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15 Jan 2015
Life / How can I convert Zloty to Indian rupee / transfer money from Poland to India? [23]

It is illegal for a non-Indian person to bring or take Rupee's from India.
Do not even try it. If you get caught it can cause a big problem with your visa.

If you can change it to USD or GBP. I would use GBP as it has a better chance to haggle price in India.
At the airport change a small amount. £40 as that would be around 3,800Rupee's. That will last you till you get to a local back or exchange place.
17 Sep 2014
Life / Which sim card to buy in Poland? [30]

Plus offer no limit LTE, texts, calls and 2gb 3G for 60zl a month with sim only. The only problem if you have an iphone you cant use the no limit LTE.
3 Sep 2014
Life / Polish post, are they still stealing stuff? [20]

Pay for it to be signed for as GLS will deliver it in Poland. It does cost a little more bit worth it.
I had an iPhone delivered in 4 days with signed for Royal Mail - GLS.
14 Aug 2014
Law / Is it possible to get an MOT on a RHD car in Poland? [28]

They then gave you some sort of roadworthiness test certificate?

Yes they gave me a full Polish safety check. Printed it out of the system and stamped it. The same as all the Polish cars get.

I do not have insurance with a Polish company. I have it with "Stuart Collins" via AXA. They are very good and i have used them for 5 years now. I do pay more but it gives me full eu yearly insurance.

I have been told i do not need car tax if the car isn't in the UK. SORN is on my car but that is for the UK only. I pay road tax with Petrol in Poland, Same as everyone else.

My insurer told me to get a safety check as that is Polish law so that is all i need for then to insure me.

When I moved to Poland i spoke to someone at the DVLA and they said if the car is SORN that is for UK roads. I would not be allowed to drive it into the UK unless i de-SORN it.
13 Aug 2014
Law / Is it possible to get an MOT on a RHD car in Poland? [28]

I have had 3 MOT's now on my RHD in Lublin.
The local Ford garage did the safety check on my UK RHD Smart car. I have used them three times now. Never had a problem. Gave me the paper work too.

They have to do it. They should never say no. As if YOU crash you will need to show this to the police.
I admit for 2 years i had no safety check as i didn't think i could get one. Then a friend told me i could and to go to the Ford garage. I did, job done and i will continue to go.

My advice is to find a bigger garage to go to. Audi, Ford, VW, Opel or Nisssan.
8 May 2014
Law / Bringing a brand new car from UK to Poland [22]

Sorry you are having problems.
I haven't had a single problem. I went to Ford and they said they can do it.
They gave me the safety check they give Polish cars. As it is in Poland any car needs a safety check.

Did you try any major garages?
14 Apr 2014
Law / Bringing a brand new car from UK to Poland [22]

I have my Irish reg car here. I went to local test center and they said no they wouldn't/couldn't test it? I assume a v5 is a regestration document?

The V5 is the reg document. They should test it, it's against the law if they say no. As you are only proving it is road legal in Poland.

Take it to one of the main dealers who offer the service. They all charge 99zl for the test.
13 Apr 2014
Law / Bringing a brand new car from UK to Poland [22]

Yes you can, You need to take your V5 with you and they will check it give you the print out and all for 99zl. I even took an invoice for my school. :)

I went to the local Ford garage. They were very helpful.
24 Mar 2014
Law / Registration of right hand drive cars in Poland - possible? [82]

Polish drivers do not give a ***** about LHD or RHD, They drive like crazy idiots.
ON Sunday evening on the way back to Lublin, It was raining and drivers couldn't overtake so instead they drive up your arse. Bad braking.

When we got to Lublin, We saw paramedics trying to resuscitate someone who had been hit on a crossing. It was shocking to see. Did drivers drive better after seeing this, they would have seen it, It was on one lane of the road they wouldn't have missed it as you had to slow right down.

NO the stupid winnits drove even worse than before.
I was so shocked to see how polish drivers behaved after seeing something so shocking as that.

No matter is they drive RHD or LHD they will still be dangerous.
The rule on RHD isn't the issue. The issue is fines for driving.
Make fines 500zl fixed.
Fine drivers who are on the phone, block roads and jump red lights.
Drink driving 5000zl and 1 full year ban with possible loss of job.

This is the only way drivers will be better in Poland. Like the rules in the UK.

