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6 Jun 2008
Law / Import a car from US to Poland [23]

Ok I spent the last 2 days researching this subject and this is what I found out. You can export a car to Poland but if you didnt own it for at least 6 months in the USA you will have to pay 3 taxes: 10% Customs Tax, 22% VAT Tax and 30% (Border) Tax if the engine size is greater than 2.0 liters, 3% if the Engine Size is less than 2.0 liters.

There is more bad news. I have yet to confirm this, but apparently you cannot sell the car for a minimum of 1 year after the car is picked up in Poland.

And more: Every Customs Agency in Poland is different and some require strict Technical evaluations where exhaust and Tailights of American cars will fail. And, the car could sit on the Customs lot for 1 day or 1 month, depending on the attitude and work ethic of the people working there at the time.

Its pretty bleak for the business entreprenuer.
6 Jun 2008
Law / Shipping a car from USA to Poland [85]

If you actually have owned the vehicle for at least 6 months in the US in your name then it's a different matter though and the taxes are less.

What is the proper agency in USA or Poland to call to verify this information?
5 Jun 2008
Law / Import a car from US to Poland [23]

I just imported a car using blueskyauto and they were very good.

How is this 50% estimate calculated?

Im a US citizen, If I purchase a car in the US how long do i have to wait b4 I can export it to Poland so that taxes wont be included?

This doesnt add up to me. I plan to call the Polish embassy in Washington D.C. to see if they can help with these questions, if not I will have my family in Poland call the Polish Customs Agency. I will try to post what I find out here.

Also, is there a Polish website which estimates the value of cars? In the USA we have You enter the year, make and model of a car and it estimates a value (price).

And, what are the most popular websites for buying/selling cars?