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29 Dec 2009
Food / Polish culinary dislikes [83]

Lamb poles hate Lamb.

what a **** do you mean?, you beef. :P
29 Dec 2009
History / Have Poles blood on their hands? :) [496]

Sigh. No, I don't want to get into THIS kind of argument

What kind of argument is "this"?

I'm absolutely certain that Jedwabne and Kielce did happen

If by above you mean that in those places some number of people were killed, murdered and most of them were of Jewish origin -

nothing you say can convince me otherwise.

-I have no intension to convince you otherwise.

But if you mean something else than I would call it prejudice or foolhardy prejudice.
29 Dec 2009
History / Have Poles blood on their hands? :) [496]

I mean exactly that its a myth to illustrate alleged Polish guilt, anti-antisemitism and alleged participation in killing Jews.
There wasn't even proper investigation.
Other myth is Kielce and alleged pogrom.
Why is so hard to understand that not everyone is interested in facts but have an agenda.
29 Dec 2009
Life / Are foreigners welcome in Poland? [265]

but not this kind of staring like at animal in the zoo.

Its your interpretation, I confess that I sometimes stare(hope in discreet way) but its due to curiosity then malice.

Don't go to India then, because as a white woman you will be not only stared at but more....
29 Dec 2009
Food / Polish culinary dislikes [83]

root beer


- snails
- frog legs
- squid

instant mashed potatoes

- marshmallows

I dislike above !

apple pie & cheddar chese
- salting apples and watermelon

never tested !

Anything spicy.

yummy !
29 Dec 2009
History / Poland: Her heroes and her traitors [162]

He knew Washington

well, it doesn't mean there were friends!:)

Kosciusko initially reported to Gen. Gates and when he was relieved by Gen. Greene, Kosciusko worked with him and did most of his major works under Greene.

One of them was his friend!and other not!
29 Dec 2009
Life / Are foreigners welcome in Poland? [265]

But being here makes me wonder -maybe all the world is like that?

Generally speaking - yes!
And sometimes much worse!

Did I say I blamed anyone?

oh! You didn't said it but yes it was complain!
semantics aside, you don't like when people stare and you said it - this way you blame others for staring.
29 Dec 2009
History / Have Poles blood on their hands? :) [496]

Well, If that question is exclusively connected to WWII and Jews or is that more general and philosophical question?
If this about WWII and Jews that of course it is nonsensical rubbish.

I think that many if heard about Poland they heard about Catholicism and most likely myths about ardently/fanatically religious Poles.
That seems to be politically motivated as there is general trend to view Catholics as going against progress and liberty and being antisemitic anti- whatever ******** is trendy, now.

So there is also revisionism of history and thats why there such absurd and off mark views as Polish CK and such. Seems that west is no better then Russians and Soviets rewriting history anew to suits political agendas.

And Jedwabne is another myth.
29 Dec 2009
Life / Are foreigners welcome in Poland? [265]

This giraffe syndrome keeps annoying me and I can never get used to it -as i tend to forget the skin coulour of my bman and then I see this look and I can never understand what is going on in the beginning, and then I remember again.

And ? get use to it!
Do you think that in an African country people are not staring seeing white person?
Why you blame others for your discomfort? If you wanted feeling of belonging and uniformity you shouldn't have married person of color.
Learn to live with the consequences of your decisions!

Nobody has to like the fact that my husband is black

Not that I don't like it, I just don't understand the attraction of dark skin but some girl's(blond) are suckers for darker complexion as it is rather rare in Poland.

(although I don't see how it's anyone's business)

well, you are not lone island there other people beside you and they are entitled to an opinion.
29 Dec 2009
History / Does Poland deserve credit for the 1989 Revolution? [87]

There was nothing revolting about 1989 it was move engineered by communists to change the way of Soviet Empire and the way its was govern, which went partially awry.
28 Dec 2009
History / Poland: Her heroes and her traitors [162]

George Washington.

nay He was a friend of Jefferson but not Washington !
and general Gates ??or Green? I'm not sure which...
23 Dec 2009
News / Are Polish People Being Discriminated Against? Problems getting a US visa. [258]

Poland needs the US against Russia and Germany,

They will help Poland like in 1945 or like they helping right now.

