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19 Aug 2015
News / Polish-foreigner marriages increasing [48]

It's hilarious how you all are missing the fact that in Poland there is more females than males in age group 18-40. So if this women want to find a husband they HAVE TO look for foreigners, otherwise they will be single till the end of their lifes.
30 Jul 2015
News / Have PO (Platforma) operatives in Poland fallen into a panic? [332]

Current pension system was first introduced in XIXth century when typical family had 3-5 children and life was much shorter. It simply can't stand as it is and increasing retirement age is a road to nowhere, it won't fix the problem - we have to find different solutions. If they manage to overthrow latest legislation increasing retirement age they will be forced to fix it in other, hopefully the better way.
30 Jun 2015
Law / Pakistani married to Polish Girl in Sweden [40]

So you would not mind your sister or daughter marring ethnic European, non-muslim man? Oh, you would mind actually? That's the problem with you people, you claim right to hit to any european female but somehow yout think it doesn't work in opposite way.

It can be seen around the Europe. Arabs dating/marring European women and hardly any Arabic girl dating/marring ethnic Europeans because they are so controlled by their parents/brothers/uncles. When girl is trying to do something against their will it often ends with so called ,,honor killings".

Disgusting double standards, no wonder people around the Europe are starting to open their eyes.
30 Mar 2014
Real Estate / Preliminary Contract - Purchase of Apartment [26]

I disagree with you - sworn translator may not catch all consequences of contract terms (he is not a lawyer afterall) and believe me - this can be very tricky. Notary will not replace normal legal advice, you won't have time to re-negiotiate some terms etc. You know how it is, its difficult to change your mind in last moment.
30 Mar 2014
Real Estate / Preliminary Contract - Purchase of Apartment [26]

I'll give you guys a little tip: if you want to check legal status of property you are interested in, you can do it for free via internet. All you need is Księga Wieczysta number (number in land and mortgage register). You can do it here:

This is not a private site, this is official online register run by Ministry of Justice. You can check who is the owner, if there are any mortgage and few other legal details.

Of course i don't recommend to rely on it if you don't speak perfect Polish and you are not familiar with legal nuances.

Generally i strongly recommend to hire a lawyer in such cases, especially if you are a foreigner. His services aren't that expensive in such easy and small case. What's 200-800 zł in comparing to the amount of money you are paying for your apartment? Is it really that much?

Remember also we are speaking about preliminary contract - iit would be nice if someone checked if there aren't any disadvantageous (for you) paragraphs there.
12 Oct 2013
Law / Changing contract without consultation? Advice on EU/Polish employment law needed. [5]

I think she can claim that her earlier agreement was a preliminary contract. If Polish law is applicable in this case (and i think it is) she can demand execution of a contract or indemnity for not signing promised contract. In any case:

- she would have to sue them before Polish court,
- if she is determined to push this case forward she will have to employ a lawyer.
25 Aug 2013
History / Recomended Poland's history books [18]

Norman Davies - God's playground: A History of Poland. Probably best book avalible in English which covers Polish history from Xth to XXth centruy.
16 Jun 2013
News / Footie hooligan punch-up thwarted in Poland [47]

Where people have a right to walk without thugs battling

Some would find it very interesting ;).

Regarding your views about their freedom to behave like that, I wonder if they all have private health insurance to cover the cost of treating their self-inflicted injuries or whether they expect the rest of us to subsidise it.

1. I hardly ever hear in the news about tragedies happened during such fights,
2. Most of them are adults and despite common view most of them have job so they are forced by state to pay for health insurance, i don't know why would they have to buy additional private insurance.

3. If not - well, that is patology of public health care system. I would never agree to get rid off my personal freedoms because of it.
16 Jun 2013
News / Footie hooligan punch-up thwarted in Poland [47]

That's stupid. If grown men want to fight eachother somewhere in the woods let them do it. Why would anyone stick his nose into it? That's their life, their health, their business. I prefer them to fight eachother under their rules than involve into it some innocent people on the streets.

And no, i never participated in such "event", but nannystate simply disgust me. there should be only one rule - you can fight BUT if someone got killed or seriously injured all of you will suffer legal consequences. It up to them if they want to take a risk.
19 Feb 2013
Real Estate / Kodeksu cywilnego Umowa najmu for tenants in Poland and laws governing tenancy agreements [16]

All clausules mentioned by you will be in force if you sign the contract. Civil Code regulations are not mandatory and in most cases(not always but its to big topic to write about it here) you can modify it in your contract.

Act on the protection of the rights of tenants(Ustawa o ochronie praw lokatorów) mentioned earlier also allows both parts of the agreement to modify for example your obligations regarding repairs etc.

