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29 Jan 2010
Life / Picking up BBC television in Poland [41]

We use a slingbox with our TV at home - works like a charm and I watch it on my TV, not my computer, because I have a Sling Catcher.
15 Jan 2010
Food / Burgers, why not in Poland? [54]

I second Hard Rock Cafe in Warsaw, it's the only place I have had a decent burger. Granted I don't order them a lot, but if you're going to get one, get it there.
5 Dec 2009
Life / Levi's Jean Size U.S. - Polish [20]

Trust me, I'm wearing size 8 levi's right now. The USA has come accustomed to "Vanity sizing" and a size 8 in women's is really a 10.
3 Dec 2009
Life / Levi's Jean Size U.S. - Polish [20]

I'm a US size 8 and wear an EU size 40. I think if she's wearing a 38, she can get away with a 6 or junior's 9 n Levis.
9 Jan 2009
Life / Olsztyn life; I'm Indian and I like the place [43]

I've been in Olsztyn since October and it's been great. The people are nice, the area is pretty and it's got everything we need. Also, the public transportation is good and reliable.

I can't wait to be here during the spring/summer so we can enjoy all the lakes.
19 Nov 2008
Travel / Why does everyone seem to hate LOT Polish Airlines? [380]

I flew LOT from ORD to WAW and had no problems, service was great, and they even gave my husband and I middle row seats with an empty seat in the middle. We were traveling with our two small dogs and the flight attendent let us take them out of their pins in the middle of the flight. I thought that was great. The only downside was the food was kind of gross, there were little bones in my chicken, but other than that we had a smooth flight. I would fly with them again in a heartbeat.
7 Jul 2008
Life / Dog Boarding Facilities/Dog Hotels in Poland [28]

We're moving to Olsztyn in August. We are planning on taking our two dogs. Do you know if there are dog boarding facilities in either Olszytn or Warsaw (we'd just leave them in Warsaw if we're flying somewhere). Also, are they good quality? Does anyone know if there is a website I can try to find one? I've tried searching, even in Polish, and not getting much as far as results.