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Robert A   
31 Jul 2008
Language / Polish Lessons Units [189]


I'm all out 'em!!! And I'm a native Brit!

Suffice to say, you have produced an excellent body of work. I sincerely hope that you feel justifiably proud of what you have achieved here.

Without your help, I wouldn't even begin to know where to start learning Polish!!

I look forward to your next post(s) with eager anticipation.
Robert A   
12 Sep 2008
History / Life in communism vs democracy in Poland [234]

I think (from my biased teachings) that communism offers more security than democracy does and wondered if people who lived under communism ever had that feeling.

You've only to look toward Russia - and the ascendancy of Authoritarianism - to see how a population is reverting to its former self; based solely on the perceived benefits of former communism. The Motherland will take care of all your needs . . . from cradle to the grave.
Robert A   
14 Sep 2008
Life / Child Adoption in Poland? [138]

a baby that comes to us would not want for anything. he/she would have the best of everything

Presumably this would encompass your unconditional love and devotion too . . . . ?
Robert A   
6 Oct 2008
Love / Are Polish Girls scared of English Guys [124]

Firstly, why would you confine your question to English guys?

Secondly, My girlfriend is Polish and I am English - to date she's never given me any indication that she's scared of me - but I think I've never given her reason to be afraid . . .

Just my thoughts :)
Robert A   
25 Nov 2008
Work / Poland Work Permit / Study Visa Processing Times [191]

Yet, thinking that I may have to do the same thing next year makes me feel depressed.

Simple solution - don't thiink about it! :)

You have all the necessary documentation (keep it safe) and now that you have been through the process once, it should be easier the second time around.

. . . or is it ????? :/
Robert A   
1 Jul 2009
Life / Poles are not racist [873]


Good points you raise here. My girlfriend is Polish and has been here, in the UK, for almost 4 years now.

She wants to make a life for herself here and is learning the language, and making an effort ot integrate. By the same token, some of her house mates are only here to work, speak little, if any, English and make no effort to integrate. Why should they? They're only here to work, not to make a life for themselves. For what it's worth, I don't have a problem with that.

I think many Brits fail to make the distinction in this respect. Largely, because they don't understand that most migrant workers do not intend settling here.
Robert A   
2 Jul 2009
Language / I want to learn Polish. Where to start? [180]


The second set of Rapidshare links are DEAD, as are the links for FastShare.

First set of Rapidshare link are still working.

Thanks for the share :)
Robert A   
23 Jul 2009
Life / Some People in Poland Drink Ether? [11]

Don't really know if this is what your're talking about, but have a look here:

and here:

Strictly, speaking they shoud be pushing up the daisies! ;
Robert A   
8 Oct 2009
Love / How to please Polish women? [216]

Age could explain many things.

Minie is 10 years younger than myself - and older, by a considerable margin. than 20 years - but is sill a hottie in the sack . . . much better than any 20 year old :)
Robert A   
7 Mar 2010

Did anyone hear a loud whooshing noise in the early hours in Warsaw , followed by a high pitched squeek , then a thud , and lots of bubbling noises...?

Sounds like my neighbour . . . she's a real goer :D But as I live in Luton, I guess it wasn't her.
Robert A   
8 Mar 2010
Love / How to convince English boyfriend to learn Polish? [39]

I'd have to say that I had a real job of trying to get my ex Polish girlfriend to teach me her language and culture.

Conversely, she has been here nearly four and half years and is making steady progress with English but really doesn't have any inclination to learn anything about English culture.

Whilst I can sound off a few phrases, I really can't hold a conversation even at simpleton level.

My exposure to the Polish language is severely limited and thus it has compounded my
ability to make steady progress.

pronounce the Polish words wrong and friends and family laugh, it is the best way of breaking the ice and having fun

I agree entirely :)
Robert A   
13 Mar 2010
Off-Topic / To ALL IMMIGRANTS ("expats") to Poland on this forum... [124]

No way, we dont want SeanBM back!

Would that be the Royal "we"?

Anyway, what have you got against your fellow countryman aside from the fact that he has absolutely nothing - aside from an accident of birth - in common with you? (mercifully) ;)
Robert A   
16 Jun 2010
News / Nigel Kennedy on Poland (Positive and Negative Thoughts) [25]

It was on BBC1 last night . . . Alan Yentob's, "Imangine" series (something for the Jew haters to bang-on about).

If u have BBC iPlayer u can watch it again . . undoubtedly, it will be repeated later on in the week at stupid o'clock in the morning.
Robert A   
18 Jun 2010
Off-Topic / I blame the Poles [36]

fun thread! thumbs up!!!

Hey pg . . . u feeling bored?? ;)
Robert A   
29 Jun 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

I was based at Northolt for 3 years . . . so far the prog appears to be unbiased & certainly it reflects the frustration of the Polish pilots.
Robert A   
29 Jun 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]


16 kills in 15 minutes - all confirmed!! Highest scoring sqn at that time!!!

No doubt, if we didn't have the Poles, we would've lost the Battle of Britain . . . very close run thing!!

A shame that their sacrifice wasn't acknowledged in 1946
Robert A   
10 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

I started this theread to draw attention to a story that was told from the Polish pilots of 303 Sqn's pespective (through the medium of a diary), rather than from a history book in school.

Whilst I did study contemporary history at school; it was never taught from the perspective of the "Free Forces", and specifically, 303 Sqn.

This programme offered that perspective; I greatly appreciate that.

I am, after all, a "Brit", and would, therefore, be incapable of recoginising true courage in the face of extreme adversity, & readily acknowledging those sacrifices as made by all of the "free forces" fighting with GB and her allies during the course of WW II.

Moreover, having served in the RAF, and having been based at RAF Northolt during my service, I am happy, and proud, to draw attention to the courage & sacrifice of those, such as 303 Sqn, to this forum.

For those of you who believe that the rest of the world is against you, fear not!. Some of us do recognise the valuable & decisive contribution of the Polish pilots during the course of the Battle of Britain, and thereafter.

For those of you to myopic to recognise the distinction, I offer my sincere apologies.
Robert A   
10 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

is/was there any photos or anything of the 303 left at the airbase?

Indeed there is! All of this is held in the Officers Mess! RAF Norhtholt is also famous for having the oldest Officers Mess in the RAF, dating back to WW 1
Robert A   
10 Jul 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

I guess they don't allow visitors

Dunno, I was there between 78 - 81. Sorry :(