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4 Jan 2009
USA, Canada / Where can I meet Polish women in Chicago [75]

^a friend of mine was taking some classes at a church some time ago. but i guess this could be a hit or miss (in terms of age).

you can also try going to a polish deli, and try your luck there. i've seen quite a few attractive girls almost in every deli store i went to (ask the girl for a piece of cheese and her phone number ;) ). but that's really all the advice i can give to anyone looking for polish girls, as i myself don't look for one.

oh, and twice a year (in April/May and August/September) students from UIC/Layola have a PASA Picnic in a forest preserve on a south side (somewhere around Justice). usually about 200-300 people show up, and there's plenty of single girls out there just waiting for you guys.