Sorry rant over.
12 Mar 2014
Law / Bringing a brand new car from UK to Poland [22]

I was wondering if one could also do that with used cars...

The Polish safety check is easy and only 100zl, No need for a UK MOT or TAX.
Stuart Collins are happy for the car to be in Poland and will insure me fully comp for the year as long as the car is road legal to Polish rules.

Insurance has been around £450 a year for the last 5 years, The amount hasn't changed much. You have to pay for the full year up front and the insurance is underwritten from AXA.

Thank you guys. Didn't think off the over taking. That worries me.

Don't worry about it to much, I drive around 1000km a month and as long as you overtake when you know it is safe. Otherwise i don't overtake unless i can fully see what is coming. I do not stick to the arse of the car in front, having a bigger gap gives you more room to see ahead.

If you are worrying just buy a duel camera for your car, So it will record front and back. £100 fitted.
10 Mar 2014
Law / Bringing a brand new car from UK to Poland [22]

I have had an English car in Poland for years now.

You need to have it fully insured for a year. The only company who do this is Stuart Collins insurance.
The do not require you to get an MOT or tax from UK. Just a safety check in Poland.

They have given me great service over the years.

Your car will be fine in Poland. I haven't had any problems so far, Just the typical little scratch due to other drivers doors.

Don't worry what some idiots on here say. Most posters do not have a single nice thing to say.

If you have any more questions just ask.
27 Feb 2014
UK, Ireland / Can anyone transport a car from Poland to Ireland? [4]

The car can be driven. You will need a Polish safety check, 99zl.
You will need to pre-book an MOT and ask the garage to send you the info on the booking and have it printed to show any Police who stop you.

If they see you have it booked in. They will give you a week to sort it out and to prove it's all up to UK standard.

Not a big issue at all.
You can even contact your local Police station and ask them what you need. They are helpful if you are trying to avoid doing something wrong.
29 Aug 2013
Law / Tax on income from the UAE. British passport, Polish permanent resident. [11]

When you need to declare cash

You only need to declare cash if you are carrying 10,000 euros or more (or the equivalent value in other currencies) and you are:

entering the UK from a country outside the EU
leaving the UK to travel directly to a country outside the EU

If you are entering or leaving the EU through an EU country other than the UK, the declaration is made in that country.
Definition of EU

When declaring cash the EU is:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (including the Canary Islands), Sweden and the United Kingdom (not including the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).

Definition of cash

The term 'cash' covers:

notes and coins in any currency
bankers' drafts
cheques of any kind, including travellers' cheques

How to declare cash

You must declare cash on duplicate form C9011, and post the completed top copy - 'Copy 1' - in the drop-box at the port or airport.

You can obtain and complete this form at the port or airport, or you can download and print it by following the link below.

Customs officers from the UK Border Agency (UKBA) may ask to see evidence that you have declared the cash. It's therefore important to keep a copy of the completed form. If you get the form at the port or airport, it automatically makes a carbon copy as you complete it. This is 'Copy 2'. If you download and print the form, you will need to make a photocopy of Copy 1. (You do not need to complete Copy 2 of the printed form.)

You may be fined if you fail to declare the money or if you give incomplete or false information.

Find form C9011 - Cash declaration

Going through customs

Your rights if your cash is seized

Customs officers will only seize declared cash if they have reasonable grounds to suspect it is the proceeds of, or is intended for use in, illegal activities.

Seized cash cannot be kept for more than 48 hours (not including public holidays and weekends) without a court order.

A court may order seized cash to be:

held while investigations are carried out
confiscated if the investigation shows it is associated with criminal activity

If your cash is seized, customs officers will explain how you can appeal against the decision.

What to do if you have something seized by Customs

Getting more help and advice

If you need more information about declaring cash when entering or leaving the UK, you can contact the Customs, International Trade and Excise Helpline by following the link below.

Contact details for the Customs, International Trade and Excise Helpline
25 Aug 2013
Food / Vodka left over in Poland - where to sell? [6]

warszawski, we didn't know how many we had left until Monday. If I would have known i would have given every couple a bottle.

We were willing to sell them at 25zl each. Very good price, plus we have our proof of payment and company we got them from still. They just don't take returns.