Poland doesn't need USA,

The Polish aid in Afghanistan is more beneficial to Poland (training) than US,

You go over there you obviously need some training, it would be beneficial to you and maybe you will develop some sense.

after all the Americans and the Brits do all the real fighting over there.

sure, real fighting as opposite to beneficial training - why don't you tell this to the families of killed Polish soldiers?
As Americans do the real fighting, Polish military presents in Afghanistan is even more surreal!
23 Dec 2009

Get rid of the visa and half of Poland will come here.

Don't think so!
Those 2-3mln prone to leave Poland left already for EU country's.
Even if some of them would like to take they chances becoming illegal immigrant in the US I don't think it would have been substantial number.

Why would they want to become illegal aliens in US? That would be an option for those with family in the country but that is entirely different matter.

Polish citizens don't need visa to Canada anymore, have population of that country doubled lately ?

It will be the same situation that's happening in England right now.

there is nothing similar about situation !

but the Poles do not obey the law, overstay their visas,

My question is - Are only Poles do not obey the law and overstay their visas?
What about Czech, Lithuanians and other East Europeans country's which don't need visa to enter USA?
I fail to see connection between not obeying the law, and visas,
as nobody is willing or able to produce statistic !!!!

Some are here 20 years or more

ha!"20 years later" Alexander Dumas :D

Poles are so desperate to get to America because they are under the impression that money grows on trees

Well, maybe USA propaganda has something to do with it?LOL

I am a court interpreter and I translate to the Polish people

seems you have a job thank to them!:P

they fish and hunt illegally and they are bad drivers.

My,my what about swans do they hunt swans ?

Not all Poles are the same, many are nice but

Don't say? really ?no kidding ?
Well, on this side of the pond same say that not all Americans are stupid:D

they have it in them how to do things illegally under the table, bribe and cheat.

I must have been cuckolded then .
23 Dec 2009

No, you are claiming that the statistics are not kept: you prove that they are not kept.

if they are kept - produce them !Otherwise spare us from your silly stunts.

I like most of them and theyre not really the problem in the overall picture.

so, why keep them outside visa-free system?
That what I'm saying, Poles are not really the problem in overall picture, why are they and only they threated as the worst threat.

Why go to the US in the first place,

To see historic places of Civil War era like Wilderness, Gettysburg, Richmond etc and maybe Nathan Bedford Forrest's battlefields.
22 Dec 2009

Theres nothing to debate, its just a fact Poles dont get Visas because they dont honor thier attentions and skip out on returning back home.

Thats its for you to proof because I'm challenging that myth!
There nationals of others country's who also overstay they visit in US, nevertheless they do not need a visa to enter the country.
If indeed Poles are so bad why nobody is willing to produce stats to shut me up?
I say because said stats do not exist and all our talk its only speculation or they shows that in fact Poles are not that bad!

hey come here thinking they can find work and wind up pissing in an alley!

so what? everywhere are morons in your country they have you.

We didnt join the EU so we should be able to deicide who we want to let in or not.

yeah? you are not very successful, sure concentrate on Poles.

Im glad for the restrictions


Well, maybe .....but sure like hell its looks that way!

And I'm thinking about tourists, as for illegals kick them out by all means...but all not only Poles!
22 Dec 2009

bigot first of all,

I'm not a bigot, you are.....
You do not debate, you present your opinions and nothing else.
If what you claims is true and you are surrounded by dissolute Poles its has nothing to do with visa issue.
Which make you bigot and cvnt!cvn!

sure kiss British asses, you miserable bigot
22 Dec 2009
History / What British unit liberated Poland in 1945?? [445]

I'm sure Ukraine will do just fine.

will do even better without Polish lands.

Who pays?

I'm sure Poland will do just fine.

Poland can't afford to, that much is clearly obvious. If they could, why does Caritas and likewise have to feed children?

Why there need for charity in the USA?
Can't USA afford to feed children?

