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27 Feb 2012
Language / "Pamiętaj o śmierci" Is this correct? [24]

you cannot afford any mistakes if that will be a tattoo.
why don't you just use memento mori? it looks and sounds much better in Latin than in Polish and everybody knows what that means.

just my suggestion.
9 Feb 2012
Love / Valentines Day & Polish men [87]

don't force him to be romantic! hahaha

i'm not a fan of Valentine's Day. i prefer when my husband brings me flowers/gifts or whatever any day of a year, without the pressure of tv commercials and calendar date. that is when i know it comes from his heart.

if your friend Kasia does not expect impossible from her man, she'll be happier. and him too.
8 Feb 2012
Love / Living with a Polish man, but he has a drinking problem? [60]

i would say that it is his character, not Polish culture.

althought, Polish men abroad seem to be drunks and cheaters. not all of them, but many.

just take that job, change the place and try to be happy without him, the other good things will follow. don't waste your life, it is too short. i wish you all the best.
22 Oct 2011
Language / Naming / Nicknames for Aleksandra or Alexandra? [24]

If a kid/person constantly has to say "no it's aleksandra, not alexandra" they may get sick of it.

what if the kid won't live in Canada?
people have some weird names and are asked to spell them all the time... not only foreigners... how many spellings can there be of one name? many.

don't exaggerate.
22 Oct 2011
News / Gap is setting up shop in Arkadia in Warsaw [20]

Good luck Warszawa. Gap ain't that good anymore. It used to have lower prices and nice clothes. But now, it's all about high prices and not interesting, plain designs. Yuck. Enjoy. :)
16 Oct 2011
Real Estate / Who designs houses in Poland? [66]

Designed by Robert Konieczny. Located in Warszawa.
12 Oct 2011
Travel / Andels Hotel Cracow (Krakow) [6]

Would anyone know if this hotel is located in the centre of krakow?

yes, walking distance everywhere.