hello. i know the difference in NOK,PLN and EUROS. there is not any confusion.
but my age (i am 28) and my payments are not the issue here. i just replayed what the bank told me. since i was a NON EU citizen and work in a NON EU country.
17 Jun 2013
Real Estate / Buying a flat in Krakow; prices are still falling? [200]

2 level w/garage. But the bank just told me as long as was a non EU citizen and didn't work in Poland they had some demands.

and they told me they could give me credit based on a 35% input, up front and a average monthly income above 10k Euro. and permanent work contract.

but i guess it is a consideration of the bank, Income/ cash input/ value of the real estate.

i guess you have to get in touch with a bank, "mortgage agent" and find out what fits for you.

If you work in PL or other EU country it may be a different approach.
17 Jun 2013
Real Estate / Buying a flat in Krakow; prices are still falling? [200]


Last year i bough apartment in Krakow.

i took credit in PKO bank. i dident find any problems at all, I am from Norway and we are not a part of the EU.

in the bank they just wanted details from my work payslips,contract ect. (since i dont work in Poland) and as long as you have a monthly payment above 10k Euro there where not a problem at all.

the contracts and legal stuff my girlfriend fixed (went to the Notaries office and made her a (power of attorney)

there are some fees that you pay to the notaries office but they are small. like 5-10k PLN (i don't remember but i think its a % of the value of the real estate )

hope it helps.

i payed 35% up front in cash.

all contracts and stuff are done in the Notaries office. first a pre-sales agreement and later a final contract meeting.
3 May 2013
Law / Starting Bar / Restaurant Business in Poland [13]

Hello. i guess its some English/Irish people here that have or know sombody that have startet pub/bar in Poland.

maby you could share the problems and experiance you have had.. i have been thinking about this for a while now.

I guess there are some permits for alchol,food ect.. but i can imagine its a problem with all this bars arround in Poland :)

and ofcourse it will be together with some Polish people that can apply for all this.

12 Jul 2010
Law / Taking a classic car from the US to Poland / Registration process [11]


I am from Norway but i live in Krakow.

I have bougth a 1967 Pontiac GTO from California and had it shipped to Gdynia.

So last Friday i was up in Gdynia to take it. and the all the problems started.

I had in front of this had several conversations with the shipping agency me and my Polish friends. And the deal was that for a veteran car you Pay arround 1500 Zloty in the customs for release. Becuse i just wat to have the car here for renovation and the i later will sell it (becuse i have 2).

So when i got to the shipping agecy the said i had to have a special paper from a specialist in Krakow that say this car is old. if i dont have this i have to pay full TAX/VAT 12000 Zloty.

and i only had my visacard from Norway but after 3 houers in 4 diffrent offices the shipping agency took 7000 Zloty from me that i got out from a bakomat as a deposit becuse they made a trasit document so i culd take the car to the customs i Krakow. so after 5 houers in Gdynia we could drive back to Krakow with the car. But the driver had to fill in some papers that he will bring the car and all the carparts that was with the car to the coustoms in Krakow. So today we was at the coustoms in Krakow and we had to unload the car there at the customs. So 2 diffrent people can come and look at the car and take photos and say its old. (becuse the orginal title issued på the state of California it says that it a 1967 model but that doesnt matter) so now i dont know what is happening maby i have to go to sobody with some good vodka and some cash:) But i have been in so many offices i have so many papers alot of stamps and signatures..and i guess it will come alot more