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19 Sep 2009
Language / Polish Lessons Units [189]

More excellent videos can be found here:

8 Sep 2009
Love / Looking for a Polish love song [78]

Płomień Naszych Serc

I am not sure about this song but I like the music etc, I don't know what the lyrics mean, you may know yourself. It seems to have a sad vibe so maybe not suitable for your wedding.
6 Sep 2009
Language / Polish Swear Words [1241]

I don't think that swear words are good in any language.

If you hear someone swearing that you don't know it leaves a very bad first impression of the person.

Swearing should only be for exceptional circumstances which is understandable.

Swearing at work could be taken as a form of threatening behaviour and could mean disciplinary action. It is the verbal equivalent of the office worker going postal and killing everyone in the office.
29 Aug 2009
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1011]

I don't hate Poland. I think it is a nice country, nice people, nice weather in summer, good prices for visitors, nice scenery etc.
29 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls negative or positive personality trait? [267]

Personally Ive had two polish gfs, long term.. and realised that they both degenerated into massive negativity!

It could be the company that they are in that makes them negative, maybe it is you that needs to change or else simply you are the wrong person for them and vica versa.
23 Aug 2009
Language / Polish sayings [236]

co ma piernik do wiatraka

it means what has that got to do with anything

literally it means what has gingerbread to do with windmills

I have only heard one person saying this ever, don't repeat it unless you are trying to make the person laugh!
22 Aug 2009
Language / Free and accurate Online Polish-English / English-Polish translator? [49]

Aug 23, 09, 03:53 - Thread attached on merging:
A good place to get free polish translations online?

Does anyone know a good place to get Polish translations online?
Where you can post a video and get the meaning of a few words.
I would expect to have to translate something for someone else in return of course because nothing is free.
22 Aug 2009
Love / Are Polish Girls scared of English Guys [124]

I would say that some Polish women are scared of English guys while others want only to be with English guys and not Poles. Anyone would be scared of drink until you are a zombie English guys, that would be like going from the frying pan into the fire because Polish men drink a lot anyway and are proud of it!!!!!! :-(

If you watch Londyńczycy there is a funny episode where a Polish guy pretends to be English so he can impress a Polish girl and of course she goes psycho when she finds out. This is TV though, a different planet!