EDIT: someone posted you more details anyway :).
3 Feb 2013
History / A legacy of Serfdom in Poland? [7]

Not really... up to 7 work days per household, which usually meant that a family made of several people worked for 1 day a week, they also could pay someone else to do this job, and all of that was instead of paying taxes... today paying ZUS or paying off mortgage is so cool ? The same shyt with better makeup.

Exactly. To fulfill his obligation peasant had to work maximum 104 days per year and that was this tax. In modern Poland we work 164 days per year to pay all taxes...
1 Feb 2013
Life / How can Polish people afford Polish candys?? [9]

This are "exlusive" sweets rarely bought by people with average salary. Besides this boxes arent small and until you are not sweet-addicted man you can eat 0,5 kg of "Ptasie mleczko" for few days/weeks. You also have to note the fact that boxed candies are more expensive.

By the way, yeasterday i managed to buy original "Michalki" for 10 zł/kg(not boxed, packed only in silver paper, on sale) ;)
27 Dec 2012
History / Destructions of Poland thoughout centuries [54]

Were those territories ethnically Lithuanian? What business was the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth doing on territories inhabited by Finno-Ugric Estonians, Baltic Latvians, and Eastern Orthodox Slavic Ruthenians/Belarusians/Ukrainians and Russians?

Territories of old Kiev Rus had been conquered by Lithuanians in medieval times. After joining Poland and Lithuania by the Union of Lublin it naturally became part of Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. You have to remember that Ruthenian and Lithuanian boyars unlike Lithuanian aristocracy supported this union looking for privilages of Polish nobility which were promised to them by king Sigmund II August.

When it comes to Livonia - territories inhabited by Latvians and Estonians read about Treaty of Vilnius 1559, 1561. Rulers of that territories - Livonian Order in exchange for political and economic freedoms put themself under protection of Polish king. Every Batic power of XVIth century wanted to control Livonians ports - especially Russians, Swedes and Denmark. Livonian Order knowing that they cant hold this lands seeked for best option and they chosed Poland and Lithuania.

This is one of phenomens of Polish-Lithuanian state - expansion not by war but by unions with other states.

By the way - Polish invasion on Russia in 1609 was our answer on Swedish-Russian alliance directed against Poland. It was simply another act of Polish-Russian-Swedish conflict not "Polish expansionism" and will to conquer Russia.
26 Dec 2012
History / Destructions of Poland thoughout centuries [54]

Poland had an army which could put up initial resistance and save time to build up better defences.

I cant agree with you, you underestimate psychological impact Swedish invasion had on morale of Polish population. Since XV century until 1655 not a single enemy soldier entered Polish mainlands! All wars were fought at borderlands - Pomerania, Prussia, Livonia, southern border, eastern border or at enemy territory. Most of this war were succesful for us. Now lets think about political and military position of Poland n 1655:

- all armies are on the east
- civil war against cossacs and then against Russians lasts for 7 years. In 1654 Russia invaded Poland with army of ~100 000 soldiers.
- Polish nobility had to to pay additional taxes for massive armies and serve in military
- i mentioned Battle of Batoh 1652 and POW killing. Just three years before Swedish invasion, due to commanders failure Poland lost all best units, officer corps, experienced and well-trained soldiers.

I'm not suprised we couldnt fight back in 1655. However after Poland re-deployed its armies it took less than two years to drive Swedes back(despite Brandenburgia and Transilvania invasions in 1655 and1656), in 1657 Poland was even able to send expeditionary corps to aid Denmark in war against Sweden but still - Poland was ruined and depopulated.
26 Dec 2012
History / Destructions of Poland thoughout centuries [54]

Polish Army at Ujscie was just bunch of local nobles(mass movement), not regular forces(0 Winged Hussars, 0 "Pancerni", 0 Dragoons/Reitars, 0 professional infantry, 0 royal artillery). They were no match for Swedish professional veterans. All Polish regular units were engaged on the east in fights against Russians and Cossacs, besides Poland suffered massive loses in 1652 after Battle of Batoh when Cossacs slaughtered few thousands Polish prisoners(all were experienced soldiers, core of our army).
6 Dec 2012
UK, Ireland / How long will Poles use communism and ww2 as an excuse to move to the UK? [55]

Before WW2 Poland had higher GDP per capita than for example Greece and Portugal. War and 45 years of communism changed that. Thats the fact. Between 1989-2004(before entering EU) Poland tripled its GDP per capita. Thats the fact.

About communism influence - look at Germany. Gap between Western and Eastern Germany is even deeper than before WW2 because of communist economy model. Between 1990-2012 Western Germany pumped ~900 billions into E.German economy but still it has similar gdp per capita as Poland!

In other words - this thread is hilarious.
29 Oct 2012
History / Polish relation about Russians, Ukrainians? [281]

But is not she represented in a book as a ``good Catholic`` and Polish-speaking?

