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16 Apr 2007
Language / Terms of endearment in Polish [222]

dear/my love/my darling (from a guy to a girl)?

dear = droga /or moja droga ("droga" other meaning = road)

my love = kochana /or moja kochana/ or moja milosci

my darling = ukochana/ or moja ukochana
28 Apr 2007
Language / Spelling "aunt" in Polish [142]

I'm sure children from Poland wouldn't know what's "busia" . Can u tell me Grzegorz where in Poland (what region) they know what's "busia". I really want to know.

Usually grandma is :babcia, baba or babunia.
31 Aug 2007
Language / "Poles" or "Polish people" - which is better to use? [200]

Most people know them as 'the Poles'.

Normally/officially :

A person from Poland : I am from Poland = jestem z Polski
Nationality (narodowosc).... Polish/ rarely Pole = Polak or: jestem Polakiem
Language (jezyk)....Polish = Polski

I wonder what are you doing here Michal anyway, are you trying to translate "their" (our Polish) language while having fun to play with the words or ...?

Why don't you try to help your nationality/the Russians?