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28 Mar 2011
News / Philippines' tourism logo "borrowed" from Polska? :) [5]

Ooppss.... Oh well, let's just say that indeed, imitation is the deepest form of flattery! :)

I'm pretty sure that with poles' good looking features, it's not impossible to get discounts down there :)
26 Jul 2010
Genealogy / Want to find a person [756]

@effaren: I admire your determination :) I wish you'll find her... good luck and wish you well!
11 Jun 2010
Love / Filipina having a relationship with a Polish Man [95]

Hi Jen, this online experience with a polish guy is surely exciting for you now. Of course PH can also be an interesting place to visit esp we have good beaches and stuff. It's best for u to spend some time knowing him more, and see if you both click. And whether he is telling the truth when he said he will marry you, only u can find a way to know that... I wish you well...

If he is actually taking u to Poland, think about it deeply, as it takes courage, strength, exemplary compromises perhaps and add in determination to be able to live in a foreign land... Esp away from your family.

On the surface, it may look great and fascinating... But if you're uncertain of something in terms of this relationship, it can get more difficult day by day... And life still has to go on... 24hrs a day.

P.s. On the other hand, you can also visit Poland as long as there are planes operating in the skies  I might pay a visit to

Poland mid-next year during my EU tour.

Most often, a screen saver is a lot more fascinating and animated compared to the
static wallpaper 

Enjoy the process, wish u well!

P.s. If he is ac
4 Jun 2010
Love / Can 'engaged' soon to marry Polish men say I love you to their female friend? [62]

Good luck and dont think all men are the same, there are some real diamonds out there..

Agree ... :)

Also, heed what your instincts tell you. Take some time off and be on your own for awhile. Thoughts and opinions of our friends here really open up our minds in decision-making, but at the end of the day... it's gonna be you and your heart and your brain that make all the reflections and decisions... take time to recollect the happenings and encounters you had together before, and until the engagement... as well as to-date.

True enough, that once trust is broken, it's really hard to patch up and carry on with good faith... but... we are just people... bound to make mistakes...

Though it gave you this opportunity to see that side of him, reading his emails is probably not very advisable to do... Regardless, if you are willing to go through life as being married to someone, both parties have to trust each other... respect each other's privacy, as well as, no cheating :)

I hope you'll find the best move for yourself... no hurry as decisions like this one can be taxing... take your time.

Be it moving on without him, or, trying to patch things up... either way, whatever makes you happy....

After all, life is too short to wish you've lived it differently. Take care!
25 May 2010
Life / Racism in Poland - the future [441]

Ok I have heard rumors that Eastern countries express racism
I go to Warsaw this summer with 2 friends
We want to have a good time. Are the people not exposed at all with different ethnic people ?

Good for you! :)

As for racism, every country has its share of such... some countries would enjoy the presence of foreigners, and would be accommodating... in others, you may encounter expressions of aloofness, bitterness and not warmly welcomed. That's a part of a traveller's life!

But that should not stop you from enjoying your holidays... have a good time, embrace the culture, admire the landscapes! At the end of your holidays, you will bring back with you good memories... the bad ones, leave it behind, gracefully :)
16 May 2010
Life / How laid-back is the small villages lifestyle in Poland? [14]

For small villages living... I read through some threads that lifestyle is indeed, laid-back.

How laid-back is village lifestyle in Poland? How do village people spend their days... or... weekends? Sports? farming? church activities? Any others? ...

just wanna hear out some thoughts on everyday living in Poland.. from the country side :)
4 May 2010
Love / How to show a polish Guy I like him [56]

Nymp - how would you like for a guy to show that he's interested in you? What would make you feel special and attractive yet not uncomfortable? Just curious...

hmm.. Different guys have different styles. I'm okay
with someone's unique ways of expressing interests so long
as it doesn't result to hurtful encounters  I shall respond accordingly...;)
4 May 2010

You've offered with good intentions... And you've said sorry
feeling that she would have been hurt? Hmm... Yes,
usual politeness can be done from now on... Maybe
this is a way of life events telling u that there are still
stuff you gotta know from a friend coworker 

friendship grows deeper in such encounters... As long as
actions done with good intentions...
3 May 2010
Love / How to show a polish Guy I like him [56]

if you start being nice to him, or, God forbid, say you love him, then he will lose respect for you ... unless, that is, he hasn't had sex with you yet, and/or you are very rich.

hmm... this is informative :) any more thoughts?
So, does that mean, to show a polish guy i like him... i'll just sit back and relax? And wait for the next eclipse to come? :)


Depends on the guy in question. If a woman is a genuinely nice and honest person (then) this positive quality will show, actually, shine thru. A deserving man will reciprocate. If he doesn't then move on.

