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7 Feb 2013
Life / Drivers and Mobile Phones In Poland [14]

Alex67 The drivers on the phones need to be shot. Police need to do something asap. I saw a woman on the phone behind a police car the other day. They did nothing, lazy good for nothing police.

Smurf do not be so stupid. If anyone does hand the police officer 100zl when they get pulled over should go to jail.

My biggest pet hate in Poland is drivers. They are so up there own arses. They need to learn other drivers are on the road too and we are going places.

I would like to see the police stood at some problem traffic lights. Pull every driver over uses the other lane and pushes in at the last minute.
3 Feb 2013
Love / Polish Wedding...namely mine. What is the cost? [31]

Pam, We do want to get married, as i said. Just the typical Polish wedding is for our families. We would be happy in Vegas, Cook islands or a beach somewhere.
3 Feb 2013
Life / Problems with Cyfrowy Polsat provider? [2]

Hello Everyone.

I want to share my problems that i have with Cyfrowy Polsat. So you do not fall victim to them.

-They are charging me twice for the first of the month every month.
-They can not add up internet usage. 24mb over the limit is charged at 1gb 24mb. If this is used on the last day of the month, You will also get charged next moth for it too. As it's the 1st.

-They have 28 days to reply to your email, calls or letters. This is so they can wait for the last day. I have had two recorded letters sent to me on the 27th working day. Each saying nothing is wrong with the bills. When the guy at the shop said there was.

-They wont let us cancel our agreement without paying.

I do not know what to do with them. They are a pain in my ****.

I was thinking about sending them 2400 emails aday. Same email on a loop. 100 sent every hour. But i do not know the protocol in Poland for me doing that.

Does anyone know what else i can do?

Plus i would like to hear if you have had problems with this company.
3 Feb 2013
Love / Polish Wedding...namely mine. What is the cost? [31]

Pam i'm not about the money. I understand i wont get the money back for the wedding.(I know it can come across wrong written)

My partner and I have been together for 6 years. It was both of our families who want this wedding more then us.
We could go Vegas and get married and that would be ok. It's our old fashioned Parents who we are doing this for. As we both love our families we can do it for them. After i'm sure we will be glad we did it there way. (Don't let this come across wrong. I'm not moaning, just saying)

Plus i'm glad it happening in Poland and not the UK. Polish weddings are fantastic(when it's not yours).
2 Feb 2013
Love / Polish Wedding...namely mine. What is the cost? [31]

I had some friends who only got back half of what they spent on the wedding.
They told me, If you invite a family of 6 they don't give as much as 3 x 2 people. So not to invite all the family, Mainly Adults and if they have small children. (I'm not sure if i could leave someone out just for the sake of getting more money)

I have a feeling we will only get 60% back at the most. As people don't have to much money to throw around nowadays. Plus our two day wedding will cost 220zl per person.

we are not paying for rooms, we are putting people up in houses of friends and family around where we will have the wedding.

So think about every little detail on your wedding. It will cost more then you think.

Ask friends a take an avg cost. Someone said a cake cost them 200zl others have spent 1500zl on a cake.
2 Feb 2013
Love / Polish Wedding...namely mine. What is the cost? [31]

I'm planning my wedding in Lublin at the moment. It should cost about 35k.
Maybe 20% more as you are in Warsaw.

Vodka is 500ml/bottle per person, good ones will cost about 20zl each.
26 Jan 2013
Law / Certificate of no impediment - Single Status - UK Getting Married in Poland [24]

That is a tricky one. I'm not sure if you can get on in Germany. Could be worth a try. Go to your local town hall and ask.

I have a very close friend from India who had to get something from the town hall to say he has never been married before. As he married a Polish woman in India.

The Polish woman needed CNI too from Poland. His was called something different.

If you cant get them. Then the only way is to marry in India, Vegas or somewhere else first. Not tell any family and get married again in Poland asap after. As she has 28 days to change her documents in Poland or she will be fined.
24 Jan 2013
Law / Certificate of no impediment - Single Status - UK Getting Married in Poland [24]

Hey. You need to get you CNI from your local town hall. Prob back in India.
You have to tell them you are living in India and not Poland at the time of you interview. They list your name for 21 days for other people to see and object to the wedding if they want. Then they send it out to your local address. It is only valid in Poland for 6 months.

You also need your birth cert and christening cert too.

You will need a trip back to India before you can get married. You can not get it in Poland for some reason.
8 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Polish cities and their UK twins [18]

Lublin - Lancaster.

I lived in Lancaster for a year. when i moved to Lublin, I said it reminded me of Lancaster.
How shocked i was when i went passed the town hall and saw it was twined with Lancaster.
12 Dec 2012
Travel / Experiences with The Modlin Airport? [12]

The first train is at 2:30 from Warsaw Centre and gets to Modlin at 3:20. 12.50zl
Shuttle bus is every 20minutes after 3am. and costs 3.30zl.

I would say get the 2:30am train and bus. It will get you there on time.
I've attched the Train times on a PDF file.
7 Dec 2012
Law / Options on Car Insurance in Poland - No Claims history from UK (LHD) [4]

As you have a LHD. It shouldnt be a problem. Just reg it, get a safety check.
Pay someone to translate your NO Claims Bonus to Polish and that should be enough.
Sounds good. But i will prob take you 2 weeks and you will need someone Polish to help you.
28 Nov 2012
Law / what is well-off in Poland [13]


I wouldn't invest the money. As someone above said. Stick it in a bank account in Poland. Some banks offer 5.5% / 6%. You could triple your wage just on your savings.

