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23 Sep 2012
History / Polish military uniforms [49]

Better use Conqueror.

You can use that in class if you like but the name I was used was far more common at the time both amongst English and Normans (though whether anyone ever called him that to his face I couldnt say :) )
23 Sep 2012
History / What Hitler really thought about Poles? Hitler's letter to Himmler 1944 [111]

Perfectly believable ( seeing as it clearly is dealing with occupied countries so British pride is not an issue lol), towards the end of the war when high level discusions were taking place as to how to continue the war if germany was occupied all assesments stated that a resistence based on the Polish example combining a shadow government as well as armed secions was the way to go,the Polish underground being seen as the most effective and efficient complete underground government they had come across.

There were plenty of pre war attempts to lure Poland into an anti Soviet alliance so by 1944 with nazi perfidy I find it entirely believable that such could be said about Poland,by this time the *german* army included Ukrainians ,Georgians,Muslims,French,Indians,Arabs......the whole racial purity thing was well out the window.
21 Sep 2012
News / Children licking cream off a Polish priest's legs "inappropriate" says NGO [116]

Poland is very very innocent in many ways

Good point, how many times do we cringe at things in old movies from America or Britain,and sometimes not that old either,where people do or say things that make us gasp in horror now. I know it was a war and all that,but,these days,can you imagine evacuating Londons children to live with un vetted strangers in the countryside,putting little boys and girls on isolated farms with who knew who?

I said what I said about wider issues and I dont retract that but just because it looks dodgy does not always mean there were any dodgy intentions,just extreme naivity maybe.
20 Sep 2012
History / Polish military uniforms [49]

Why can you only agree if I include a topic we were not talking about ? :)
Yes,there were maybe people from within the borders of current Poland in Cnuts army too,there,happy? :)
Europe by that time was criss crossed with trade and pilgrim routes,we were far more mobile back then than the stereotype suggests.

( Dont worry, we like the Danes where Im from,we are proudly within Danelaw and to this day this part of England is different to the rest :) If you know our history you know we are only culturally anglo saxon/viking etc,its more or less a choice based on lifestyle rather than ethnicity so a Pole in Cnuts Army would soon just be another Englishman.)
19 Sep 2012
History / Polish military uniforms [49]

Vice versa too Pawian, there were *probably* Poles in Wiliam the Bastards invasion force in 1066.
But, Norsemen does not automatically make them *Normans* even though Normans got their name from being Norsemen,if that makes sense?
We had Norsemen in Yorkshire as well as Danes,all getting lumped together as Vikings , Basicaly those Scandanavians got everywhere :)
19 Sep 2012
News / Children licking cream off a Polish priest's legs "inappropriate" says NGO [116]

In the long run,damn right.....lets face it, it was the Countries tied slavishly to Rome who were the last to develop in Europe.

You see, if you believe the bollox about divine rights in Rome then its easier to swallow the bollox of the divine rights of Kings as gods second voice on Earth.....

and ergo swallowing the bollox of a pervert priest because they can do no wrong.......
19 Sep 2012
History / Warsaw Uprising - The Forgotten Soldiers [117]

Urbs is more often translated as Town or Large Town (even City,but unless you live in the USA where cities can be the size of European villages that gets confusing as they were tiny by modern standards), a couple of steps up from settlement.......
17 Sep 2012
History / Polish military uniforms [49]

it would be nice if you shared a story or two with us

Haha, I dont want to turn this thread into a me me me thread,I do that enough in other ones :)
There is a history of *re enactment* in a modern sense in the UK going back to the 1920s . In the 1990s I was waiting to join the armed forces and joined up with a group of people who collected uniforms and helped out at veterans days and also at summer fetes and Airshows.

There have been people *doing Polish* in the UK since the begining of ww 2 re enactment but most portrayed either Polish in the RAF or Polish Airborne at Driel/Arnhem. Early 00s a few of us,mostly *pure brits* (ie,like me,no Polish connections) started getting interested in other aspects. I *did* LWP for a while with a large group who specialised in Eastern front events and moved from that to portraying AK in various guises at some events in the UK. As I said,its been a while since Ive done anything but now there are plenty of real Poles to carry on the tradition :)

With regards to recreated wartime *soldiers* at memorial events,those are something that started in the 90s and certainly not at every event. I worked a lot with the Royal British legion (a veterans group/charity) as a teen and so was considered to be OK to have the honour of being involved as memorial *guards* etc. The old boys were always fun,you had to get everything right looks and uniforms wise or they let you know in no uncertain terms but most seemed touched that people their grandchildrens age were carrying their memory :)

Isthatu2,what is your favorite era uniform?

Sticking strictly with Polish?
Hard choice between 1920s/30s or Duchy of Warsaw Era
1920s for the simple yet smart lines and Duchy period because all that Napoleonic stuff is some serious bling and Ive seen the female reaction to it enough times :)

(in a more general sense Im more interested in pre uniform era stuff,early medieval stuff these days :) )

Thanks for the offer Harry,its a consideration but they are still available,just not in every corner shop.....luckily this is yorkshire,you can still find,shock horror, non eco friendly light bulbs if you try ;)
17 Sep 2012
History / Polish military uniforms [49]

if you don't mind me asking, where does your fascination with the Polish militaria come from?