This, I agree... a deserving man will reciprocate. If he doesn't, then move on.... nicely said. Something to remember by, especially when he doesn't reciprocate yah :)
3 May 2010
Love / How to show a polish Guy I like him [56]

Nice advice :) yet, if a woman continue to show care, thoughfulness, and "love" to a guy, will that make the guy feel something for the woman, eventually? or it will just be another lost case? :)
2 May 2010
Travel / NYTimes - Next stop - Wrocław, Poland [12]

You're welcome, I found myself reading about Wrocław in the online New York Times while on a layover in Kuala Lumpur... LOL

sky, that's really cool! :) I'll be back in KL for 3 more months of proj, by this week :)

and yah, glad to show u around..SG? :)
in KL, i'm not so familiar with the place even after 1.5 yrs of stay.... i usually focused on the hotel to office route everyday.. and whenever I get the chance, i go back to SG every weekend :)

hmm.. this charming guy.. is just... urgghh... i don't know ... i'm just guarding my heart for now :) until he's ready to at least... open up :)

hv a good weekend yah!
27 Apr 2010
Love / Are Polish men romantic and caring or... "plain"? [85]

well, i guess some thoughts in this thread are based on experience :)

based on my limited interaction with a pole guy, i find him cold... and somehow, polite...he tries to not offend someone by using polite words, but the attitude is.. well, slightly caring is an overstatement.. :)

i have little knowhow as to the working life in Poland... but i have a feeling he is tooo serious at work... and well, he loves to walk with his dog during free time and visit the lake... i suppose... what else can someone do living in a country home in poland? :p

generally, i find him polite.. not so romantic, nor caring... plain is an overstatement, i guess, cos as for now, there is no easy way to decipher him :)
27 Apr 2010
Travel / NYTimes - Next stop - Wrocław, Poland [12]

nice... quoted: “If you look behind the dirt and the collapsing facades, you’ll find beauty.”

i wish, i can have a charming polish guy to tour me around this place when i get my off days from work :)

thanks for sharing!
19 Apr 2010
Love / Polish professional man in interracial dating relationship...withdraws [27]

i was told by a friend that if a guy is really interested, he will definitely try to call or see you....

yet when the relationship is one-sided, or that, if you love him more than he loves you... and if you want to wait to develop what's left... you may wait..

whatever your choice would be, love yourself first... i know that when we love someone, sometimes we forget loving ourselves first :)

good luck!
19 Apr 2010
Love / Long-distance attraction. I am attracted to a Polish guy. [42]

hey guys,

just a short update to end this thread....

We continued to communicate online to this day... whether something good will come out of it... i don't know yet. All I know is, I like him... even more than he likes me. Though, he does maintained a level of politeness and respectfulness in most of our conversations.

We are yet at the getting-to-know stage. I find him to be a traditional guy. A little bit slow paced. As to how he perceived me to be... this i am not sure. If only there is a book to read all the signs, haa, it would be such a relief...

For now, well, i can wait... for true love, i believe, has it's own time...

thanks everyone for all the replies... i really appreciate those.

Have a fine week ahead!
19 Apr 2010
Love / Polish professional man in interracial dating relationship...withdraws [27]

My friend says if he is not calling ...he is letting me know what's going on. She also sas his pulling back male cultural....and if I leave thngs alone...not pressure him...we could hav relationship..

what does this mean? if he is not calling you then you probably would have relationship? Sorry, i don't understand... would you elaborate?

It's difficult if the guy gives mixed signals... especially when you are from different countries... sometimes the meaning of his words and actions, maybe translated differently? But if you're saying that he is now back to being online all the time.... is it because he is making himself available to new relationship?? I'm not sure about this.. but .... I hope you'll get to see things clearly, or even clarified with him...

I'm also falling for a polish guy... i'm asian.. and we are still at the chatting/getting to know u stage.... it's hard cos there are times when he can joke and have fun during conversation... but after awhile, he is back into the serious mode... he is a traditional and serious guy... now, i'm even thinking, if only i can teach my heart to like someone else, i would have done it already...

bit everyone has to follow the time... except for love... For love, has it's own time.

Maybe he just need time.... so i'll give him time.... and wait.. if he can come looking for me...

