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9 Dec 2013
Law / Married to a man from Poland, moved abroad - Polish citizenship? [14]


Just curious but it appears you dislike living in Switzerland. What don't you like about living in Switzerland? I mean Switzerland has to be one of the wealthiest European countries and Poland is one of the poorest.
8 Dec 2013
Love / My wife has been secretly sending money back to Poland [16]

Small potatoes. My wife works and pays very few of the bills. It's just the way it is. Why quibble over the little stuff. The money I make is in a joint account, the money she makes is in her account. But who cares, I don't.
5 Dec 2013
Food / Are eggs in Poland refrigerated/not refrigerated? [33]

Since salmonella is easily killed with high temperature, we are inundated with warnings about undercooked food.

I even bake my dog's food before I serve it to him (to avoid salmonella of course!).
29 Nov 2013
UK, Ireland / Mentally ill people in British society [55]

Meathead when was the last time you went to church?

I avoid attending Church as much as possible. I can't say how long it's been, 5 years? ten? maybe more.

I try to lead a Christian life.
26 Nov 2013
UK, Ireland / Mentally ill people in British society [55]

You make it sound like the UK has a plague of mentally ill people roaming the streets like zombies. How do you know that these people are all mentally ill, and not

...being typically English!

Here WielkiPolak, let me try to explain what people are trying to tell you..."Intolerance is a sin."
25 Nov 2013
USA, Canada / Polish friends, what would be your preferred US state/city to live in? [17]

Yes, I agree. Unfortunately recent Polish emigres don't gravitate to the most attractive places. The best I can think of is Northwest side Chicago. Artur makes a good point about New England but unfortunately they are not as welcoming to strangers. She won't have that problem in the Mid West.
25 Nov 2013
USA, Canada / Polish friends, what would be your preferred US state/city to live in? [17]

If one wants Polonia. The above cities is where they are, among others. If she wants a stable social situation, low crime rate, good schools, low unemployment, etc., she'll have to migrate to the American hinterland: North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, MInnesota etc. but she won't find a recent Polonia there. Polish Americans but they'll have little in common with recent Polish emigres. If she wants urban living, Minneapolis. If she doesn't mind smaller towns, Bismarck, Lincoln, Des Moines, If your skeptical, crime stats, education stats, employment stats are easy to check. These states rank highest in low crime, education and low unemployment. But she won't find a Polish sausage within 500 miles.
17 Nov 2013
UK, Ireland / Former minister admits UK messed up on immigration [78]

Actually I am sick of it - British people are not 'lazy'

The British working class are not lazy. What they are,,,is uncooperative due to the Class system. It's all they have left, it's a sign of independence. The upper classes didn't bring in the immigrants just because they wanted lower wages, they did it to stick the Working class. It's that constant tit for tat that goes on between the classes.

When I'm in England or watching an english show of some sort it always amazes me the quality of people living in the Council Estates. If they were in the States they'd be managing a department store or something. In England they're just a wasted Human resource. So you have a problem with the "Lazy English"? Bring 'em to the States, at least they have a sense of humor, unlike the Mexicans.
15 Nov 2013
News / Emigration from Poland (2.1m Poles are living abroad, most within Europe) [37]

It's annual event. Says nothing about the government.

What's the social conditions for the rioting? Which is what the comments in the article were saying. I'm not arguing here or trying to make a point but I was surprised at the rioting, I thought Poland was socially stable.
12 Nov 2013
News / Emigration from Poland (2.1m Poles are living abroad, most within Europe) [37]

Yes. If you look at the - for instance - forums, you'll find that emigrants have a habit of painting Poland as some sort of terrible place.

The violence in Warsaw verifies the complaints in the comments section. Poland has a difficult time governing itself. There appears to be a lack of civic responsibility.
6 Nov 2013
Law / The right to own guns: would you support such legislation in Poland? [2315]

no. not everybody is cut out to own a gun. you don't want to be affraid to go to a movie theater or shopping. America has its problem, do not let it happen in Poland:

pgtx, those shootings are staged, intended to intimidate the people. They pulled off the same thing in Nazi Germany in the 1930's, and as for "don't let it happen in Poland", it did happen in Poland in the 1940's.
3 Nov 2013
Life / Halloween vs All Saints' Day in Poland [48]

Halloween isn't American!

Smurf, Halloween was brought to America by the Irish Catholics. You have any idea how many people of Irish descent live in the States? About a quadzillion. You went east, you shoulda went west with the rest of your brethren.

But it's also the first day of winter, that's why the ancient Britains picked November 1st for their remembrance of the dead holiday.
30 Oct 2013
USA, Canada / Only one county in the USA has more Polish-Americans than any other group! [38]

According to data from the US Census Bureau, in those counties there are either more African Americans or more German-Americans than Polish-Americans.

Many Poles who immigrated had German citizenship due to the partition and therefore are counted as German.
21 Oct 2013
Life / I hate Warsaw. The worst part about living here is the people who move here from small towns, villages.. [124]

[quote=Poloniam] Yesterday, 10:49pm ☓ #

I am Polish but from the NYC area... I love NYC but there is just something about it... maybe it is just to crowded with building for my taste... don't get me wrong, I am a big city lover. New York just has to many buildings[/quote

Chicago is much better than NYC. It has all the amenities of a major metro but also a community atmosphere to it.
15 Oct 2013
Real Estate / How the Poland property market became a HUGE bubble [35]

Not a single country has made any attempt to leave the Euro and one country has joined after the crisis.

The European elite like the idea but have the people voted?

That's why the Swiss had to spend a considerable amount of money pegging the Franc to the Euro because their exports were being destroyed by the strength of the Franc, wasn't it?

Your question makes my point. The Swiss have pegged their franc to the Euro so that it won't appreciate and affect their exports and imports. They're doing it to protect their economy. Greece, Spain and Italy do not have the same luxury as they are tied to the Euro, thus 50% youth unemployment.
14 Oct 2013
News / Referendum to remove Gronkiewicz-Waltz fails in Warsaw - turnout not high enough [37]

I think there is something wrong with a system when almost 94% of the 27% of the capitol city that voted, want her out, but because the others don't give enough of a **** to vote, she stays.

In a democracy it's assumed that if you don't vote than your vote is in the majority, not the other way around. 25% or whatever is certainly enough to gage the mood of the electorate. It appears that the powers-that-be came up with a shyster idea to keep her in office. And btw I don't have a dog in this fight as I don't know who is who, but saying that a vote is invalid because not enough people went to the polling place stinks to high heaven. Poles need to learn how to govern and part of that is giving up power when one loses an election.
14 Oct 2013
Real Estate / How the Poland property market became a HUGE bubble [35]

So far I believe it is better for us E.U. members to be together than not to be.

Oh yeah? Norway and the Swiss are thriving. Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Greece are suffering greatly due to being handcuffed by the strong Euro. England would be better off nurturing it's common market. Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Poland have yet to accept the Euro. Not much evidence for your assertion.
6 Oct 2013
Love / Do Polish guys tend to take things slow with regards to sex? [44]

Polish guys do not tend to take things too slow ;-)

I think Polish guys are highly sexed, and very out there with it.

I thought my comment would get a "rise" from a few of you.

they will absolutely wait for the signal (they are proud that way).

Yeah a signal like you can ask him, "what do Scottish men wear under their kilts?"
5 Oct 2013
Work / Job at HP in Wroclaw, what salary should I expect and Is It negotiable? [29]

Complete BS. You mean they don't have a salary schedule for the Job? They should be telling you how much the job pays, not how little you are willing to work for. I find it difficult to believe that a corporation as large as HP is still playing these stupid salary games (how low will you go?).