I dont know about her faith and language, if she is described as Ukrainian she speaks their language.

And is there any mention in the movie that she is not Polish?

Jeremi Wiśniowiecki said to Skrzetuski that she is related to Rurik dynasty. Besides movie is movie, its just shorter version of book.

And didn`t Domogarov/Bogun received only brief characteristics from side of Helena as ``A Terrible guy``?..

He did. I bet it is not a hard word from a mouth of a teenage girl promised against her will to a stranger.

Thats naturally, of course, because how Polish woman could fall in love with some Ukrainian/Ruthenian guy?! This animal? Impossible!.

.She was Ukrainian. And stop crying like a little girl and think about it twice. Helena was a noble woman, Bohun despite his fame of a great soldier was a peasant not worthy of a hand of Helena. That was the problem.

Read something about Jan Karol Chodkiewicz, one of the greatest military commanders of Polish-Lithuanian state. His mother was Polish and father was a Ruthenian noble. their marriage wasnt a problem because both were nobleman.

By the way, wasnt it Ukrainian Insurgent Army(UPA) which slaughtered thousands of Ukrainians man and woman in 1943-1945 just because they were married with Poles?

Is there actually any Polish movie in history (at least after 1989) in which any Ukrainian would be represented as a good personality?

With Fire and Sword cossacs are portrayed as brave people. Battleof Warsaw 1920 include Ukrainian soldiers which are Polish allies and enemies of communism.

In modern Polish slang word "Kozak"(cossac") is a complement which people use to describe someone as a brave man.

Not in movie With fire and sword definitely where Ukrainians are worse than plague and more terrible than fire.

Lets face the truth - between 1648-1654 cossacs slaughtered tens of thousands people, most of them were Jews. They were bloddy bastards but not much diffrent from most of people of XVII century.
29 Oct 2012
History / Polish relation about Russians, Ukrainians? [281]

One of the Ukrainian cossacks kidnaped Polish woman
and tells to her that if she will not give to him sexual favour he will find fiance will cut skin from him alive(!) and will
through it to her legs! I wonder, what Polish children may think when they see such a scenes?

Fail. That "Polish woman" is Helena Kurcewiczówna described in book as Ukrainian/Ruthenian noble distantly related to Rurik dynasty(extinct by then).
13 Oct 2012
History / Difference between the Pospolite ruszenie and the Winged Hussars in Poland? [10]

So would a Winged Hussar banner be made up of nobility and those in direct service to the Szlachta like squires?

Exactly. I forgot to mention that every man chosen to serve by commander had to upkeep few additional mens(plus as you said squires). They were called "pocztowi". So recrutation proces looked like that: commander->companions+their"czeladź"(squires)->pocztowi + their squires

I'm slightly confused about the concept of the Pospolite ruszenie

Recrutation to Hussars and "Pancerni" units looked just like i described above. Such unit was well-trained, disciplined, had clear chain of command and was equipped by certain pattern.

Now try to imagine that every able men in your city is called to service. No matter whats your physical condition, how rich you are, whats your motivations - everyone comes with his horse and weapons he is able to purchase. That was pospilite ruszenie. They were not suited for long and hard campaigns because everyone wanted to back to home on harvest and generaly speaking - to take care about their own business.

Of course we have to note the fact that "pospolite ruszenie" not everywhere was the same. On borderland where people were constantly threated by Tatars/Turks raids noblemans knew how to fight, what weapon they should carry, how important discipline was etc. On the other hand we have example of pospolite ruszenie from Greater-Poland. In 1655 they capitualted without a single shoot when they saw incoming Swedes. Why? Because they were inexperienced soldiers, not used to military service because Greater-Poland was untouched by wars since XV century.
13 Oct 2012
History / Difference between the Pospolite ruszenie and the Winged Hussars in Poland? [10]


Main diffrence was recrutation system and requirement regarding weapons. Winged Hussars "banner" was professional unit on king or aristocracy service or was formed by a nobleman(usually rich and experienced soldier) appointed by a king or hetman. Such man was obligated to find recruits for his unit and take care about their equipment. Of course commander prefered rich(lower cost of arming such unit),.experienced and proven soldiers because they became his brothers-in-arms. Noone would like to go to war with weak, badly equipped cowards. Commander was also given money for payments and for buying lances(the only part of Hussars arms provided by state). Of course every Hussar carried more or less similar weapons, such details like number of pistols, type of breastplate, shoes, or tiger/leopard/wolf skins depended from soldiers preferences and purse.

"Pospolite ruszenie" was just obligation of all noblemans for military service. No matter what arms did you carry or how disciplinated r experienced you were - you had to serve in army. Usually it was rallied when regular army wasnt enough to deal with enemy. Last time Polish parliment/king did it in 1656 after their massive failure during Battle of Warsaw against Swedes.