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4 May 2011

Hello all it's a shame that some people lie, I have to say the polish men I have talked to have been up front and truthful, a few have lied but so have other men from other countries too, but let's not forget we all have the ability to lie too

I heard a saying.... Being single doesn't mean your lonely, but being married doesn't mean your happy either. X
30 Jan 2011
Life / what is GG chat please? [17]

hiya no not yet im a little slow sometimes getting my head around things, lost a dear friend last year so that kinda took up my time. very bad time for me.

Still its a new year going to try and get to grips with GG and do my best to learn some polish to :-) xx
11 Sep 2010
Love / Do Polish girls like playing with men's feelings on internet? [52]

to be honest everyone plays head games at some point in life, no matter if you a woman playing with mens feelings or a man playing with a womans feelings.

just rememeber that there is always someone better out there that hopefully wont play with your feelings :-)
2 Sep 2010
Life / Calendar of Polish Name Days [36]

Thread attached on merging:
what does named day mean?

i was talking to a friend the other day and he said something about before he has his birthday they have a name day, he did try to explain what this means but although he has very good english he had trouble translating this for me.... can anyone help me out as im very interested to find out more about his culture

thank you :-) x
10 May 2010
Love / English Men vs Polish Men [207]

ive been reading what everyone has said and to be honest men are men n women are women,
some cheat some dont, mine did cheat and he was violent aswell, i saw a post that said how a polish man hit his polish g/f so it proves no matter where your from no one nation is better than another. :-)
10 May 2010
Love / Best, safe Polish dating sites? [95]

hiya you could also try and

both got some very nice looking people (guys in my case lol)
gd luck with that one lol
9 May 2010
Life / what is GG chat please? [17]

im greatful for everyones help as im talkin to a chap recently met online, n he said i should try GG :-) so im gunna b brave n see where this takes me lol

thanks again :-)
9 May 2010
Life / what is GG chat please? [17]

Hiya all
i was wondering how do i find GG chat as i have no idea what this is, can anyone please help ty

flissie x
8 May 2010
Language / Where can I find audio of polish words [24]

hiya you can always find audio from bitlord and places like that, my ex downloaded a few cds to help me with my learning :-) ive been using them.
7 May 2010
Language / Listening to music and learning Polish [45]

Thread attached on merging:
polish music :-)

hiya all thought id say hi.

im looking into learning polish but not sure where to start, a friend said i should try listening to
polish music, does anyone know if this will help and where is the best place to get some really good music from.

ty flissie :-)