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2 Dec 2015
History / Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians? [869]

If you want to make russian behave like a robot give him some vodka. To do achieve such behavior from german you need legislation. We know them both and hate them, and love them equally. ...Jew driven americans are THE poblem.
25 Nov 2015
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [1033]

...Poprowadzę Cię... It is the statement of man beliving in his skills and knowledge (literal citation of Christ) Sentences "będę" and "zawsze" are obvious.
28 Oct 2015
Life / Can many young Poles speak German? [72]

Since my 44 years old life I have met four Germans speaking polish but there is plenty of people speaking german (older ones 30,40+). Ten years ago i was living with german girl since a few months we were talkig some english-german-polish mix. I am fluent in russian, french and a little in english. My son speaks english and russian, just started to learn spanish. German is odd. Polish "Niemcy" - "people who can not talk" is perfect
28 Oct 2015
Love / Asking a Polish man to marry me... [10]

What do you want to make him to do. ...And who you want to marry... When you want a MAN just ask him to act like ...or even try. When you want a supporter for few years ...make him. Its easy. With everynation
25 Oct 2015

audiobooks. Listen stories, you know in your origin language. It works for me better than movies. There is no time to translate and you have to understand language.
10 Jun 2015
News / Prediction: Poland to be World Superpower in XXI century [147]

Anarchy is natural sate of Poland, as it was in XV-XVIII century. Minimal central power and great indywidual. During Russian-Austian-German occupation we were disarmed. Hitler left us with personal IDs. Power will be again, not in the country but in the people. Talking about Poland as Superpower is stupid. Poles has no ambitions to rule the others. We are strong together against foreign agression but we prefer to fight each other for personal freedom.
12 Apr 2010
News / Polish President Lech Kaczynski and gov officials die in a plane crash in Russia [682]

Crash was the best thing could happend to Kaczynski.
1. No chance for second election in autumn.
2. Now he will be the best known of Polish presidents.
3. Everyne in the world knows now what Katyn is. ("Katyn" movie of Wajda was played sonday evening on 1st channel of russian TV)

4. Russia is closer than ever (in modern history) to Poland. All of them people and politicians.
5. A few years ago was similiar situation - conflict Kaczynski vs. captain of the plane (he did not respect Kaczynski`s order to land in bad weather conditions and had problems later).

6. Normally Kaczynski would be former president... now he will be national hero...
1 Mar 2007
Genealogy / Do Polish people have big noses? [451]

15 years ago a friend of mine studied in Pekin. He said that had have the biggest nose in the city (everyone there was telling it him)