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15 Jul 2010
Food / What is your favorite Polish Vodka? [607]

And who can explain to my neighbour-drunkard what is the difference between illegal cheap russian vodka and degradation of russian nation?

tell him that alcohol is evil ........i know :(
14 Jul 2010
Life / As EuroPride visits Warsaw - is it the start of overdue social change in Poland? (homosexuality promotion) [144]

a couple living together regardless of their sexuality should have the same rights

why ?I don't think so!

you being an ignorant peasant,

ah me peasant :D ?says you? aspiring to the first level of middle class, tell you what my dear, libertarianism is passée is for commoners.

women stopped parading in the street demand rights when they got the vote.

damn shame they got the vote!
14 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

that I see inconsistencies here.

well that the different kettle of fish - inconsistencies well may be - but I'm talking about the way it is ....

watch your family die through targetted bombing and tell me then that it isn't murder.

sure it is as killing civilians is murder ....

Were Iraq and Afghanistan 'necessary'?

No, but you are talking morals here .....and that yet another "kettle of fish":)
14 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

Well, please be so kind as to define it, IS.

murder is unlawful killing of human being with intent .....and state of mind distinguishes it from other forms of homicide.
For murder
there few exceptions like :
capital punishment
and killing enemy combatants

intent or guilty mind, which means that soldiers could be found of intent to kill but they are not investigated that way because they actions are exception and not treated like murder.....

governments are not above the law but they can sanction a war and killings and you cannot call it murder because you don't like it, anyway As long as only combatants are being killed ...

14 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

Do you want a nuke in the hands of a nutter?

yeah give me the nukes and I will set things right
14 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

mens rea

I know what it means Sean.

War is government sanctioned murder,

and because is government sanctioned is not called murder any-more......I have a strong suspicion that you are missing the point.
You are confusing civilian definition with law of war where that definition doesn't apply but if you could apply civilian definition that yeah you are right ....

I-S garbs his claymore, do you understand me now?:)
14 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

definitions of murder to follow.

murder means unlawful kill as in opposition to lawful kill for example an execution or a war
you killing an enemy combatant you murder unarmed civilian, both action are morally doubtful, but when you kill you do it with government sanction and that mean (democracy) every citizen sanction.

You don't like it - change your government not meaning of the word!

I-S ( aye )
14 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

I have studied the definitions of murder extensively and you can't limit it to 'connotations'.

its easer to discuss practical cases, all I'm saying is that you prejudice yourself against soldiers when you call their duty(however morally doubtful ) murder.

connotations' fine let use roots instead ....
14 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

Soldiers are supposed to kill, so it's murder as that is their stated objective.

no is not as the word murder has historical and cultural connotation, one you cannot change for propaganda reason. Why not say that killing another human being is wrong ?
14 Jul 2010
Life / Why are the Italians and Polski so much alike? [90]

Poland is the Mexico of Europe,

**** its confirmation what I was saying all along that our traitors and corrupt politician are making from Poland banana-republic.

How's that for a stereotype?

don't get excited is no good for your complexion
14 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

So Hitler's genocide wasn't an organized mass-murder?

man, of course it was as he was killing-murdering civilians ....hence the mass-murder and genocide expressions....

Does it change anything?

yes it does, language is a tool to communicate and to ensure proper understanding you need to use right tool to do the job properly.

You can use for everything a hammer but more often than not it will be a poor workmanship.
The same with words, you keep scream murder every-time and soon its meaning will become meaningless, so what will you achieve apart from emotional release?

the nature of declared war is just that, killing with mens rea and premeditated thoughts.

From the moral point of view I do agree with you. However legislation has it differently as killing during a war is regulated by law of war where your civilian application do not apply - generally soldiers are supposed to kill!
13 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

So you can do the math, and then have the nerves to tell anyone that war isn't murder.

its about definition and right word to describe an act. its not about emotion but about using the right expressions.
If you would said that killing human being regardless of circumstances except in defence of your live or the live of your family,is not right - I would agree.

However jumping on the tree doesn't make a monkey out of human - analogously your claims and emotion doesn't make it true .
Murder is murder, nothing less and nothing more ergo war cannot be murder although can encompass a many murders ....

whiping my butt with such euphemisms.

you wish ....
13 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

War is murder as there is malice aforethought and the requisite mens rea to kill. It isn't caused by reckless endangerment like is the case with manslaughter/homicide.

nope as war is one of the exclusions and is govern by different rules - Law of war !

Yeah, I got the gist of it.

good :)
13 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

actually war is killing people and killing people is murder,

no, murder is the unlawful killing of another human being with intent

Its legal as well as cultural term (criterion) to distinguish between certain acts of human beings. If someone killed in self defence you wouldn't called murder for number of reasons - for one - legislative.

The same goes for a war, to kill enemy soldiers is OK, but to kill civilians is not.
You well-meaning humanitarian attitude would only confuse the issue and at the end of the day would not help to protect non-combatants.
and here goes definition -

Killing of enemy combatants by lawful combatants in accordance with lawful orders in war, although illicit killings within a war may constitute murder or homicidal war crimes

I-S (OK?)
13 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

What's depressing is the fact that I spent quite a lot of time yesterday trying to make people on PF admit that war = murder,

because is not ......
murder is something different - why you PC fellows are bent on changing the meaning of words, do you naively hope you will change the world ?
12 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

Have I ever said dresden was a good thing? Nope,in fact even on this board I have stated that IMHO Dresden was a war crime and Harris should have been jailed.

I have no way of knowing it....

But,btw,dresden 1945...Battle of Britain 1940,so your point please?(actually,dont bother.)

well I wont bother if you don't understand you wouldn't understood either ...

Shooting dangling germans(maybe,who could tell at 300+ mph,could have been other allied pilots for all the bloodthursty barstewerds knew) who would have landed in England was just murder full stop.

that ********, murder is when you kill civilians, unarmed civilians, killing combatants is a way to do it, specially ones like Luftwaffe pilots, who were waging war against civilians population in Poland and in England (by the way in England they were provoked into such action by British government).
11 Jul 2010
Law / Poland's going forward while Britain is still trying to wake up [82]

No more than the Jews

Jews had at last fresh start.......anyway it easy to be wise I wonder how would any-so-proud-and wise- nation-from-the western part- of European peninsula would have looked like after 40 years of soviet reconstruction???/

Its all speculations thought !

I-S ( well)
11 Jul 2010
News / New cross war in Warsaw [530]

No doubt there will be more than one.

in the exact spot?
what do you want to tell us?

Maybe pettiness is an immanent Polish trait?!

What do you think ?
Maybe position between two parties are really inconsolable?!