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17 Aug 2010
Study / Studying in Poland in English [35]

- University of Wroclaw

Programs in English: Fee per year - non-EU/ EU - Bachelor €3500/€2000 . So expensive?!
11 Jun 2010
Work / Au pair in Poland, how much should I earn? Taxes and insurance. [13]

Hello. I am interested about this too. Where can I found a website for this matter? Usually I can find websites for Polish people to go in England , Germany, Ireland , Usa etc but not for people from abroad to go in Poland..
15 May 2010
Life / Anyone living in Szczecin? What's the city like? [69]

I have been in Szczecin quite few times and every time I loved it. The only season I haven`t seen is autumn. Stayed there last time this year, 3 months. Is a cozy town and a lot of green areas which I love that. Is near the sea so in summer the easiest way is to go to Międzyzdroje or Świnoujście. I haven't met any British or American but many of young people speak English as it is university city. You can hear there all over, on the street, on the buses etc.

There is a person which makes some meetings every Wednesday at 18.oo in Piwnica Kany. Here is the website [] I actually haven't been there, but next time I`ll meet them.

I've made a short video last time I've been there and post it on internet. Hope ypu like :)

Greetings from Romania.
17 Feb 2010
Life / Why do you choose to stay in Poland, why not other country? [152]

ha I liked your post :)
Well I am actually in Poland, and I was here several time past years. As people, all that I encounter were very nice , but I`m sure that like in every other country there are kinds and kinds of people some rude some worst..

As food.. don`t know what to say but I like Polish dishes. Maybe is not a variety but I enjoy :)
17 Feb 2010
Travel / Credit / Debit Cards to use in Poland [37]

well.. i just said that I were at mBank and the women there said that I need a Polish ID to open an account... I didn't had time to check Millenium yet
17 Feb 2010
Travel / Credit / Debit Cards to use in Poland [37]

Are you an EU citizen?

Yes I am.

My American friend (no polish ID or citizenship, no permanent residence either) managed to open account with Millenium bank. Try there!

Hmm, I will have a look on this bank also.. thanks!
6 Dec 2009
Travel / Credit / Debit Cards to use in Poland [37]

Thanks a lot, I will try that bank.

Ok I`m back with the problem. I just were to mBank and they said that if I don`t have Polish ID they can`t make an account for me.. So, in the end, it is impossible to make an account at a Polish Bank without having a Polish ID?
7 Oct 2009
Work / Studies In Poland, is it easy to survive on part-time jobs? [259]

Hey Kowalski, sorry for replying so.. late, meanwhile I found that website and this email but I wrote them on this one mail and is not working..I can`t find another one to send. I will write in English and I don`t know who will answer me if I will send to another email of them..
28 Jun 2009
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [1022]

Hello, I need a translation for this "przepraszam, że czasem taka suka ze mnie." , coz google is translating in a strange way and I don't know how I would take it.

24 Nov 2008
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [1022]

I need a translation for this for a girl:
I miss you a lot..and one of these days I will be next to you. I promise you!
7 Nov 2008
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [1022]

How do u say to a girl, "Good night and sweet dreams my love!" ?
Dobranoc i słodkich snów moja droga ?!
31 Oct 2008
Life / Reasons for moving to Poland [291]

What were the reasons

Well.. Like in that song of Morandi, love is the answer.. One year ago I didn`t know to much about Poland, but now I`m more curious to learn many things like culture, language.. Maybe some of you, you`ll say.. "c`mon u didn`t find a better country to learn about..". Well.. I prefer to learn polish instead of german :D even if this language is a slavic one, not latin like Romania..

I like the green spaces everywhere.. not like here, everybody to cut some trees to make some light in their living room..
And , in another point of view, I like that Tyskie :)) I prefer beer instead of vodka or drinks like that..
I`m kipping my faith ^^
Good luck!

30 Oct 2008
Language / Polish slang phrases - most popular. [606]

Hello! I want to ask if someone can tell me some words between young ppl.
Like buziam instead of buziaczki .. Words like this that a teenage like. No rude words please! Thank you much!
29 Aug 2008
Travel / Cheap places to stay in Szczecin? [12]

Hello! My name is Florin 22yo,student from Romania. I was in Szczecin 2 weeks ago, and I like that city so much, and i want to plan my next trip there. The problem is that, 2 weeks ago I stayed at a hostel, named Amicus. The next time that I want to be is in middle of october, and the lady from there said that it will be full of students that time :| This will be a big problem. At Amicus I payed 32 zl/day.

Can anyone tell me what I can find there at around this price? Coz, I found some pensjonat Rika near the centrum but on the website says that cost 35 zl/ day and when I called, it`s 80 zl... the maximum that I can pay is 40-50 zl/day as I want to stay there 5 or 7 days.

Please Help me! I`ll appreciate!!