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30 Dec 2010
News / Ruski a slur like Pollack? [53]

Ruski is a colloquialism used in informal modern Polish.

Welll, but for me it doesn't sound nice. I would never say "mój ruski chłopak" - ugh! Rather - "Mój rosyjski chłopak"- it sounds much better.

In some cases it hasn't got such a negative meaning (what i noticed before), but if you tell someone that he/she is "ruski", you may offend that person.
29 Dec 2010
News / Ruski a slur like Pollack? [53]

so...? so what that these words exist in russian. "ruski" doesn't exist (as a correct form) in polish. it called "rusycyzm". it was "borrowed" from russian and it was used with tendency to offend sth, sb.

But as I said/wrote before - everything it depends on our intention, purpose. We could use it neutrally, but generally it has pejorative meaning.
29 Dec 2010
Travel / Which cities in Poland are nice to visit [80]

ok, so that's my list ;) :
1. Cracow - of course - nothing new
2. Wroclaw
3. Zakopane - welll, maybe just for the weekend. I wasn't sure to recommend... Generally there's wooden architecture, specific culture, beautiful nature and it's worth to see it but ... but in high season there is f*** crowd! And you must prepare to a lot of people, tacky shops and high prices.

4. Przemysl - I like this city very, very much. Small, unusual, calm with beautiful old town and cheap. IZt's very relaxing city. more over it's very near to polish-ukrainian border so you can even go to Lvov for a day or 2. (circa 80 km)

5. Tricity - Gdans, Sopot, Gdynia

I'd like to add that Masurian lakes (which were mentioned above) are worth to see it. there are a lot of small towns and unique landscapes.
29 Dec 2010
Life / Gypies/Indian-looking women with kids beg for money in Poland [144]

How many Gypsies in Poland?

not as many as is in Serbia. I noticed that gypsies are more integrated with serbian society (ex-Yu) than in Poland.

You have many famous people with gypsy origin - for ex. the member of "Top Lista Nadrealista" (Davor Dujmović if I remember well) and so on.

In Belgrade i saw gypsy orchestras. They ear money in that way. But I've never seen begging gypsies in the streets of Belgrade. Maybe I didn't see a lot ;)

BTW I work with gypsy families and it's VERY, VERY, VERY difficult job ;)
28 Dec 2010
News / Ruski a slur like Pollack? [53]

I think "Ruski" has got offensive meaning. of course it depends on intonation and intention :).
Some phrases aren't so offensive like "ruski miesiąc" ("russian month") - which means that sth takes a long time. It's used in polish language without negative meaning.

But generally it's offensive and the term "ruski" it hasn't got polish origin but russian. In polish should be "rosyjski". If we wanna say that sth is russian we should use "rosyjski".That's why "ruski" is rude, impolite
28 Dec 2010
Travel / A good kebab place in Warsaw? [45]

The good one (i think one of the best)is in Nowy Świat St. but next to the alternative clubs (Kafe Fajka, Melanż, Klepsydra). It's not on the front of the street.

And Sahara kebab - now, it's in the center of the city.
27 Dec 2010
Language / To wear: nosić, nieść, ponieść? [10]

Zwykle noszę spódnicę (I usually wear a skirt)

Only that sentence is correct. other mean not to wear but to carry but for ex in hand. :)
ale dzisiaj niosę dżinsy (but today I am wearing jeans). Tylko raz poniosłem moją nową bluzkę (I have only worn my new blouse once)?

Today I'm wearing jeans - dziś NOSZĘ spodnie
I have only worn my new blouse once - tylko raz NOSI£AM moją nową bluzkę

Nosić- to wear clothes, to carry for ex things in hand, bag more less regularly. As you mentioned "I usually wear...."
Nieść - means - to carry (in hand, in bag) in that moment, now
Ponieść - means to carry for a while, or for ex" ponieść klęskę/karę" - to be defeated/punished
25 Apr 2010
Life / Any good Polish films to watch? [70]

i recommend films from "generation 2000" project.

My favourite is "inferno" based on true story

(whole film on website)

and "Dług" (Debt) one of the best films of tha last years.
25 Apr 2010
History / The Polish Blame Culture! [330]

Dont you know it's much easier to blame sb than do sthg right and look into the future? It's victim sindrome. (I wrote psychological article about it ;P ). In my point of view it's changing but we need some time. Still, but it's changing.

PS firstly we should accept the past then we could look into the future.
20 Mar 2010
Life / Babcia or Busha - any social class difference? [354]

"I know they both mean Grandmother....but does the difference have to do with social class or geography?"

Both are correct. Babcia is more...common and Busia is just diminution of babcia. Babcia's term has got neutral or positive emotions while Busia expresses only positive and strong feelings. If someone calls Busia it shows relationship between these people
1 Mar 2010
Travel / Nice restaurants in Warsaw [30]

"Ale gloria" is very good restaurant of polish cuisine, although it's not cheap. This is one of the best I have ever been.
21 Feb 2010
Life / Russian rap vs Polish rap [87]

Quite good russian rap


13 Jan 2010
Language / że & iż [16]

I speak ;) maybe not so often but it happens. In written language is quite common.
24 Dec 2009
Food / "Browar Jabłonowo" beer, A Christmas word of warning [18]

Zubr, okocim, zywiec, lech even tatra- the same Brewery either Heineken or Carsberg. ZThese beers were quite good and tasty, but it changed. now good bers are from local breweries like Van Pur, Dojlidy. I prefer Ciechan- it's popular more and more.

ps. jabłonowo is known very well, and they had good beer, maybe it has been changed as everything .
22 Dec 2009
Genealogy / Looking for my Polish family (Wieruszow area) [7]

you can contact with them

they can help you how to find informations about your grand parents. i suppose there are registers in local parish, so it's huge possibility that you can find there
22 Dec 2009
Language / Usage rules of ł in the Polish language [30]

If you watch a pre-war Polish film, you will hear the ł pronounced very differently.

In subway in Warsaw, the man use "dark l"- Metro Arsenalł ;)
20 Dec 2009
Life / Russian Language - is it offensive if I speak it to Polish people? [69]

i do not understand what you are speaking about :)
I am Russin living in Poland. Very often people speaks to me in russian in shops,restaurants, streets - even i speak with them on Polish. But every one always happy to mention that they had learned Russian at school, remember some words , knows Pushkin and have some friends in Russia

Maybe they want just to chat. I was learning russian in secondary school(it was few years ago) and I remember parents' protest: why, its not important, english is better etc. but i dont regret. I liked russian and I regret that i dont use it as much as i would. maybe these people even though it was associated with stalinism and comunism they liked that language and they wanted to talk and practise russian :)More over because of learning russian i liked and i was interested in slavic culture overall.
4 Oct 2009
Language / Polish slang phrases - most popular. [601]

what is the polish slang word for poop

recently, I've heard "rzeźbić szyszkę"/ "łamać się"(it's quite popular)

Phrases which are below occur in Poznan's slang
ćmiki- cigarattes
wiara- people/friends/mates

in Warsaw:
szamać- to eat (it's taken from jail slang)
cwel/frajer - idiot, asshole -pierdoła - asshole
mamona- money

the most common in use (of course just some of them ;) ):

kminić- to understand
czaić bazę- to understand
siema- hi
nara- bye
taksa (taxa)- taxi
waniać (from russian) - to stink
bania- głowa
PAJAC- PKiN- Palace of culture and scienece in warsaw
Złote szałasy/złote termosy - Złote Tarasy Centre
Wal się- f*** off