Not at all.
Hard to explain,always had an interest in that period in history,was involved in recreated honour guards etc for memorial events in the UK and western Europe for years and always had an interest in Polish forces ,this only increased once Id visited Poland a few times and met a few Polish re enactors both here in the UK and then again in Warsaw . And you are right,no actual family connections at all with Poland.

I think part of it is I'm just in the last generation where growing up Poland was *over there*, behind the Iron Curtain so there was a ready curiosity and a willingness to learn what had maybe been hidden......oh,and Norman Davies Uprising 44 helped too :)

Small world Pawian, the top recreated photo you have shown includes the person who gave me my AK cap Eagle :)
If you notice we are wearing the same colour black bandana and more or less the same *style* of uniform....that was so I could join in with the group at Polish events ....unfortunately I have not yet managed to get involved in Poland but,maybe someday....with permission of some AK veterans I met I must add :)

About Parade uniforms, agreed, I find it odd when any soldiers in traditional style uniforms carry modern assault rifles.....its not like they are loaded and ready for use so why not carry a more traditional *long rifle*?
16 Sep 2012
History / Polish military uniforms [49]

I remember that torch; my grandparents’ still had few of them around in a good working order when I was a kid.

Still works a treat but the 12 volt batteries are hard to find :)
Ive not done any memorial events in a while but I still have the uniforms and kit in the attic .
When I get time I'll photo some of my origional bits of pre and wartime Polish militaria.
16 Sep 2012
History / Polish military uniforms [49]

They look strange in traditional uniform but carrying AK 74s :)
Its sort of a good guys/bad guys vibe if you are from the West ;)

Recreated Uniform of AK junior officer around the mid point of the Uprising.
Civilian blue overalls under a waffen SS smock with black panzer cap bearing a *home made* Home Army Eagle badge and on the left side the national flag.

In the pre war Polish Army belt is a captured german *stick grenade* and hanging just below is an also captured german torch with coloured filters,essential for use in the sewers as is the black bandana worn around the soldiers neck.

Not clear in the picture is the officers ppk holster with attached Polish Scouts badge,recreated from an origional example,as is the cap badge,reproduced on one of the wartime home army metel press jobbies and given to me by a friend in Warsaw....Oh,yes,that ugly bu**er is me BTW :)

14 Sep 2012
UK, Ireland / British - Stupidest nation in Europe [127]

Is "British" the nation or is "Britain" the nation?

The British nation
the nation of Britain
the title should have started with a *the*;
The British stupidist nation in Europe
gets it closer,but
The British stupidist nationality in Europe would have been better.
But what do I know, Im British, my carer writes on here for me.....

EDIT>>>> WTF!!!! Why is my post in bold blood red???
This new format sucks dogs danglies
6 Sep 2012
Law / Legal Change of Name After Marriage (I'm UK, she is Polish) [12]

Go for it if you and she want to.
People sometimes have problems spelling both my surname and first name,one is irish one is Scandi, Id never consider changing the spelling just to be more helpfull but I do understand that some people will need telling twice,fair enough,should be no different swapping an *i* for an *a* really.

The post war *refugees* did so much to fit in that I cringe at the way some of their grandchildren now pronounce their names,these days ,with all the far more *exotic* names in the UK why shouldnt a Polish Lady stick to traditions and adapt her husbands name to suit her?
5 Sep 2012
News / Czech drug legalisation threatens Poland [111]

I know, but if you stamped yours and a million otehrs joined in, we COULD make a difference!

You would still be out numbered by lovers of freedom.
Im guessing you are pro guns?
so why anti drugs?
Its all about personal freedoms.
I dont want to stick chemicals in my body (any more) but if i did who has a right to say I cannot ? If i commited crimes to fund that habit,fine,charge me with those crimes,untill then leave me the hell alone to live my life how i want to,same with guns,if i try to use it on a civilian by all means shoot me but give me the respect to be like 99 % of people who would never dream of doing anything negative unless in self defence.

the problems with drugs are the wrong people take them....
An artist taking some drugs comes up with fantastic art, someone trying to hold down a 9 to 5 in an office takes days off and maybe produces crap art in a drawing pad during the come down,everyone loses there :)
4 Sep 2012
Life / Under-river tube a mistake! Tunnel flood in Warsaw. [13]

Of course; terrorism in Poland is rife.

Lols, suicide bombing nuns !!!!!

Seriously,there have been underground tunnels running under the Thames in London for about 150 years now......even with a terrorist attack on the lines the whole thing about being under a river or under 50 metres of solid ground is pretty frikkin moot .

Its not like you can just dig up from a tunnel even if its not under a river is it?
1 Sep 2012
Language / GCSE Polish experience. [51]

French must be easy for the English. English is French spoken badly. By learning French the English get the chance to speak their language properly.

Where to start with that one??/
A LMAO would be rude but genuine :)
There are words adapted from early *french* in use in English,beyond that there is very little to compare the languages. English,as Roz has already stated most definatly did NOT come from french but from more germanic roots with a mix of *celtic* Brithonic and later Norse making far more of an impact on the language than French.