Fate... we only get one chance to get it right... i don't want to lose this chance of being with someone i hold dearly.. .so I'll wait...
15 Apr 2010
Love / Filipino guy with a Polish girl.. [60]

I'd like to think that this will work out too... i, for one, have met a polish guy in one of our work programs... i like him though i can't tell whether he likes me too. I hope he does, or if not now, he will :)

i'm just not so familiar with how poles see having a filipina as a partner...

anyway, good luck to you! :)
7 Mar 2010
Love / Long-distance attraction. I am attracted to a Polish guy. [42]

oh yah, that's a good idea :) I'm not just sure if he is into that yet. I know he likes skiing tough :)

By the way, I guess he is now back in Poland... I've received a message in skype "Greetings from Poland!". I was still sleeping then :) With the time difference, I hope I'll get to be online when he is :)
6 Mar 2010
Love / Long-distance attraction. I am attracted to a Polish guy. [42]

Actually you confirmed what I said earlier... Did you notice which two Asian nationalities I exempted from my pseudo-scientific findings? ;)

yup i did :) though that's based on your pseudo-scientific findings, i agree to that!

Totally understand. By the way to answer another of your questions - how would I feel if I found out someone created an online thread about me? I'd be flattered without a doubt.

really? even if you are not interested with someone who posted the thread? ;) well, that's good to hear :)

Yup, i love the Philippines too, inspite of everything there is hahahah... i mean, how sad the government has performed :) well, that's another story, and each country has its own yah. But generally, filipinos are known to be friendly folks... many thanks for your compliments :)

As for Singapore, it's indeed a man-made heaven, where convenience and safety are the topmost priority. The place is great, and everything is in place in terms of governance and policies... and well adhered to. True, there are a lot of Europeans here now. And they seem to be enjoying the sun more :)

Though I don't get to spend more time here in Singapore lately, as I am doing a project in Malaysia, so I only get to come back here on weekends, and yes, like airports now are my second home!. When the project is done, then I'll get to hang out in Singapore as often again (for the in-between project break) :)

Hopefully, I'll get to invite him here in Singapore if things turn out well too... ;)
6 Mar 2010
Love / Long-distance attraction. I am attracted to a Polish guy. [42]

:) yah, i'd find it out when I get to talk with him.. if it doesnt work it, then I'll probably just send the link to this thread to him as a remembrance then I move on :) life's like that, anyway :)

I'll keep you updated guys!
6 Mar 2010
Love / Long-distance attraction. I am attracted to a Polish guy. [42]

You never have to talk to him again and he clearly wasn't right for you anyway. People make things way more complicated than they need to be.

Noted :)

Make sure he asks you about your early life and who you are...

We'll see to that :) Though we've already shared some previous relationships stories to each other,that's when we knew that we are both available.
6 Mar 2010
Love / Long-distance attraction. I am attracted to a Polish guy. [42]

So imagine you are very pretty, so, I dont think he was being just polite ;0) Be honest, you're obviously a very inteligent lady who has a lot going for her...take the bull by the to speak! Good luck!

hey thanks for the encouragement. But I can only start doing something, or, to find out whether he was just being polite, when he is back to Poland in, say, 2 week's time..

well, does anyone know or have been to Bydgoszcz? He is from there :) I've searched in the net to find the culture and the likes of Bydgozczcin, but I can't find much info. :) Maybe if things will work out will, i can take another short vacation and fly there in the next 2months :) As Amathyst has said, take the bull by the horns :)

One of our Grad Engineers is from Indonesia, she such a sweetie...Hey, we're nice people in Manchester, whilst sometimes I come across harsh about certain issues, I welcome anyone to my country who is wordly, open minded..and not insular...I have to say, we have our more than fair share of good lucking men in Manchester! I love my city!

I believe you, though I haven't been there, i've had some interactions with some. My colleagues who are based there, are just as nice and dependable. And funny too, in an intelligent way :) I believe that you have good looking men as well. Inside and out :)

Well, i think it applies everywhere, yah. There are always good and bad in every place...

I just hope I'll find a good one to settle and be with for the rest of my life.. so that no time will be wasted, and every minute is worth spending :) Cheers!
6 Mar 2010
Love / Long-distance attraction. I am attracted to a Polish guy. [42]

So where abouts in Asia are you from?

I was born in the Philippines. And have lived in Singapore and Canada for the past decade now. :) Though people in Singapore do not smile a lot, it's a good place to work especially in IT and banking industries :)

I wish it were people like you that came to England.

