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Need some help to buy Polish cars(s) Zuk pickup &/or Nysa van

NigelB 1 | 1
25 May 2012 #1
Hi. new to this forum -first post, so dont be too hard on me!

I'm an English car/truck collector -trying to buy a reasonable Zuk pickup &/or Nysa van- but just not getting very far. I cant get anyone to take me seriously -from here.

I am serious -I import cars/trucks from all around the world- but need help here. Is anyone ( preferably reasonably car knowledgeable)prepared to act as an Agent for me- checking the description is accurate then paying a deposit- or full amount? Clearly I'd settle with you in advance- plus some commission or a pre-agreed fee for your troubles.

Some guidance would be helpful (known faults, legal loopholes etc) - & possibly short-term storage if its needs moving quickly, -although I'd usually be there within a few days to collect; dependant on whether I need to tow home or can fly over and drive back. If this works well -I'd be very interested in repeating the formula with some old Russian cars available in Poland.

Thanks for your time,

Forfour44 9 | 94
25 May 2012 #2
Hi Nigel

I can help you on this matter.
Zuk, What are you looking for? 1979 to 2006? Or just a year or year about?
From about £700 to £5k. £11k for one as new.

Nysa are harder to find.
1977 - 1993, Again what year are you looking for?
They start from around £500 to £4k. £10k for one as new.

OP NigelB 1 | 1
25 May 2012 #3
Hi Chris -that was quick!

Initially- I'm looking for a Zuk pickup that will pass an English roadworthiness test. The 'first' one does not need to be especially tidy or glamourous- its intended as a light weight working vehicle. The earlier the better -but condition is more important. Preferably driveable back to the Uk -as flying out is much cheaper than coming across with a trailer.

Polish legality is less of an issue if its close to the German border -and I'm pragmatic pricewise. Obviously I'd like theprice (especially on the first) to be as low as possible.

If that works- I'd like a nice condition Nysa, or Zuk truck- but that must come a few weeks later.

So -whereabouts are you? Are you an English resident, or a Pole fluent in English?

Appreciate the prompt response
Richfilth 6 | 415
25 May 2012 #4
Possibly the reason you are not being taken seriously is that no-one would seriously buy a Zuk or Nysa and expect to drive it straight to the UK. These are not solidly-built tanks, they are vehicles cobbled together from whatever FSO had left over from Warszawa production, and the vast majority of them have led hard-working unloved lives.

Zuks are not even considered cult classics over here; I haven't seen them show up at classic car events unless they are ex-Military or Fire models. The idea of a restored pick-up version is laughable. The only good thing is that they can be bought cheap (less than 1000GBP), but I would be extremely doubtful about them meeting VOSA standards regarding import and MOT.

You'll have more luck finding a clean Nysa, but you will have to pay the price for one: between 2-5k GBP. And I still wouldn't want to drive 1000miles back to the UK in it.

I'm happy to help you if needed, but I'd seriously suggest looking at renting a shipping container rather than driving one of these back.
12 May 2014 #5
Merged: Zuk - 1975, 2 seat pickup - for sale in Dover, UK; The paperwork will need sorting; £2500


I recently drove a ZUK- 1975, 2 seat pickup, plandecka, 2litre petrol-
This has driven from Warszawa! It is currently in Dover and has been for 3 months, it needed a new brake master cylinder.

The paperwork will need sorting - import tax (Nova) and polish to UK reg.
I can send photos and details.
I am open to offer but need at least £2000 - I belive this is the ONLY Zuk in the UK
TonyUK - | 2
12 May 2014 #6
After speaking to company storing this I will listen to offers over £2500
12 May 2014 #7
They reckon that 1970s Zuk's are worth 13,000zl?! I can supply as many as they want at 80% of that price, giving them £500 profit per vehicle. Are they interested?

Seriously though, this might not be the best of places to be offering that vehicle. Have you tried the UK 'Eastern bloc' car clubs? I'd say you're far more likely to find a buyer there than here. Try:
jon357 74 | 21,900
13 May 2014 #8
Why would someone want a 1975 Zuk?
13 May 2014 #9
Rarity value for one thing. A lot of people in the UK will never have even seen a Zuk.
TonyUK - | 2
13 May 2014 #10
To be honest the rarity value is the important one here.
I was originally less but transport costs and a few other details have caused problems at this end.
I was just testing the water.
TrevorButcher - | 2
18 Nov 2014 #11
The Zuk was made from 1959 to 1998, and as an automotive engineer I can assure everyone that they were not just bits chucked together - they were a reliable design with very good, almost architectural looks. The best model is a series 1 pickup (A03), second is the fire truck with front bumper mounted water pump. I even had a photo exhibition here in Lublin, where they were made, that was featured on a Polish current affairs program.

ron kemp - | 3
30 Mar 2015 #12
hi eveyone especially tonyuk. i just purchsed the zuk in dover and wondered if you had any paperwork year etc etc
does anyone know of any car manuals for thr fsc a111 zuk and anywhere for parts thanks ron
31 Mar 2015 #13
The ZUK is now at a similar status to the Morris 1000 in the late 70,s in UK, If you have a barn fill it with ZUKs and a few Nysa's one day they will pay off big time, for the same reason that Morris 1000's now go for amazing money.
25 Apr 2015 #14
Anybody help I have a 1959 zuk pickup with canvas rear and I can't find the vin or chassis number where is it
9 Sep 2018 #15
I am interesed to find an old Zuk Van , of 1980-1990 . Is it possible to be found something ? Thanks in Advance Irgen.
8 Jul 2019 #16
I know a rather good preserved Nysa van here in Sofia.
pawian 222 | 23,700
11 Jul 2019 #17
I think there was a Bulgarian crime movie set in Hong Kong or Singapore made in 1990s or even 1980s. They used Polish Nysa vans as Singaporian police cars. Very funny.
31 Aug 2020 #18
Hi, did you sell the Zuk? ANy updates on your story?

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