You could even come to Poland live off the intrest and do a part time job.

Say you moved to a poor side of Poland, like Lublin, Avg wage is 1500zl a month. Found something to take up your time. You would still get 12,000zl before tax on your savings. You could live a great life. Lublin has over 100k students around 70k of them are women.

Warsaw or Krakow would be good too, but the money would get you are far. Krakow is more beautiful then Warsaw. So it could be better for you to relax.

I just think if you have had a job off for a full time job in Warsaw. It would seem great at first. but Warsaw is one of the most conjested citys in the EU. After a few months you might slip back into the hating of work/life stress again.
19 Sep 2012
Law / Personal contents insurance in Poland? [2]


Does anyone know of a company what insures personal contents, Like TV, Fridge, washer, and other items you have around the house?
For people who are renting and do not own the flat/house.

We have lots of companies in the UK who do this. I need one in Poland who offer accidental damage cover.

13 Sep 2012
Polonia / relocation from India to Poland [3]

He Helan

I love Chennai, I have family there.
I'm British living in Poland and I love it here.

A good 2nd hand car should be about 25k to 30k. If you needed you could get a cheaper one.
18 Aug 2012
Law / Best inexpensive new car? [23]

30,000zl They are getting better. Plus 7 year warranty.

32,000zl. Not a bad car too for 30k.

I would go for the Chevrolet Spark+. It's 29,990zl. Best around for the 30k mark.
29 Jun 2012
Law / Polish Property Bought with Francs - Help [8]

I think you should talk to the Polish bank. See how much they owe to the Bank, How much the Poperty is worth. You might be able to sell the property and pay off the bank. This would then leave them free to live in the UK with no Debt.
25 May 2012
UK, Ireland / Need some help to buy Polish cars(s) Zuk pickup &/or Nysa van [17]

Hi Nigel

I can help you on this matter.
Zuk, What are you looking for? 1979 to 2006? Or just a year or year about?
From about £700 to £5k. £11k for one as new.

Nysa are harder to find.
1977 - 1993, Again what year are you looking for?
They start from around £500 to £4k. £10k for one as new.

24 May 2012
Life / Polish dentistry cost - 230 zl for one tooth cavity filling [99]

I spoke to my dentist in Lublin, She is amazing. 1 root canal and 6 white tops would cost around 800zl(£160) and could be done in two days. Around 5 hours total.

I'm English and i didn't look after my teeth and she sorted it all out. She speaks English too.

I'm thinking that Lublin might be cheaper than the North or North West of Poland.
Flights prob cost the same.
23 Apr 2012
Real Estate / leaving apartment in Poland to bank [5]

First thing.
where is your flat? Size?
If your wanting to leave it to the bank.
I will take over your flat and pay the mortgage, as you are going to just leave it anyway.

PM me if you're going to think of this way.

If you just leave it to the bank you will prob spend about 200% more in costs and fines.
23 Apr 2012
USA, Canada / I have a Canadian and Polish passport. Travel on Polish / Canadian passport in Europe? [10]

You dont need a visa. Just show your Canadian passport when you enter the US and if they ask show them your Polish passport as you have duel passports, You will also need an ID with your Canadian address to prove you live in Canada and travel information proving you came from Canada and are going back.

They might hold you up for 10-15 minutes while they check.
Even if they dont allow you into the USA you can stay at the airport and get your flight to Canada. You are not leaving the airport. So it's more or less Canadas move.
7 Mar 2012
Life / I need to go to the Polish Police station (received a shipment with nothing inside) [6]

I'm going to go tonight with a friend. I do not care if everything will be in Polish. It will be PayPal's problem. They haven't asked for it in English. :)

The claim is for $600 and he paid me. Got the item and said he didn't want it. Filed a return via PayPal and when i got it from the Post office the envolope was ripped and only paper inside. He stupidly wrote Watch worth $600 on the side.

Now PayPal are saying if i do not give the polish report from the item what start in December. If the Police will deal with something so old. PayPal want me to go now to file a claim.

Some friendly info. Ever sell anything to the USA via ebay and paypal. Ebay is great, PayPal will screw you over.
6 Mar 2012
Life / I need to go to the Polish Police station (received a shipment with nothing inside) [6]

I have received something from the USA via PayPal and when i received it, there was nothing inside.
I have filed a claim with PayPal and now they want me to go to the Police and send them a report in 3 days.

What do i have to do? Any Police station? Will they speak English? Or even help me?
Do i get something from them asap or do i have to wait?

PayPal are trying to screw me over.

Thanks in Advance
2 Mar 2012
Travel / Drive from YORK to Southern Poland.......cost? [4]


I did Manchester to Lublin 40 months ago.
If you book the ferry early enough from Dover you can get it for about £25.
One tank should be enough from York to dover. Fill up in France.
It cost me £200 (£280 now) in Petrol and a night in Germany. I have a car that does 40miles to a gallon. (8-9L to 100km)

I drove past Hanover and into Poland that way. Should be the best way.
You could go to Warsaw then Southern Poland or Lodz and Radom and Southern Poland.
Depends how Southern you are going.
If you are going to the mountians you could drive via Struttgard
5 Oct 2011

All i can add is: If it says 50KPH then all the cars will be doing 70-80, 70KPH cars will be doing 100.
When i first moved to Poland in my English car i was sticking to the speed limits. I had everything overstake me, Fiat 125p, Lovely old Polish cars and so on. It took me a few days to understand what the speed limit says and what you will drive at.