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14 Mar 2010
UK, Ireland / The Daily Mail - coverage of the Polish people [161]

the Daily Mail was a famous Paddy bashing rag for years and now the Irish buy it in their own country.So its obviously just a universal idiots paper.
28 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Time for the Poles from the UK to go home [437]

I lived in England in the early ninties. They told me there was too many blacks.and pakies and when they got drunk they told me there was too many Irish..The funny thing was these nazi type were sometimes Irish themselves and they were against imigrants who came recently lol.

Forget about logic these people are not interested in truth only hatred as it is the only way they can release pressure from their straw brains due to their limited capacity..

Too manny Poles....
Here in Ireland im hearing the same sh1t...I really fear the rise of the far right..
22 Feb 2010
Real Estate / Mortgage in Poland (rules, rates, types, websites)? [26]

By recovering, do you mean to a level where it benifits the people of Poland...or do you mean the bubble is going to remain and the people will continue to be punished by greed? Recover??
14 Feb 2010
Real Estate / Apartments too expensive for Poles living in Poland [54]

In 2004 it was about 40 cent per hour i think..It had to go up dramatically from this..but no growth of any significants in the last few years.. It wud need to go up a few hundred percent since 2004 to be anyway near normality..
14 Feb 2010
Real Estate / Apartments too expensive for Poles living in Poland [54]

Poland is still Gods playground..Its no longer Germans or Russians that hijack it but their own neo liberals who will wear any jersey for a quick dollar..They have to many loony parties with no real policy except for dog eats dog...The price of housing there is a form of imperialism..
14 Feb 2010
Real Estate / Apartments too expensive for Poles living in Poland [54]

From my experience with Poland alot of people live like the Waltons..They are the leaders of Europe as far as squashing as many people as possible under the one roof. 3 generation in a sh1tty apartment..Not nice to see and its very common. The wages over there are been kept criminally low as part of their governments agenda to compete in the free market economy...young People just get so sick of living with the waltons that they just pay for mortgages that are absolutely out of their range...Pure desperation thats all...I know several people in this situation.the live a life of borderline poverty..And then people ranting about Poland booming ,what a load of b0l0x.
11 Jan 2010
USA, Canada / Moving back from Canada to Poland, yes or no? [39]

life is real hard in Poland bordering on impossible if you have rent to pay or mortgage..Life in Ireland and Britain is a lot easier..A pint is 4.90 in ireland. Unless you own a house in Poland(paid for) or have big self employing plans,think twice. Poland is a real mess at the moment..income-mortgage ratio etc
4 Jan 2010
Real Estate / How do you comment on "Poland real estate analysis" of the biggest property site [24]

Is There anywhere else(country) in Europe or the world were property is so expensive in relation to the wages that the natives earn. Are the Polish the most ripped off people this side of mars?? Buying a normal house in Poland would be like be buying a house here in Ireland for a million Euros.
26 Nov 2009
Real Estate / Is there a Real Estate bubble in Krakow? [60]

As someone living in Ireland and seen what happened here, i find its hilarious that people in Poland think that their property is not in a gigantic bubble. Denial Denial Denial. For 200,000 zloty i would expect a very nice 3 BEDROOM apartment in a big city. The property prices and rent in Poland and Czech etc are criminal, and will explode with an ounce of justice. Like here in Ireland there will be plenty of paid clowns defending the criminality until the last minute.