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13 Jun 2012
Love / "Marian" complex of Polish women [16]

yeah, if you wanna discuss what you will use as pubes, please use a PM.

and be carefull, as a Polish woman, or a woman in general, you may be accused of anything by men.
13 Jun 2012
Love / "Marian" complex of Polish women [16]

OK, let me sum this **** up.

How all Polish women dare to think, they are the most beautiful in the whole world!!! How men dare to think that as well!!! They are nothing more that "pospolite pasztety"!!! Polish women think of themselves they are God sent, godesses, have "Marian" complex and attitude!! How dare they!!! They are stupid, shallow cows, gold diggers who only hunt rich foreigners to rip them off. They sleep with anybody and everybody, maybe with goats too if you think of that!!! ******, prostitutes, and not human like creatures.

I'm glad that all men meet on this forum to share their sad experiences with pretty much ****** up Polish trash women.

Is that all or did i miss anything?
1 Jun 2012
Work / Polish nurses, gender and salary [32]

many of my nurse friends in Krakow had to get masters to keep their jobs in a hospital. they make between 2000-3000 zl, depends on experience.

try Instytut Pielęgniarstwa i Położnictwa UJ in Krakow.

gender doesn't matter.
31 May 2012
Life / Which services is Poland still waiting for? [218]

Buy one soda/coffee and get another one for free?

and let your ass grow bigger and bigger? hell no. it's not healthy. Poland already introdiced stupid fast food to the kids. it's enough.

beside, a coffee refill is made only of the ****** tasted one. you won't get a free refill of a cup of good, tasty coffee.

so Poland, stay away.

To be honest, who really needs a self-service laundry in Poland?

it is convinient. although, it's not fun useing a washer mashine after a mommy who accidentally washed a poopy diaper. gross.
30 Apr 2012
Life / You are Polish if... [433]

I recommend staying on "being Polish, not English" topic. A road to suspension is short nowadays.
11 Apr 2012
Travel / Shooting around Krakow? [8]

Krakow, Poland - shooting range: