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18 Feb 2007
Life / Do you think that Polish people are rude? [951]

I mean, even you can get a bit rude sometimes. Just like I can, and I think that's alright.

Ditto.... and as for the Americans being rude... depends on the person again, etc etc. I'm from the North and we are much more direct & to the point than the Southern folks. I found the Polish people to be very nice in almost every interaction I've had. Wasn't wild about the time I spent in Britain, frankly, I found the shop keepers rude & lots of people rude. Didn't care for Vienna, either, or any other places in Austria. Same reason.
18 Feb 2007
UK, Ireland / Cheap calls to Poland from the UK [134]

Skpye - its free - you download the program & then talk over the internet! the person you are calling must have it too. Check it out, I use it all the time to speak with friends in Europe
11 Feb 2007
USA, Canada / Polish restaurant in metro Washington DC area? [20]

There is a Russian Restaurant in Herndon, VA - - not exactly what you are looking for, but it is European, and there is something on the menu similar to Pierogi.

I think there will be a Polish festival at some point during the year - you might want to check out the Embassy of Poland website.

How do you like it here so far? I live in Virginia.
12 Jan 2007
Life / Customs - First Holy Communion in Poland [42]

Hmmm Great ideas, everyone. Actually I know the little girl pretty well, I have spent a good amount of time with her & we are great friends even though my Polish is horrible & she is still learning English! I am her American Aunt :)

I was thinking some earrings or a bracelet or money... maybe a small gift & some money she can buy something she would like with.

So looking forward to my trip there.
10 Jan 2007
Life / Customs - First Holy Communion in Poland [42]

Hello everyone, I am going to be attending a First Holy Communion in May of this year, during my visit to Poland. It will be for my good friend's daughter - the family I will be staying with. What is an appropriate gift for this occasion?

Also, is it customary that there will be a party or celebration after the church?

Any idea where I can get a nice card in Polish here in the US ?! Thanks so much!!
7 Dec 2006
Travel / Just back from Krakow [120]

I started to visit the Czech Rep. many years ago and yes the Brits have spoilt Prague, fortunately they have stayed away from the rest of it... some English are quite cultured and enjoy visiting other places to gain from the experience but there are those that use it as an excuse to get drunk and behave badly, as for learning the language, I find that it's important to at least to be able to say thank you

That was my experience in Prague, too!! 3 Brits followed me & my friend around for quite a while in a crude manner of attempting to "flirt" and inviting us to come & drink with them. These guys were on a bachelor stag party weekend. Horrible behavior, not at all what I have experienced from Europeans. But then Britain is not Europe.

The Not Smiling Thing in Krakow is ridiculous. Who walks around with smiles on face all day? Hmmm. In my travels, lets talk "not smiling" Londoners (probably 'cause everything is soooo pricey there) and not a whole lot of happy smiles in certain places in Germany, either. I found Krakow to have a very relaxed yet proper feel... and everyone looked like they were have a nice time to me!
2 Dec 2006
Food / Bread Baking in Poland [65]

There is no bread in the world as good as Polish Bread. Sigh. I have had Polish Croissants too... don't know what they are called in Polish.... but the pasty was light & crispy & they were shaped list a crescent and filled with this amazing apricot filling. Yum.
1 Dec 2006
Life / Polish Dance/Techno music [49]

I loved the music in Poland - the one radio station I always listen to JAMS.

Tried to get my friend to help me find some CDs but she's not a dancin' girl like I am.

When I am in Wroclaw in the spring I will go to the music store again.