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10 May 2010
Travel / Finding a place to stay in Krakow for a month! Couch surfing. [14]

Look at TRAVEL ADVISOR on the web. THey have everything including hostels, apts., etc. I don't know why you would want to live with a stranger for a month, but that is none of my business. You will have no trouble finding something. Try the Jagiellonian University student papers also.
1 Apr 2010
History / Why did Hitler kill so many Jews in Poland? [261]

The original question was, Why did Hitler kill so many Jews in Poland? One reason is that there were a lot of Jews in Poland to begin with. But I also have a theory that because Poland was blessed with a rich network of railways, extending throughout eastern and western Europe, it only made sense to funnel them there from Europe and the Soviet Union. Poland is well situated in the middle. The transport system was already quite well established. Many trains filled with arms for the Eastern front traveled through Poland from Germany. Rather than bring them back empty they were filled with prisoners of war, Jews, Gypsies, etc. and dropped off at various camps along the way for imprisonment and annihilation.

We will never know the real answer, but this may explain one piece of the puzzle. I do not buy the theory that it is because Poles are anti-semitic. Polish people can be shrewd businessmen as well.

13 Feb 2010
Life / What gifts to take? Presents customs in Poland. [148]

An invitation to visit America with accomodations if they can obtain visas. Don't waste your money on gifts. They can get everything and anything they want in Poland. The communist era is history. Take a bottle of vodka and fresh flowers to every household you visit. That can all be purchased there.