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24 Dec 2009
Food / What's on YOUR Wigilia table? [20]

cabbage with pea.

wielkopolska?? ;-)

my duty for this year was to prepare zupa rybna and uszka for the beetroot soup. we will also have groch z kapustą i kapustę z grzybami. there has to be a lot of fried carp and different kinds of herring. we're having some chocolate cake this year, instead of poppy seed. we always try to go with 12 dishes and a free sit for a stranger.

for the other day's family dinner we're having roasted duck with red cabbage (made like in Śląsk) and pyzy and mięsne rolady. also for this meal I have prepared bigos. I've been cooking it for three days lat week, like it should be done.

Marry Christmas to everyone!
24 Dec 2009
Food / Why is it that some Polish people refuse to eat anything that is not Polish? [120]

"American disease food"

did he actually said that it was diseased? or that he was starving or just you read people's mind?
don't get me wrong, whenever I go abroad or travel round Pl, I always taste every food I can, no matter how it looks or how it smells.

but I love to eat and it's compulsive: must have this kebab

why don't you just leave people alone and let them eat or not. is it such an offense if somebody doesn't want to taste some friggin beans?
23 Dec 2009
Food / Why is it that some Polish people refuse to eat anything that is not Polish? [120]

Why is it the some polish people refuse to eat anything that is not polish? Why is their ignorance here? Polish food is good, the regular mix of chicket cutlet, potatoes and soup.

I do not see people not eating all this fabulous foreign food. oh, they do.
the things you have listed... i.e. peanut butter - personaly - I hate it and I'm glad, that my parents never forced me to eat this. crab - well if you could find a real crab meat, not only this sh1t made of surimi, I'd be glad. veal is just not that popular in Poland and it's not because the great Western Community has brought this meat to our country so late and we resist. it is just not so popular these days. look in the web for cielęcina recepies, maybe you will learn sth new from the old traditional polish cuisine. cuisine is like fashion! ;-) curry had it greatest time years ago. curry was the kitchen black. now it's cumin and coriander - don't you watch TV? does TVN Style and Club Zone tell you nothing??!! tell me, where exactly in Poland are you if cow meat is so rare?

or is sombody forcing you to eat food you hate? are you being held captive? or... as people refuse to eat your way, maybe you hold some poor Polish people prisoners? perhaps it has just not occured to you, that you might be a terrible cook and people just don't want to eat, what you serve them? :-)) but seriously, whereever I look I see McDonald's, Chinese restaurants, Indian curry-curry food, sea food raw in the sushi way around the corner, Mexican fajitas (actually.. funny story, last time I asked for fajita, I got a damn burrito!) and Polish people go there. visiting friends I find mostly foreign dishes or their imitations, there they are, on the table - how come you don't see that?

what an ignorant one must be, not to understand, that people eat what they like and find tasty. so do you, so do people all over the world. if somebody get's sick just looking at shrimps and find some food taste like crap, you can't do anything... just drop it. trying to convince youreself, that there is something deeper to it, like being a patriot, is just ridiculous. lol

We also don't walk around with a link of kielbasa in our hand

actually I do that... I like kielbasa, I like to eat it at work, along with canned herring, yummy!
22 Dec 2009
Love / Looking for a Polish love song [78]


Ze strzępów radości powszednich los swój tkasz
z tęsknoty, otuchy, nadziei, układasz swój świat
w swym mieście, z domami bez pięter
grasz z czartem o niebo w tym piekle,
które Bóg, wyprawił nam.

I can't imagine a person who only knows a few words would feel comfortable with this song. I mean, it sounds damn difficult not only to pronounce it, but to sing it.

check this one, if you are still looking. it seems perfect for love declarations, it's slow and doesn't have too much szzzżżżżżżżżczczcz ;-)
22 Dec 2009
Work / Will it be easy to find a job within 6-10 months of moving to Poland? [41]

I have never lived or worked in Warsaw nor I'm a foreiner in this country, but I would recommend to look for a job in different polish cities; Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań. The cost of living in Warsaw is very high even for natives, that's what I heard. besides Warsaw is already full of Poles from different parts of Poland, who thought of a career in the capital. on the other hand you can base your search on your language knowledge. for your search try to get in touch with HR companies; HRK, grafton, randstad or go to google for "oferty pracy".
22 Dec 2009
News / Freezing weather in Poland, 42 people dead in winter freeze... and no-one cares? [140]

Wrong G, nobody choses to sleep on the streets or to become an alcoholic."

I read an article about a few homeless people from Poznan. some of them did choose such life; left their homes once, started living on the streets, never claimed for anything from their previous life. you will never be 100% certain, what has made these people live like that and you shouldn't.
22 Dec 2009
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1010]

well bimber94, wasn't the constant improvment the main thought in the conclusion of my post?
18 Dec 2009
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1010]

OMG, I'm speachless.
I've read just the 3 first sides of this thread and this last one and I start to hate Poland myself. :-D
I live here, I was born here, I spent some time in Ireland (liked it, never felt wrong there), I travel around, I have to keep in touch on a business level with many nationalities all over the world and I don't really feel a nationalist, I have to mingle, but I can tell you...

- I also hate all this crap on sidewalks,
- I don't like the listners of radio Maryja,
- I hate visiting the post, the queues, waiting for this damn invoice to get out of the bloody old dot-matrix printer,
- I don't like the fact, that when I go abroad people stare at me whenever I say I'm Polish or speak Polish - it's so damn frustrating! "What are they thinking, do they hate me?" always comes across my mind.

- I hate the little money I get for my hard work here,
- I hate the politics and politicians who are such a disgrace to this country,
- but most of all I hate reading this. Sometimes it's so difficult to fit in, when you feel you don't belong, but you can't leave. I wish you all to find your way in this strange country and let's hope that it will get better and better with every new generation.
18 Dec 2009
Language / Nice Polish phrases to say to men [76]

you can call him "misiu" or "kotku",
and never go with BB's proposition, unless it's the end... nah, even then, don't call him that.. ;-)