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28 Feb 2007
Language / The Polish language - it's bloody hard! [210]

I find it very hard, I've got a Polish book but I get confused on all the different variations on words.

My Polish friends say for an English person my pronounciation is good, but I always use the wrong variations of words.
3 Mar 2007
Love / English Men vs Polish Men [207]

English men are getting to be such a pain in the neck. They don't romance women any more. They invite you out to Dinner, or the Theatre - then expect you to pay for your own meals, tickets and drinks. What do they think it is!

I've never in my life met an English bloke that makes girls pay half for the meal. I've got a lot of friends and they ALL pay for their girlfriends.

Either you're dating complete loosers, students or unemployed tramps.

Seriously, why do people write such crap on here. I can understand you like Polish men, I like Polish girls but there's no need to make up lies about English blokes.

The man pays for the women, this is engrained in English culture, hence the reason why we all do it without even batting an eyelid. This is the reason why we pay the mortgage, give you your own credit card and buy you your own car and then take you shopping to buy bags full of pointless makeup so that you can sit in front of a mirror for 2 hours refurbishing yourselfs.

Then when we try to be romantic you'll shy away in case it damages your "independant women" image.

English girls need to appreciate what we do for them. Considering the average English guy only earns between £20,000 - £25,000 per year, what you girls get out of us is a lot more than we get out of our own income.
4 Mar 2007
Genealogy / Popular Polish First Names? [152]

Most of the Polish girls I know are either called Magda or Agniezska

I dont know how to write the polish guys names, they are hard to pronounce let alone write! With polish guys we generally just give them english equivelant names. For example Tomek would be tom.

I used to know a girl called Julia, but in Polish a J sounds like a Y, so in english its Yulia. I always used to wind her up about it, think that's why she went back to Poland lol
5 Mar 2007
Genealogy / Want to find a person in Poland [716]

I'm looking for a guy in Ireland called Patrick, his nickname is Paddy, has anybody seen him?
22 Jun 2007
Travel / Which city is better to visit: Warsaw or Krakow? [169]

which city is better to visit as a tourist: Warsaw or Krakow?

I've never been to Krakow but one thing I noticed is how massive and spaced out everything is Warsaw. I'm originally a Londoner used to living in the cramped city but in Warsaw there is so much room.

It's not a very attractive city but I've been to other places in Poland that are very attractive so it doesn't really matter in that respect.

To be honest I'd much rather spend my time in Poznan.