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30 Dec 2009
Language / The longest polish word in existence is..... [23]

Hello all,

I am just at work (bored :/) discussing with my Polish friend what the BIGGEST/LONGEST Polish word is,

So what is it?
With an explanation would be appreciated but not necessary,

30 Dec 2009
Language / The longest polish word in existence is..... [23]

I showed her, She was familiar with it (So she says.....)
I was surprised not her LOL

So looks like it maybe settled then... the Biggest word is:

Any objections???
31 Dec 2009
Language / The longest polish word in existence is..... [23]


My Polish friend dismisses this as the longest word,

She said that you can make words with numbers Such as: dziewięćsetdziewięćdziesięciodziewięciowartościowy really long, but in the Polish Dictionary the longest word is: Konstantynopolitańczykowianeczka

She considers the 999 word cheating :(

I object your honour,

Regards Adam
24 Mar 2010
Language / Learning Polish, good for beginners? [29]


I am English and I speak a little bit of Polish,
I have done for sometime now,
Believe me it is difficult.... But im grateful that I have Polish friends that help me to progress,

It can be so easy to give up learning.... but where is the fun in that???

I say keep learning the language, dont be put off by the opinion of others,

Thank you all
This has been a good thread to read,
Just orederd my self some books that were mentioned above

Take Care
Kindest regards
10 Apr 2010
News / Polish President Lech Kaczynski and gov officials die in a plane crash in Russia [682]


Its interesting reading all your post,
Everyone is putting across there opinions and ideas,

But... we dont know the truth (yet),

But what we do know is this,

That what happened is tragic and there was a big loss of life
I just hope the BEST for Poland, for you all that will be affected by this,

I hope justice will be served if and where needed.

God Bless Poland and all its people
19 Apr 2010
Travel / Train from UK to Poland... How to do it? [8]

Hello People of PF

I live in the UK and have a Polish friend who is schedueled to fly home to Poland this Friday (23rd) Due to the situation with the Volcano in Iceland it looks unlikely she will be going by plane,

So it thought that maybe traveling by train (from the UK to Poland) was an option... what do you think?

I am hoping that there is somebody who may of done this themselves who can give me information such as prices, time spent traveling, destinations etc...

However in the meantime I shall look into this myself but your input would be very much appreciated,

Thank you
Kind Regards
19 Apr 2010
News / Current airports situation after the volcano events in Poland [21]

Hello All,

Due to the recent events involving the Iceland Volcano I was interested in knowing what the situation is with Polish Airports,

My Firend is suppose to Leave UK on Firday (23rd) evening and land in Katowice.
Assuming my friend will be able to leave UK, Will she be able to land at Katowice on Friday??? or will she be going by another means of transport???

If you could give me some info it would be much appreciated,

Thank you for your time,
Kindest Regards,
20 Dec 2010
Travel / Katowice airport situation? [10]

Hello all,

Hoping you can hlep me,

My girlfriend is going home to Poland this Christmas, (for the first Christmas in 3 Years YAY!!!)
But she is worried that she will not actually fly, I keep trying to reassure her and "keep the faith" that she will fly,

But we can not deny the facts, we both - as in Poland and UK are experiancing bad weather,

I was wondering could anyone help me and keep me posted of the current situation with the Airports/weather in Poland, TBH Moje Polski nie jest dobra so its hard for me to find the info (especially whilst I am at work LOL :-)

I am particuarly interested in Katowice airport.
She is flying from Doncaster/Sheffield in the UK and it's not so bad there, unlike London ^^

Anyway any info will be much appreciated


20 Dec 2010
Travel / Katowice airport situation? [10]

Awesome, thanks for the info guys this is all good stuff,

England where I am in "the land of the thieves" is pretty bad, Fog and ice and very little snow.

Lets hope all will be well, Same for all the rest of you people flying
14 Apr 2011
Travel / Hiking around Zakopane/ Tatra mountains [16]


I have been searching on here for some information regarding Zakopane. I am going in June with my girlfriend, Looking forward to it.

SeanBM - A special thanks to you sir, I just read your thread "Recommendations for Zakopane" That is one awesome thread. There is no wonder you are famous on here :-)

Ofcourse I appreciate everyone else's input on these forums. Good work.

With Zakopane aporaching I must get physically ready and scratch up on my Polish. Wish me luck ;-)

Kind Regards