I wish i can come by too, but there is no plan for now. The company that I work for has presence in the UK, and I know some friends from there (from Manchester too). We kept in touch as well..
6 Mar 2010
Love / Long-distance attraction. I am attracted to a Polish guy. [42]

When I say exception, i refer to skysoulmate's note earlier that there are 2 more races in Asia who do smile more than the rest of the asians mentioned above :)

Personally I can find beauty in each and every race. I'm probably more attracted to personalities than types of beauties per se

That's really sweet to hear. I feel the same way too, after having traveled to different places in asia, north america and europe for work. The food choices, beliefs, cultural differences fascinate me more and more. Traveling indeed made me appreciate the differences in each individual!

Though, when it comes to falling for someone... i'm just back to basics :) I guess I've spent too much time in work that now, i sound so naive in this matter and i had to post it up! :)

I was surprised to hear an Asian lady make a comment that a European man didn't smile as much as she'd have expected him to do, that's all. ;)

hahaha... i think probably i was reading him tooo much :) well, if you like someone you'd always want to see how he'd look like when he's happy isn't it? :) for now, since we are far from each other, I would be glad to know if he smiles while chatting with me.. but my first wish, is for him to keep in touch (e.g. chat) with me first in 2 weeks' time :) hahaha... a wish tantamount to hitting the moon! oh well...
6 Mar 2010
Love / Long-distance attraction. I am attracted to a Polish guy. [42]

Unfortunate, you won't know until you both have talked to each other... IF you have to you can always email him a link to this forum conversation and let him know, hey this is about you - I was too shy to say it upfront, let me know what you think.

hmm.. :) how would you feel if someone you're not interested to, chatted with you, and later sent you this link? well, probably, i'll send this as good-bye email if things don't turn out well. :)

They just don't smile a whole lot. Well, Thailand is probably the other exception to the rule.

hmm :) i am one of the exception to the rule.

I'm an immigrant to north america, but I'm staying here in asia for work. I've managed different projects (in asia) and worked with people of different cultures, and I would still bring the smile i've grown up with :)

Asia? This is going to sound awful, but I know of no Polish guys (albeit limited) who find asian - Pakisanti/Indian women attractive but they find Japanese, Chinese and Korean women very easy on the eye...

i'm neither of those mentioned :)
5 Mar 2010
Love / Long-distance attraction. I am attracted to a Polish guy. [42]

That's easy to do, when the circumstances include a charming Polish guy. Good luck!

For a month that I've known him, there were times when he was charming. Though there were times too that he is rather aloof, or went on by himself. He sometimes have this stoic facial expression that makes me wonder, "is smiling really a hard thing to do?" :) Though, I've also seen him smile or even laugh when he talked about something funny. That made me think that probably, he just didnt get some of the jokes on the table sometimes... i hope my analysis was correct :)

Hi Wildrover...thannks much! I believe your case is rather in an advanced state that where I am now... at least you are in a romantic relationship...:)

I was too shy to show or even talk to him about how i felt when we were still together in the program... that was a month of chance, but I was hesitant. This could be due to my asian background, where by tradition, women will wait for the guy to approach her, not the other way around. Yet, I do not have anything against women doing the first move in our time now, but I don't have the confidence to do it yet...

so i just sat by and watch things unfold. But I was unfortunate that a month's time is not enough for things to develop... probably there was not initial attracted to me... though I can see he took care of me during some eventful moment when I needed him, as well as, I can see in his face that he was glad to be with me during the party. I hope it was not just because of alcohol supply... hahaha...

There were sweet stare and glances too, but because we were always surrounded by colleagues, I can't really see things in good perspective. I may just be reading him too much now...

The anticipation to chat with him is worst that the actual chattin'.... it makes me always wonder... urghh.. i just cant stop thinking...

Lastly, on our last talk over the phone, when I asked him if he misses me.. he replied after 2 seconds, "Yes". I can't be sure whether he was just being polite, or, that he really misses me...

Additional question: Would the guy be pissed if a woman who, out of nowhere, starts to send him short messages, like, "Have a great day.. I hope you enjoyed ur vacation in ... " when like, a week ago, he didnt even think this can happen?

Wow, i sound soooo eager, when I can only talk to him 2 weeks from now... that will also depend on whether he will reply to my chat messages... even now, he doesnt reply to text messages... i'm just consoling myself to think probably because he is on roaming and charges can be costly... well...i hope i'm right.. :)

Nevertheless, thanks for the wishes... i hope things will turn out well when I chat with him...haaa....time will tell... :)