Now i know it's illegal i think i will wait till someone i know needs them.
25 Aug 2013
Food / Vodka left over in Poland - where to sell? [6]

Hey. I have 4 boxes of 12 bottles 500ml of absolute vodka left. Willing to sell at a little loss.
Does anyone know where I can sell it or advertise it?
16 Jun 2013
Life / Taking my Right hand drive car to Poland - is it allowed by the Polish authorities? [17]

Snaps, If you are bringing the car for a year then it's ok. If you are bringing the car for longer then don't.

I was going to stay here one year, that was 5 years ago. I came in my English car. I now wise i didn't.
Insurance has to be from English what costs 5x more than in Poland. It's a pain in the arse if you want to go back to the UK with it. If you want to sell it here they offer you 50% of the worth.

Plus you aren't allowed to have your car in Poland for more than 6 months without registering it. But they wont allow you to register it. So if you do get stopped then you have only been here for 2-3 months max(wink wink).

The good point is if the police stop you, they don't speak English and sometime you just get a fine and no points.

If i could go back. I wouldn't bring my car here. Even buying a LHD in the UK would be so much better.

Plus i do not overtake unless i know 100% the way is clear, It does add minutes onto my traveling. it was very hard to over take here with a RHD. You just have to take your time.

Polish drivers will try and overtake you asap as you are in a RHD and they do not like being behind ANYONE. They overtake everywhere at any speed.

What you see in the UK and go "OMG LOOK AT HIM", that is 5-10 a day here, not once a week in the UK
24 Apr 2013
Love / A Polish wedding for a typical couple getting married in Poland [11]

Many Poles are still attached to the quaint notion that the union of two people in holy matrimony is a significant event that people might want to witness rather than a slightly tedious prelude to a booze up. Shocking I know, but there it is. If your invitation mentions "ślub" that's the tedious prelude part. If it mentions "ślub" and "wesele" put on your best drinking shoes and pat yourself on the back, you're going to a party.
31 Mar 2013
Life / Advice needed on Dental implant in Poland [119]

Try Lublin. New airport. Cheap flights.
I have a dentist who is lovely, she speaks English too. She doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
14 Mar 2013
Law / Insure your British car in Poland for a full year. [15]

Hello Lol Cat

Sorry i cant quote for the RU or UA.

Merged: Has anyone registered a British car yet this year?

As the title says,
I know from 2015 the EU law said we can register a British car in Poland, We all know Poland and we know they listen to no-one.

As anyone managed to register one yet? If so:
Was it easy?
How much did you have to pay?
What paper work did you need?

I rang an insurance company and he told me one people have managed to register and get insurance in Poland on the car.
He couldn't help me as how to register.
Lublin car office just said no you can't and wouldn't talk about it more.
14 Mar 2013
Law / Insure your British car in Poland for a full year. [15]

Hello Polishforums.

I am not pleased to offer you insurance for your English cars in Poland. For a full year. Unlimited use in the EU.

Since i have been looking for insurance, it's been a nightmare. I have got together with a broker in the UK.
So i can offer you a quote via them.

Please email me on: I will get back to you asap.
You need to have a UK address where the car is registered. We can send your insurance to an address in Poland with a green card.

Policy has to be paid for in full before the start date.
I've managed to save £449 on my quote from eCar, £401 Asda, £230 CIS.
20 Feb 2013
Life / DUI first time in Poland [13]

The sooner the police crack down on every driver the better, I really do mean it.
Some drivers here think they own the road and do what they want.
I think you should be fined(Heavy fine, 500zl min) if you do the crime.

DUI, no insurance, banned, drugged or unsafe car i think you should have the book thrown at you.

I have been unlucky and seen two different accidents and two people killed.
One was an accident.
The other was someone drunk on the phone. He drove off. They were in the UK.

No-one should lose their life because of someone else.
20 Feb 2013
Life / DUI first time in Poland [13]

People who drink and drive deserve everything they get. I personally hopes he gets jail time.
Even if it is a couple of classes of wine. You still drive like a prick.
13 Feb 2013
Law / Certificate of no impediment - Single Status - UK Getting Married in Poland [24]

Depends on where you are from.
In the UK. You have to go to the UK and get it. A local town hall, have an interview and wait 21 days. After 21 days they send it to you.

You can not get it from an embassy. As the church will not accept it. (Local town hall might marry you)