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26 Jul 2010
Genealogy / Want to find a person [757]

@effaren: I admire your determination :) I wish you'll find her... good luck and wish you well!
25 May 2010
Life / Racism in Poland - the future [441]

Ok I have heard rumors that Eastern countries express racism
I go to Warsaw this summer with 2 friends
We want to have a good time. Are the people not exposed at all with different ethnic people ?

Good for you! :)

As for racism, every country has its share of such... some countries would enjoy the presence of foreigners, and would be accommodating... in others, you may encounter expressions of aloofness, bitterness and not warmly welcomed. That's a part of a traveller's life!

But that should not stop you from enjoying your holidays... have a good time, embrace the culture, admire the landscapes! At the end of your holidays, you will bring back with you good memories... the bad ones, leave it behind, gracefully :)
4 May 2010
Love / How to show a polish Guy I like him [56]

Nymp - how would you like for a guy to show that he's interested in you? What would make you feel special and attractive yet not uncomfortable? Just curious...

hmm.. Different guys have different styles. I'm okay
with someone's unique ways of expressing interests so long
as it doesn't result to hurtful encounters  I shall respond accordingly...;)
3 May 2010
Love / How to show a polish Guy I like him [56]

if you start being nice to him, or, God forbid, say you love him, then he will lose respect for you ... unless, that is, he hasn't had sex with you yet, and/or you are very rich.

hmm... this is informative :) any more thoughts?
So, does that mean, to show a polish guy i like him... i'll just sit back and relax? And wait for the next eclipse to come? :)


Depends on the guy in question. If a woman is a genuinely nice and honest person (then) this positive quality will show, actually, shine thru. A deserving man will reciprocate. If he doesn't then move on.

This, I agree... a deserving man will reciprocate. If he doesn't, then move on.... nicely said. Something to remember by, especially when he doesn't reciprocate yah :)
3 May 2010
Love / How to show a polish Guy I like him [56]

Nice advice :) yet, if a woman continue to show care, thoughfulness, and "love" to a guy, will that make the guy feel something for the woman, eventually? or it will just be another lost case? :)