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7 Apr 2010

Thank you, P3, you are indeed a wealth of information. But now I have further questions…

Do I recall seeing somewhere that there was a Polish mayor or president or pope or something with a name very similar to “WOJTAL”? I know I’ve see mention of it somewhere around PF but I can’t find the thread just now.

And what does “topo nick” mean? I don’t understand this abbreviation.

Also, what does this mean?:

The –owski ending usually indicates a topo nick

I know you’ve explained the meaning of “-owski” before, but if you could again…
2 Apr 2009
Law / How do I verify a Polish company's existence? [191]

The most disturbing film I ever saw was a docudrama about this young, sweet, bright-eyed and virginal Eastern European girl who wanted to see the wonders that lay outside of her boring little village. So she signed up with an employment service that promised to take her to America. It took her there, alright.

It turned out to be an elaborate scam and she ended up being held against her will and sold into sexual slavery far from home in America.

No girl should ever –ever- respond to any solicitation on the internet or to any such travel or employment service. It could very well end up being the worst mistake of her life.

No one should think they’re safe or that they’re too smart to be taken advantage of. It could happen to anyone. Tell your daughters and sisters, your students, your friends and neighbors and nieces.

2 Apr 2009
Love / I need your opinion ladies - Polish girl very friendly with her ex. [47]

“Oh, hi honey. I’m gonna be staying at my ex boyfriend’s place tonight. We’ll be sleeping in the same bed together too. No worries though, we’re just friends. What? Don’t your trust me? What is wrong with you? B-bye.” Click.
1 Apr 2009
Love / What are Polish Women like? Just started to date one. [256]

it's not like we're ever gonna meet so you can think what you want really.

This is exactly why I don't even bother with some fake created persona.

And again, I'm cool enough just being me! B)

But I can be tough too. Look... B( <--how's that for tough?! Huh?
1 Apr 2009
Love / What are Polish Women like? Just started to date one. [256]

for many people internet as an advantage cos they can pretend to be someone they are not, sadly

Does anyone really represent themselves honestly on internet ?

dunno about u, but i do! :)

I do too. This is pretty much me. :)

Ain't I cool! B)
1 Apr 2009
Love / Are 98% of young Polish girls emotionally unstable and mood changing? [191]

i used to go out a lot and kissed a fair amount of guys (to be honest i don't even know how many?! haha)

Come on! Take a guess! :D

if i didn't want to meet them again and it was all a bit of drunken fun

Some girls like to get all turned on with no release. We guys don't understand this.

we almost got married - but it didn't last

Aw. It didn't work out? :(
1 Apr 2009
Genealogy / Red Hair - recessive gene from Poland? [108]

What does not kill you, will only make you stronger.

Discrimination can either drives you to success or 'kill you'.

Those who survive are the ones that adapt or 'fit' best and quickly to their environment.


I’m not particularly successful. I do ok, I’m not complaining, but I wouldn’t say I was unusually successful by the usual measures as compared to brownheads or others.

I think that through the years I have indeed experienced a degree of discrimination due to my red hair. See, having red hair is not as common here as it is in places like Scotland, we’re seen as a bit of a novelty. As a kid I was teased some and authority figures maybe saw me as trouble. Lol… Even as an adult in the working world I think it is a distraction and it causes people to maybe not take you as seriously. My youthful appearance which makes me look years younger than my actual age doesn’t help here either. But I’ve been able to overcome and assert my professionalism and earn respect.

So maybe this discrimination has indeed caused me to strive some? I never really thought about it before now.

But you still don’t hear us bitching and whining about being discriminated against –real or imagined- like we constantly hear other minority groups. We suck it up! Us Reds are tough!

And we do have to be more conscious of clothing color choices than others do! It’s like having a built in clashing device! Lol…
1 Apr 2009
Love / What are Polish Women like? Just started to date one. [256]

you should find somebody who will have it after the marriage

Yeah! So would every guy!... if we could read the future!

Better include it in the prenup

Ah, yes, the BJ Clause!

I've actually heard of cases where this happened.
1 Apr 2009
Love / Are 98% of young Polish girls emotionally unstable and mood changing? [191]

Seems to me that if he keeps going to the same clubs that word has probably gotten around among the girls that he’s a player.

“I met this Spanish guy last night at the club. We danced and kissed. He gave me his number.”
“His name wasn’t Joland, was it? Don’t call him!”
1 Apr 2009
Genealogy / Red Hair - recessive gene from Poland? [108]

Red head are most likely to be successful in life because of the discrimination.

Why? It drives us to succeed? Maybe we're discriminted against because we're successful?
1 Apr 2009
Life / Russian rap vs Polish rap [87]

A lot of new stuff is plastic like that. Zero staying power. No one will be listening to it 20 years from now, or even five years from now.