The french spoken at the time of the Norman invasions was mostly confined to the Court and *high sociaty* (and would also be hard for most modern french speakers to understand),the French speakers became English speakers over time in the same way a Polish speaker in 19 th century America would eventually speak English but still include some Polish or mock polish phrases and words, terms for Foof for instance, kilebasa instead of sausage,that sort of thing, it has added to the American English language but hasnt exactly made it simple for most Americans to speak Polish outside ordering in a deli :)
1 Sep 2012
Law / Legal Change of Name After Marriage (I'm UK, she is Polish) [12]

You do need to do the deed poll thing, its really simple these days though.
But,again, really,nice idea,but,this is England,not Poland,you will just be causing needless confusion. But, if you are happy dealing with people being confused,crack on :)
1 Sep 2012
Food / Is water in Warsaw artificially flouridated? [6]

You will probably be doing what the locals do,buying drinking water,even though many people say there is nothing wrong with Warsaw tap water these days there is still a suspision.

Though it has to be said, there is nothing wrong with fluride....unless you are an insane USAF general worrying about his essence being changed by pinko commies.....

Gentlemen,please,no fighting,this is the war room!

Sorry, but,I really did think it was only that lunatic in Dr Strangelove who worried about the the end of the day,with all the sh!t man has been producing chemical wise for the last hundred and fifty years floating around the planet a bit of fluride keeping your teeth clean via the water system is not up there on the things to worry about list.....the high levels of polution and general *omg,my snot is BLACK and I can barely breathe..* after 2 days in Warsaw is more of a worry !

but Im country,all big cities are dirty and smelly to me ;)
31 Aug 2012
History / Need Help - mysterious object identification. Could it be Polish? [19]

Is there a grove in the base of the cup?
If so it could be(there are a LOT of versions) a german army cup from a tropical water bottle ( as used by the Africa Korps) this could easily be a War booty piece found by a Polish soldier in North Africa who then served in the Liberation of the Low Countries.
29 Aug 2012
Language / How to say, "let's go!" in Polish [16]

thats * Dav Eye* for the phonetically challenged :)
Same as russian....had no idea how to spell it in Polish though :)
29 Aug 2012
History / What do Poles owe to Czechs? [72]

Still no answers to the questions put to you?
If not then maybe you are right for once,there is no point in you continued input if you dont actually have anything to say.
29 Aug 2012
History / What do Poles owe to Czechs? [72]

argumentum ad personam is no argumentum at all

And using random bits of Latin does not impress anyone over the age of 21....
Instead try answering the accusation.
Would that be to hard?
Would it just show you are not half as clever as you like to think you are?

Quite so. Real patriots would work for their country, rather than vandalising monuments to the dead.

We have the graves of Luftwaffe bomber crews in the UK, they are all treated with respect.
The Dead have paid the ultimate sacrifice or ultimate penalty depending on your point of view,for that,leave them alone.

I wonder if these pathetic *polish patriots* are the same type who attack russian football fans and blame them for katyn....pathetic.
Besides, Poland invaded Russia plenty of times...thery have just as much *right* to hate Poles as vice versa,but maybe they just dont have the same chip on the shoulder/inferiority complex as the average *polish patriot*?
29 Aug 2012
History / What do Poles owe to Czechs? [72]

The dead have no voice and they cannot defend themselves. It is up to us to behave like human beings.

Exactly, 27 million dead...not going to be crass and compare it to 3 million dead......oh,wait,I just did.

Every year on the 1 of August, young Patriots take red paint and throw it on the monument, to represent that the Russians have Polish blood on their hands. This act of patriotysm is called in Gazeta Wuborcza and TVN as hooligan's act, vandalism etc...

Thats not patriotism,thats nothing more than scum sucking animals acting like trash.

Smaller guns were called píš»ala in Czech, meaning that they were shaped like a pipe or a fife (in Polish piszczałka), from which the English word pistol is possibly derived.

Hussites rocked :)
23 Aug 2012
UK, Ireland / First proper "Polish" School in the UK - The Next Stage of Ghettoisation [283]

they don't lose that accent right away.

Hey,who can blame them?
Ive punched well above my weight with seriously cute American girls in Europe just because of my *sexy English accent * :)
Whats funny though is in England its sort of a redneck,out in the sticks,country accent :)
23 Aug 2012
Love / What differences is there among Polish girls and British girls as girlfriends? [102]

the lowest average BMI in Europe is in Romania, get your facts right

All the better to hide in the back of cross channel lorries....

Most women i've came across ate nothing at breakfast or just had a bowl of cereal.

Fear will do that to a girls appetite.
Have you tried taking their hand cuffs off and unchaining them from the basement radiator before you push their food through the door?

The only differences I have ever really come across ( personal opinion only) is that Polish women seem more dependent on men than British women but that may not be a problem anyway.

I can do serious answers too..... Thats fine if thats what she wants and he is a good man...shame they are like hens teeth though.......a bit like a Polish woman who doesnt have you under the slipper from date 2 :)