I'm sure Ukranians living in Ukraine are quite happy to feed their own ;)

and ? did you try to make some point here?if so you should try harder because you are not good at it!
22 Dec 2009

What a surprise to see you lying again!

I really would like you to meet you in person.

Whether a nation is permitted entry to the visa waiver program is based on the percentage of applications for a visa which are refused.

That what I'm saying Hairy, it is mambo-jumbo, those refusals are based on probability but there no way of knowing who will overstay visa and who will not - its a poor joke for which applicant have to pay 100$.

Of course they do. All passports are scanned on the way in and again on the way out. Cross reference that with visa info and you have the list of people who overstayed and their nationalities.

Where are those stats? Produce them or hold your serpent's tool behind your denture.

Ironass hates everything American, and Im glad they have restrictions on Visas otherwise this country would be attacked like the Poles swarmed into the UK.

Sir Ironside hates only stupid little fishy cvnts like you.
As to attacking "this" country I find your statement laughable.

The fact that 100's of thousands of Poles get a visa and then dissapear over there is the main problem.

The main problem is that 100s of 1000s of Lithuanians, Estonians, Latvians, Hungarians, Czech and other Europeans including Brits overstay their visit to US and only Poles needs visa.

Sweet lades and wise gentleman's will do good to remember about 10s of millions Latin Americans entering US without a visa.
Why oh why everybody fear Poles and blames them for their own shortcomings?

Ive never came across an Illegal Brit looking for a job

Does it means there are none? you are even more dumb then I thought!
20 Dec 2009

there are thousands of Illegal Poles in Chicago.

any stats?
Because US government doesn't have any....

why the government stopped giving them visas because they never return home when theyre supposed too,

Blah blah
How many others nationals do no return and they are not restricted by visa system?

Before you vilify US immigration people if you stay and do not return (which obviously happens) they could lose their jobs

visas should be abolish for Polish citizens and in this magical way immigration people can hold onto their precious, bureaucratic, worthless jobs in which they are obviously not very good.
20 Dec 2009
History / What British unit liberated Poland in 1945?? [445]

ultimatums aimed to steal other countries' lands:

you didn't have a country before 1991.
Podole, Lwów and other territories are Polish land and have always been Polish, regardless Ukrainian minority living there!
You come to poses stolen lands, by no merits of your own.
You on your own don't stand a chance, so keep spiting upstart:)

Anyway I think there is something fishy about you, are you Polish citizen?>

The tax system isn't too bad in Poland,


So what is 'right'?

as little tax as possible - it simplified.

Poland can barely afford to feed her own, let alone a huge amount of angry Ukranians

Poland can afford all right but there no need to feed Ukrainians, they can live in Ukraine!
20 Dec 2009
History / What British unit liberated Poland in 1945?? [445]

Judging Germany in a totally negative way, because of their past crimes
without acknowledging their accomplishments and merits throughout history.

oh I recognize their merit all right but fail to see what it has to do with judging them as a country - all those merit could be used for wrongdoing.

eplacing Germany as an "engine" of EU with Poland (well, not at this point
in time anyway).

Poland would have has been engine of quite different Europe Confederation if at all!

As for Poland being a European power, it will happen sooner or later, but hopefully
will be done in spirit of co-operation with other European countries, including Germany.

Sure, that is not gonna happen if Germany has anything to say, they make rules for others to obey whereas they make exception for themselves as they are "paymaster" of the EU.

surreal statements aren't to understand!

Sure, you Germans understand only when you want to understand :P
20 Dec 2009
History / What British unit liberated Poland in 1945?? [445]

Really? Care to point out polish "gifts" to mankind compared to Germany?

Freedom, tolerance, respect for individual rights!
I'm talking about philosophy of the state not individual achievements.
If bureaucratic and imposing state as Germany is an achievement - then I pass!
Poland way undiluted by communism is much humane and better like Americans attitude before central bank and federal usurpation.

You forgetting about Himmler, Hitler and bunch of others and their gifts !

That is not to say that I agree with what Ironside has said

You disagree with what ? that Poland should be an power?

I-S lots of copy and paste BB do you feel insecure with your German nationality - as its is resent thingy 1871:P