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2 Mar 2012
Travel / Money Exchange Offices with good prices in Poland? [13]

Just take it out the ATM as this works out cheaper, dependent on which bank you use in your home country you will normally get a few points below the central bank exchange rate
15 Feb 2012
Law / Setting up a sole trader business and becoming a resident in Poland - Procedure? [32]

I have a business its located offshore in Delaware I don't work in Poland but live there only, i get all the residency stuff etc. It depends on where you want to trade in or out of the country?

However if setting up a company in Poland expect this to take around 6 weeks, to get everything like VAT and bank accounts sorted, my advice would be to seek the services of a good lawyer who will help you through the process, Just remember one thing though, DO NOT play with the Financial Government in Poland as they can take control of your business
18 Jan 2012
Law / Dying in Poland - Inheritance tax ? [62]

Just open an offshore company or a trust in say the seychelles, get a bank account opened as well, deposit the money in the trust and draw it across gradually and No questions asked.
11 Dec 2011
Life / Please recommend - shopping in Warsaw [30]

The cheapest shopping in Warsaw is in Targówek, sadly however its on the wrong side of the river and you have to drive through the slums to get to it
11 Dec 2011
News / Y Shaped high speed rail line Poland [78]

i haven't seen a border guard for months. last time was at wroclaw station, before folks got on the train.

I had to take the sleeper train to Koln when that Volcano erupted, they checked passports when we went over to germany, However it could have been that the train started in Moscow
11 Dec 2011
Real Estate / Residential real estate values go down in Poland [455]

All i know is that there are a load of properties for sale outside of major cities, these are mainly houses, people built and then realized the hassle of getting to work each day, As an example take Warszawa and Ulica Puławska it's a nightmare between 5 and 7pm to get anywhere.! However it does not help when drivers ignore what traffic lights are for either :)
11 Dec 2011
Polonia / Trip to Sweden - questions [39]

I have Just spent 6 months in Stockholm, It's Very expensive hotel wise but everything else is cheap, Now you have suiside season where swedes tend to get drunk and throw themselves in the harbours
10 Dec 2011
Law / Bringing a Car to Poland from outside of EU? [6]


As long as you only want to drive it while you are here then not a problem, if you plan on registering it in Poland it needs to be under 10 years old and you will have to pay import tax on it also.

I Get cars from the States I buy have a family member drive it around for 6 months and ship to the UK where i register it and then pay no import tax because i have owned it and driven it outside of the country for the allowed amount of time
8 Dec 2011
Law / What do you think of Polish market for Gardening products? [4]

We are plan to introduce our products into Poland, also we are look for agent to work together.

I have just finished my House, the garden will be next, its only small by polish standards 2 Acres, maybe you want to use me as tryout in Poland, you supply and install in my garden and i post on here telling people how happy i am?
8 Dec 2011
Real Estate / Banks in Poland selling fewer mortgages in 2011, down 49% [285]

The figure given by the banks in 70 percent which is much more believable ( these are nbp figures). 40 percent was 10 years ago.

I live 35 KM outside of Warszawa i have to drive 10 km in any direction through at least 5 villiages to get to an ATM machine, if i count up the population there which are mainly old people there would be around 5000 in surrounding villages without access to a bank this is one area so take the rest of Poland and the figure is around 40-50%

I believe civil servants were made to have a bank account only a couple of years ago
8 Dec 2011
Life / Polish mentality towards Pakistan [108]

I am a Paki livin in waw from 3 years and in these 3 years Im not able to figure out what do Poles think of Pakistan.

Therefore please guys give your response to this message as it will enlighten many Paki like me, about what Poles think about us.

looking forward for any response.

There ius a difference between the UK and Poland when talking about Immigrants, when the british brought the Pakistanis into the Uk it was to work, however over the years to follow they abused the system and brought in every member of their family including distant cousins, but hey everyone wants to come to the UK since everything is free? Poland is a Little different, you need to at least work to be able to obtain things like medical and benefits or be a polish national.

People should accept that those who come here are not here to take advantage like they have in other countries since there is NOT a lot to be able to take advantage of.!